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Judge sends man to jail then has sex with his baby mama

judicial misconduct

Judge Wade McCree hooks up with baby mama Geniene Mott


by Joseph Earnest  December 11, 2012 


Newscast Media DETROITFirst, he came under fire for sending nude pictures of himself to a female bailiff. Then, Third Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree in Michigan sent a man to jail for failure to pay child support, and had sex with the man's girlfriend Geniene La’Shay Mott, who had sued the ex-boyfriend for late payments.


"It went from being a summer fling and just something to do to falling in love, promises of marriage, me getting pregnant, us buying a house together, name it," Mott said. The video below speaks for itself:

This is certainly a case of judicial misconduct. The judge is currently under investigation, and it remains to be seen if the system will will turn the tables against him, since he is now attempting to evade child support payments by asking Miss Mott to abort the baby.    Add Comments>>







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