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UK's May to take Brexit options back to EU negotiators


by Joseph Earnest January 21, 2019


Newscast Media LONDON,U.K.Prime Minister Theresa May conceded last week's defeat of her Brexit deal had been a signal that the government's approach to Brexit had to change "and it has," she told MPs on Monday. 


She had told Cabinet ministers on a conference call at the weekend that her new plan was to secure concessions from Brussels on the Irish backstop, and then put her deal to the Commons for a vote in the coming weeks.

The Conservative leader refused to rule out an exit without a deal, or to revoke the article which started the countdown to the departure: "When people say 'Rule out no-deal,' the consequences of what they are actually saying are that, if we in parliament can't approve a deal, we should revoke Article 50. I believe this would go against the referendum result," May said.

May set out six issues around the process and substance of Brexit. She claimed she had listened to members of her own and opposition parties and would hold further discussions. Add Comments >>

Source: Deutsche Welle










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