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Russian credit card hacker pleads guilty in Atlanta court

Credit card

Newscast Media ATLANTA—A Russian national pleaded guilty in Atlanta to creating
malware that infected 1.4 million computers and extracted credit card information,
the FBI said Tuesday.

Aleksandr Panin admitted in a federal court in Atlanta to creating SpyEye program,
which he then sold to clients with “nefarious” purposes, the agency said in a

The program allowed users to create botnets, or networks of infected computers, and
steal users’ personal information. Many affected machines were located in the United

Between 2009 and 2011, Panin sold the program to some 150 clients for anywhere
between $1,000 and $8,500, the FBI said.

At least one client recouped his investment manifold, making $3.2 million through
SpyEye, digital news website said. Panin, 24, a native of central
Russia’s Tver Region, was seized in the Dominican Republic last year.

His arrest and extradition prompted an outcry from the Russian government, long
disgruntled with US seizures of Russian criminal suspects such as Panin and convicted
arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Panin, who operated under the nicknames “Harderman” and “Gribodemon” (“Mushroom
Demon”), faces up to 30 years behind bars, Krebsonsecurity said, citing the hacker’s

The man’s alleged accomplice, Algerian national Hamza Bendelladj, was also extradited
to the United States last year after being arrested in Thailand. Add Comments>>

Source: Ria Novosti


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