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Feministas blame White women for defeat of Wendy Davis

As shown in the exit polling data, only 32 percent of White women voted for Wendy Davis, a reality that has infuriated feministas, who are now referring to White women as sellouts.

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—The above bar chart says it all. Numbers don’t lie.
Wendy Davis failed to connect with both White women and men since exit polls
showed that only 32 percent of White women voted for her.

On the other hand, Greg Abbot received 80 percent of the White male vote and 67 percent
of the White female vote. These numbers are very telling, and should be a concern for Democrats
as they consider thrusting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race. We will revisit Hillary later on in the article.


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Recent polls shows Greg Abbott significantly ahead of Davis

Newscast Media AUSTIN—A poll conducted by Crosswind Media and Public Relations
shows Republican Greg Abbott leading Democrat Wendy Davis by 52.4 percent to 31
percent in the race for Texas governor, with 16.2 percent of voters undecided. The
live telephone survey of 500 likely voters was conducted Oct. 9-12. The margin of
error for the poll was 4.33 percent.

The same poll shows Republican Dan Patrick beating Democrat Leticia Van de Putte
by 42.8 percent to 23 percent in the lieutenant governor’s race, with 33 percent of
Texans undecided.

“Greg Abbott has a commanding lead and has successfully motivated the Republican
base,” said Crosswind President Thomas Graham. “Texas remains a red state, at least
among likely voters in non-presidential years, and Wendy Davis does not appear to
have made a dent in that strength.”

Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics shows Greg Abbott with 51 percent while Wendy
Davis is still trailing at 38 percent.


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Now Wendy Davis blames Greg Abbott for this week’s blowback

Wendy Davis

Newscast Media AUSTIN—When Wendy Davis decided to run for governor, she wrote
a biography that seemed inspirational and turned it into the centerpiece of her
campaign. The problem is, her biography was deceptive, and she’s now experiencing
the blowback from former supporters and media practitioners for distorting the truth.

Whether it is discernment or foresight, this journalist wrote piece 48 hours before the
Dallas Morning News story broke exposing her inconsistencies, and in that article I
cautioned the Davis campaign about using “fuzzy math” because I could foresee it
damaging her credibility, which it has. CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE>>


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Wendy Davis falls short–outraised by Greg Abbott in bid for Texas governor

(L-R Barack Obama, Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott)

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—As Texas Governor Rick Perry winds up his final year
as the longest-serving governor in the history of Texas, the Democrats, led by
Barack Obama are attempting to turn Texas from a Conservative to a liberal state.
None other than Wendy Davis was selected by the Democrats to attempt what seems

The Republicans, on the other hand, will be running Attorney General Greg Abbott to
replace Rick Perry, as many speculate that Perry will run for president in 2016.


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