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Russia and the U.S. continue pointing fingers at each other


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—NATO should stop its belligerent rhetoric over the
crisis in Ukraine and return to normal cooperation with Russia, Russian Foreign Minister
Sergei Lavrov said in an article published by The Guardian.
Below is part of the text of the article, obtained from The Guardian:

“The profound, pervasive crisis in Ukraine is a matter of grave concern for
Russia. We understand perfectly well the position of a country which became
independent just over 20 years ago and still faces complex tasks to construct a
sovereign state. Among them is the search for a balance of interests among its
various regions, the peoples of which have different historical and cultural
roots, speak different languages and have different perspectives on their past,
present and their country’s future place in the world…”

Meanwhile, the US has deployed a warship to the Black Sea as tensions between
the countries Russia, the US and Ukraine continue to rise.

Now that Crimea is not part of Ukraine, Russian President Vladmir Putin is making sure
that criminal elements from the former regime are dealt with harshly. Putin called on
the Federal Security Service (FSB) to prevent radicals or individuals with a criminal
past from working in the Crimean government.

“I ask that you pay special attention to the formation of the FSB’s subdivisions in
Crimea and Sevastopol,” Putin said during a meeting with FSB officials.

“They have the task of not allowing individuals with a criminal past or those with
radical and extremist tendencies, as well as those attempting to disrupt the normal
development of Crimea and Sevastopol, into government agencies,” the Russian
president added.

Source: Ria Novosti


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Lavrov and Kerry to meet again in New York for Syria talks

Sergei Lavrov

Newscast Media NEW YORK—Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his U.S.
counterpart John Kerry announced Friday they agreed to convene a new meeting on
Syria in New York on the sidelines of the activities of the UN General Assembly due to
kick off later this month.

“Kerry understands the necessity to make progress in finding a political solution to the
crisis in Syria,” Lavrov told a press conference following a tripartite meeting in Geneva
with Kerry and UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi.

He described the meeting as “fruitful” and pointed out that Brahimi called for
discussing the long-term prospects to find a political solution to the crisis which were
stated in the statement issued by the international conference on Syria, held last
year in Geneva.

For his part, Kerry highlighted the need for work to make successful the process of
placing the chemical weapons in Syria under international control and to put an end
to the crisis.

Reuters said Kerry described the ongoing talks about chemical weapons in Syria as

Source: SANA


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