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Sarah Palin weighing possibility of running for Senate seat

Sarah Palin

by Morgan Lee

Newscast Media FAIRBANKS—Sarah Palin said on Fox’s “The Sean Hannity Show” that she has considered running for senator in 2014 against incumbent Mark Begich (D-Alaska), declaring that Washington needs “new blood and new energy.”

Palin told Hannity that outside interest has encouraged her to think about possible candidacy, but that she has made no decisions at this point. “I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it but I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be,” she said.

She added that her commitment to helping her country would be a factor in making her decision.

“Any American with a heart for service has to always have in the back of their mind that they would do anything, everything that they could to help the cause, even if it’s perhaps something that doesn’t look necessarily appealing or necessarily fitting in with a conventional plan that they would try to orchestrate for themselves and their family,” said Palin. “I…would have to say that I would do whatever I could to help and you know if that were part of that help then it would have to be considered.”

Palin, who as a Washington outsider shook up the 2008 presidential race when John McCain’s campaign named her his vice presidential candidate, also spoke about the need for more outside voices in the Capitol.

“[I'm] hoping that there will be…not just kind of picking from the same old politician… that have reigned up there for so many years because too many of them have been part of the problem,” she said.

At the beginning of May, the conservative PAC, the Tea Party Leadership Fund, polled 379 Alaskan registered Republicans about their top choices for the state’s 2014 Senate Republican primary. Niger Innis, the spokesperson for the Tea Party Leadership Fund, explained that the depth of excitement around Palin led their group to decide to initiate the poll.

“Our organization and its affiliates all want to know when is Governor Palin going to toss her ring back into the ring of battle which is politics?” said Innis. “What we found is that in the primary she is far and away the preference and will be a formidable candidate.”

According to their findings, Palin leads the potential GOP Primary with 32 percent of the support, followed by current candidate Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell holding 30 percent of the vote, and 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller had 14 percent.

Sixty-two percent of voters had a favorable impression of her, the highest percentage of the trio. Palin also polled favorably when asked which candidate would be the “strongest person to take on liberal Democrats in Washington,” receiving 43 percent of the total votes.

According to Innis, the results of the pool, in and of themselves, have invigorated Palin supporters.

“After the poll was released we got some very enthusiastic feedback in Alaska and across the country,” said Innis. “As opposed [to running] again for governor or the House of Representatives or other elected office, people really want her in the Senate. The dream image of Tea Party conservatives is her being in Harry Reid’s face.”

Despite rumors of a 2012 potential presidential run, Palin has not held political office since she stepped down as Alaska’s governor in 2009. SarahPAC, the former governor’s official PAC, did not respond to requests for comment by press time.


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Rick Perry needs surrogates to help him close the deal in 10 weeks

Cain, Romney and Perry

Newscast Media, AUSTIN, Texas — As the candidates undertake the last quarter of the year, former front-runner Rick Perry has slipped to third place while Mitt Romney and Herman Cain are leading the GOP field. Cain came from obscurity and continues to grow his support, while Mitt Romney is relatively stable and has not slipped or risen considerably in the polls. What some analysts wonder is why Rick Perry isn’t recovering in the polls.

The Washington Times wrote this article attributing Perry’s falling numbers to not using surrogates.

The analysis is accurate, and if Perry wants to turn this around he has October, November and December to do so, and he is going to not only start thinking outside the box, but to also tear it up. If Perry cannot turn this around by Christmas, Mitt Romney will waltz his way into the nomination. The article asks why Perry hasn’t put Bobby Jindal to use the way Mitt Romney has Chris Christie.

One may also ask, “Where is Haley Barbour, Sarah Palin and all the college students? Where are the soccer moms and the factory workers?” Perry needs these surrogates in order to succeed. Bachmann will end up endorsing Romney and might go as far as telling her supporters to vote for the former Massachusetts governor, just like Mike Huckabee told his supporters to vote for McCain and was able to keep Romney from getting the nomination.

Perry and his staff have to realize they cannot win this on their own, and only have a short window to flip the script. Mitt Romney doesn’t really have to worry about surrogates because Romney’s surrogates are members of the media as I first reported on December 6, 2010 last year, and is evident in the video below:

Herman Cain, at some point will trip himself because he is already making some serious gaffes and is having to take his words back. Romney remains the warm steady glow rather than the wild fire that dies out quickly. Without deep pockets like Romney, Cain will have problems raising money to match Romney. Cain is currently on a book tour and is not campaigning or fundraising, which is a symbol of either false hope or overconfidence. The Obama camp anticipates a Romney nomination and is preparing ammunition to use against him

Yet one would ask how Perry could put someone like Sarah Palin to use if she hasn’t endorsed him. Gingrich has recently confessed that he could use a Palin endorsement to boost his campaign. Gingrich is aggressively trying to reach her, but is still unable to do so. Perry cannot just sit and wait for the endorsements to come his way, he has to be proactive in getting these endorsements just like Romney actively sought Christie’s endorsement and succeeded in getting it.

The only problem with Sarah Palin is that she might string the candidates along just like she did her supporters knowing from the very beginning she wasn’t going to run. Palin has a job in showbiz and may want to play it safe by not endorsing anyone, in order to keep a sense of neutrality, yet that even makes her more irrelevant as a politician. Any candidate who wins the GOP nomination will not need her endorsement to make it to the finish line because all polls show that Romney/Cain/Perry can beat Obama in the general. Now would be the time for Palin to be effective, while the candidates are on their last stretch.

When Donald Trump was in the race, everyone was quick to put his or her stamp of approval on him, yet it was obvious he was planted by Obama to extinguish the issue of the birth certificate and put it to rest. After he played his role, he announced he wouldn’t run. Right now every GOP candidate has to kiss Trump’s ring and seek his blessing, even though Trump has absolutely no grassroots organization or ground game to put him in the position of kingmaker. But hey, if the candidates are giving him all that attention, why not bask in it?

Should Romney win the nomination, I suspect he may choose a southerner like Cain to help him capture the South. If Perry were to win, he would probably choose Newt Gingrich who has experience, as his running-mate. My best bet is that if Cain were to win he would choose Romney. Because Perry disagrees Romney’s healthcare plan and Romney disagrees with Perry’s in-state tuition for illegals, it is hard to envision one choosing the other as a running-mate.

Perry only has 10 weeks to turn this around, so if I’m him, knowing what I’m up against, I’d be calling in surrogates like Palin, Jindal, mobilizing Tea Party members and other less known political and community figures to help re-energize the campaign, in order to recover from the recent setbacks.


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The Rogue book by McGinnis puts Sarah Palin in damage control mode

Sarah Palin - photo by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — A soon-to-be released book about Sarah Palin by a neighbor whom the Palins say has stalked them since 2008, is creating a stir, and has prompted several publications to decline reviewing it, because of its controversial content.

Joe McGinniss, author of The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, plans to release the book on September 20th, and has already appeared on many high profile shows to promote the book.

The allegations in the book have of course been refuted by Todd Palin who said, “This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsession with my wife.”

Another statement was released from the Palin camp saying the book was filled with “disgusting lies, innuendo and smears”.

Variety called it “a sarcastically toned, strategically timed character assassination” that “lacks sufficient humor and insight to make it a must-see for anyone outside the Brit muckraker’s fan base.” Other critics called it “obnoxious” and “unnecessary.”

Yet Sarah Palin made a fatal error. She had a chance to make her “big” announcement on September 3, in Iowa, and to her detriment she didn’t. Indeed as Variety notes, the release of the book has been strategically timed, because its release puts Sarah Palin in damage-control mode. Whatever announcement she plans or planned to make at the end of the month will be overshadowed by the contents of the book, because bloggers, media practitioners and comedians will be having a field day with the material they extract from the book.

Had she simply announced at the beginning of the months what her intentions were, it would have had more of an impact, yet critics have accused her of stringing along her voters because she wants “media attention” and now that is exactly what she will be getting in the weeks ahead.

Some gullible voters who may not be able to exercise critical thinking could believe the contents of the book and dismiss her, if she were to announce a run for the presidency. Others may view her in an unfavorable light and choose to support another candidate whom they perceive to be more solid. So whether she is intentionally playing mind-games with her voters or not, the book’s release will change the dynamics of the political climate on the GOP side, and even if she chooses to endorse one of the candidates, the timing just wouldn’t be right and the endorsement may not have the intended impact.

One of the traps Palin fell into was allowing the media to define her. She now constantly has to reassure her supporters that she is not whom the media claims she is, but she cannot simply rely on spokes people and social networks to debunk her adversaries.

Sarah Palin needs to define herself, and for a book that might be damaging to her, she needs to perhaps write an open letter and debunk the lies. Forget about Twitter and Facebook, she needs to use a cross-media platform to reach those who may not necessary visit her Twitter or Facebook pages. I also know Palin reads my articles every now and then so, hopefully she can extract some gems from this article.

During the Texas gubernatorial race, Rick Perry faced a similar scenario. All his opponents accused him of wanting to build a Trans-Texas corridor highway and snatch farmland away from hardworking farmers. Rick Perry’s response was swift and pragmatic. He went on as many radio programs as possible to debunk the falsehoods and then wrote an open letter to all Texans assuring them that the Trans-Texas corridor highway was dead, and the rumors were being spread by disinformation agents and fearmongers. Texans believed Perry and voted him back into office, making him the longest serving governor in America. Perry addressed
his situation hands-on, and refused to let the media define him, that’s why he won the election.

At some point whether or not her critics are right that Palin is playing mind games with her supporters, she has to realize that voting for a president is serious business and regardless of how strongly voters previously supported her, they too could give her a false sense of hope and pick another candidate. Fred Thompson found that out quickly when he did the same thing to his voters, so is Newt Gingrich who has failed to rise above 5 percent.

The candidates that have been straightforward are the one enjoying double-digits because voters want someone whom they don’t have to second-guess. If there is a national crisis, they want a candidate who is resolute, and will confront the crisis head on. Even though voters should use critical thinking in voting for a candidate, for many, voting is an emotional event and because it is an emotional event, when voters become attached to a candidate who has thrown his or her hat in the ring, it is extremely difficult to get them to switch to a new candidate. But hey, this is just one journalist’s opinion.


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Video: Tea Party and grassroots pick Sarah Palin as their 2012 candidate

Newscast Media — There is no question that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the biggest Tea Party icon in the Republican party. She owns the grassroots movement, however, she faces a tough battle on three fronts. The first one is with the media, then she’ll also have to deal with members of the GOP establishment within her party and lastly the Democrats who oppose her.

In regard to the media, there is absolutely nothing that will cause them to back off or back down. Should she announce in 2011 that she’s running for the presidency, a tsunami of attacks will be unleashed by the media to undermine and derail her campaign. Palin is the one person media practitioners do not want to see run for office, because they know she very well might win the presidency and become the first female president. They are using a tactic of reverse psychology against her. It’s not unusual to hear pundits say, “Let her run. She will be the greatest gift to the Democrats and will guarantee Obama’s re-election.”

These pundits do not believe that. They use that tactic hoping to desuade her from running, and the proof is, if they really believed she was unelectable, why does the prospect of her even considering a run for the presidency bother them so much? The reason is because they saw how she energized the Republican party in 2008, and at the time, there was no Tea Party, but now she has a platform on major news networks where she can diffuse any disinformation about her and grow her base.

As shown in this video, both Perry and Palin know that the media and disinformation agents always use sensationalism and fearmongering to discredit a candidate they oppose. Palin is very much aware of this reality, that’s why she rarely speaks to the media, because according to her, they constantly distort what she says or misrepresent the truth of whatever argument is brought forth.

In the Texas gubernatorial race, Rick Perry completely bypassed the media. As a matter of fact, he even refused endorsement from practically all major news outlets and went as far as refusing to debate Bill White, before the media. While most candidates courted the media, Perry did the opposite and won the race by an astounding 13 points. Both he and Palin detest the media as demonstrated in the above video I shot. For Rick Perry, the major reason is because they spread a rumor that he was going to proceed with the “Trans-Texas Corridor” plans. He went on the Joe Pags radio show and vehemently denied that he harbored any such plans. He said that the Trans-Texas Corridor was dead. However, the media kept bringing it up even after he was on record with Joe Pags having said the opposite. Shortly after that, Perry established a policy of bypassing the media and connecting directly to the voters. His rationale was, if he could connect directly with the people who mattered to his campaign, eliminating the middle guy (the media) was justifiable.

Palin is doing the same thing. She’s using social networks, book tours, personal appearances and townhalls to win the hearts of Americans, because like Perry, from the Fall of 2008, some disinformation agents planted within the GOP started to spread unfounded rumors about her in an effort to induce fear into her supporters, which would cause them to reject her. Fearmongering is the most common tactic used by media practitioners to derail a candidate’s campaign.

Another tactic is to cause two candidates of the same party to squabble and fight against each other. We saw this when Mitt Romney appeared on Jay Leno this past week, and Leno tried to get Romney to throw zingers at Palin. To Romney’s credit, he did the opposite and not only praised her, but also put the media establishment on notice that he would not criticize Sarah Palin if that’s what they are hoping for. As for Palin, in her book America by Heart, she showered Mitt Romney with praise for three full pages, from page 185 to page 188. She is a lot smarter than people seem to think. Both Palin and Romney understand their realities, and that they need each other. Romney wouldn’t do a foolish thing of attacking Palin because he needs the south and the Tea Party, likewise, it would be self-defeating for Palin to attack Romney because she needs the northern states, and the moderates. She knows she cannot win with only the Tea Party, so she has to build a cross-over appeal in her messages.

Her strategy should be to focus on her strengths and remind voters of her accomplishments from the time she was mayor until she became governor. One might argue that the fact that she resigned from the governorship, could be a factor that plays against her in 2012. If they bring that up to her she will respond the same way she did about the number of days Barack Obama served from the time he was sworn into the Senate in January 2005 to the time he became president in 2008. Palin in an interview on CNN’s “Situation Room” on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, questioned Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s experience, saying, “He served for his 300 days before he became a presidential candidate.” Some even say he only served 143 days. So the question is, did that disqualify Obama from running for the presidency?

In regard to the other two battles she has to wage namely: the GOP establishment and the Democrats who will oppose her, Sarah Palin seems to be applying principles laid out by the great Chinese general Sun Tzu who said, “A great tactician should be able to adapt like the snake of Mount Ch’ang. When you strike it on the head, the tail will attack you. When you strike it on the tail, the head will attack you, and when you strike it in the middle, both head and tail will attack you.”

We’ve seen Palin clearly demonstrate her ability to adapt and also absorb all the darts thrown at her, and at the end of the day, this only seems to strengthen and grow her support.


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Video: Mitt Romney annointed by the media for 2012 presidency

Newscast Media –Of all the three politicians, Palin, Romney and Obama, Mitt Romney is the most highly favored by the media as the video shows above. Long before even Obama came on the scene, the media had already picked the former Massachusetts governor as president of the United States. McCain was counted out, and at the time, he was even carrying his own luggage at airports, without any aide or assistant with him. McCain then made a surprise rebound, and Romney, to the disappointment of many of his supporters, bowed out of the race early.

Romney doesn’t have to worry about the media, because frankly, all major media networks secretly wanted him, and still want him to be the president. When he speaks, they listen. His main battle that could create problems, as I have mentioned in earlier articles written about Romney, is his healthcare plan. That is where he will be misrepresented by his detractors. Romney has explained that his plan provides a state solution, while Obamacare is based on the federal government takeover of health industry. He will have to address this in the earliest stages of his campaign that way he’s time is not consumed by clarifying his healthcare plan, rather, he could spend that time winning over new voters.

The block of voters Romney cannot do without is the Tea Party movement. He has to appear relatable to them and not ignore them, if he expects to win them over. It will be a lot more easy for Romney to win over mainstream Republicans, moderates, independents and perhaps some Democrats, so the effort should be channeled into this unpredictable block I just mentioned. They will lean toward Ron Paul and Sarah Palin, because Ron Paul will indeed run in 2012, since he already has a base that he has built for several years. I believe the work Ron Paul wants to accomplish will be finished by his son Rand Paul, and because the greatest opposition Paul faces is the media, it will be almost impossible for him to overcome that obstacle without spending vast sums of money.

What Gov. Romney will have to do, since it’s all common knowledge that he will run, is after he makes the announcement, he needs to thrust himself into the campaign without any reservation. Fred Thompson made a fatal mistake of waiting too long before making an announcement, hoping his absence would cause voters to get fonder of him, instead it had the opposite effect, and was never really able to gain any traction. When voters bond with a candidate, it is hard for them to switch and commit to another. The same analogy can be used with people who buy certain brands like Ford or Chevy. When that person commits to a brand say for example Chevy, it is almost impossible to make the same person switch to a Ford. It is for this very reason that Romney should perhaps be the first candidate to make an announcement, this will give him enough time to clarify any misunderstandings and misrepresentations about his policies and it would facilitate building rapport with potential voters. He can then use the advantage of the his favorablity among the media to expand his voting pool.

As I have mentioned in the Sarah Palin article here, both potential candidates have a mutual respect for each other. While I still haven’t ruled Rick Perry out of the picture, if Obama is unable to turn the economy around before the primaries, a Romney-Palin or Palin-Romney ticket would be unbeatable, hands down.

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Challenges Obama, Palin and Romney face in the 2012 elections

2012 contenders

Newscast Media — As 2012 gets closer, each of the potential candidates for president on the GOP side and the incumbent president will have to face a set of unique challenges. These challenges have to be addressed before the primaries in order to get voters to commit to the candidate of their choice. On one hand we have a president who has to ensure that his supporters do not defect or stay home. On the other hand, we have potential candidates who have to persuade new and existing voters to cast their votes for them.

I will address Barack Obama’s challenges in this article then will tackle Sarah Palin separately here and Mitt Romney in yet this other article.

Barack Obama’s greatest challenge is overcoming the betrayal his supporters feel because of the broken promises he made, at the same time pleasing the big banks who funded his campaign. He wages war that not even the media can help him with. You see, the hardest thing to do is win over someone who has been offended. Obama reads from a telepromter and it is impossible for him to convince his voters that those words are coming from the heart, even when he is sincere.

One thing he should do is take a chance and step away from the telepromter and reconnect with his voters. For almost all his presidency the legislation and executive orders he has signed did nothing to help the middle-class voters, but he now realizes, after the primaries, that if he continues to ignore his base, all they have to do is stay home, and the Republicans will Waltz their way into the presidency. Barack Obama doesn’t want to be a one-time president, and knows that there is a reckoning that needs to be reckoned. What you now see is a man seeking redemption. Redemption not just from his base, but from the American people. Initially he always blamed the Bush administration for everything that went wrong even under his watch, but now he realizes that blame-game is old, so he is beginning to take personal responsibility for his policies.

This shift is also partly as a result of Jeb Bush’s interview with the New York Times on June 22, 2010, where the former Florida governor seemed to chastise Obama when he said, “It’s kind of like a kid coming to school saying, ‘The dog ate my homework,’ Bush said of the current administration’s criticism of the former president. “It’s childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility.” Bush then continued to say, “This would break his heart, to get advice that applies some of the lessons of leadership my brother learned, because he apparently likes to act like he’s still campaigning, and he likes to blame George’s administration for everything.

In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. The Act created the “Federal Reserve System” which transferred control of the money supply from Congress to the banking system. It is reported by George Jean Nathan and Henry Louis Mencken of the American Mercury, page 56, in 1924, that Woodrow Wilson bitterly regretted what he did and said, “I am a most unhappy man; unwittingly I have ruined my country…”

When H.R. 3808 was presented to Obama, there are many media practitioners who predicted that he had simply “pocket vetoed” it and would take sides with the bankers by signing it. However, a “pocket veto” is impossible while the Senate is still in session.

To their surprise, and to Obama’s credit, he full-vetoed the bill. Had he signed H.R. 3808, the bill would have allowed banks to perpetrate fraudulent foreclosures and legalize the practice of “robo-signing” or “robo-notarizing, hence numerous homeowners would be evicted under fraudulent documents. The bill
was written for the banks to reward them for the fraud they had been committing since 2000. In essence H.R. 3808 would require any Federal or State court to recognize any notarization of mortgages and other documents made by a notary public licensed by a State other than the State where the court is located when such notarization occurs in or affects interstate commerce.

This would allow pre-signed notarized forms to be mailed to the desired locations in the absence of the notary public. The recipient could then craft whatever information he or she desired, then deliver it to a homeowner or property owner as a legitimate document. This maneuver would help accelerate the foreclosure process on behalf of the banks, without going through the proper channels. Barack Obama stated that he would not encourage fraud against innocent Americans and therefore vetoed it.

This is a sign that Obama is seeking redemption. In his own words Mr. Obama said, “I neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so: maintaining a bipartisan tone in Washington, I’m going to redouble my efforts to go back to some of those first principles.”

Continuing on the path he described above would help him redeem himself to a certain extent in the eyes of his voters. When it comes to the war issue which his supporters are extremely angry about, for now he has forbidden any strike on Iran. He won’t even allow a proxy war to be propagated under his watch, because he already has too many domestic issues on his desk, and it would be counter-productive for him to start yet another war, when he ran on the theme of ending wars.

As for strategies to beat either Palin or Romney, that’s a whole different story. The first step is to reclaim the base that feels betrayed and lied to, thereafter, he can think of developing a strategy for the opponent he will run against in the general elections. In the back of our minds we should not forget that the biggest game changer in all this would if Jeb Bush decided to run.

The Media Has Anointed Mitt Romney
The Tea Party and Grassroots Pick Palin
Sarah Palin campaigns with Rick Perry

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Sarah Palin strikes back at the media

Newscast Media HOUSTON, TX — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has locked horns with the media ever since she was introduced into the public arena. Media practitioners are always second-guessing what she says or means and in the video above, Palin expresses her disappointment in the disinformation campaign orchestrated by the media against her.

She recently caught flack for a slip-up when she said “North Korea” instead of “South Korea” and quickly corrected herself saying, “Our South Korean allies.” However, the media was unforgiving about the error, which prompted Palin to write on her Facebook wall reminding the media that Obama has slipped-up too when he said “57 states” instead of “50 states.”

There are a lot more disinformation agents she will have to deal with should she run for president, so it’s appropriate for the former governor to strike back, since she too has a large media platform on FOX News and in the alternative media.

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Sarah Palin signals that she could run for office in 2012

Sarah Palin

Newscast Media — Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has hinted that she could run for the presidency in 2012 if there was no other Republican candidate she felt she could do the job.

“If there’s nobody else to do it, then of course I would believe that we should do this,” Mrs Palin said in an interview with US celebrity news show Entertainment Tonight, filmed at her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

Palin continued to say, “For me it’s going to entail a discussion with my family, a real close look at the lay of the land.”

Mrs Palin added that it was still “too early for anybody to get up there declaring what their intentions are.” But her comments came after a recent quip that “We can see 2012 from our house,” and the delivery of a speech in Iowa where the first caucuses for the race are held.

November 3, the day after the US midterm elections is unofficially regarded as the start of the 2012 race and potential candidates will soon begin courting donors and testing messages.

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Sarah Palin’s America By Heart Book Jacket Unveiled

Sarah Palin - America By Heart

Newscast Media New York — HarperCollins has released the book cover of Sarah Palin’s new book through the Associated Press. The cover photo for the book is a portrait in red, white, blue and gray.

Her book, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag,” comes out in November. This will be the second book by Sarah Palin published HarperCollins, which also published Palin’s million-selling “Going Rogue.”

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Facebook Investigating Deletion Of Post On Sarah Palin’s Account

Sarah Palin

Newscast Media — Facebook, the social media heavyweight, is investigating how a post written by Sarah Palin that was against the mosque about to be built at Ground Zero mysteriously deleted itself.

Facebook spokesperson Andrew Noyes said, “Facebook is looking into this incident to determine why and how the content in question was removed.” In the apology, Facebook said, “We’re always working to improve our processes and we apologize for any inconvenience this caused.”

Former Alaska Gov. Palin has since re-posted a new note. The original note was posted on July 20, and it is believed that somehow the original post that was against the Ground Zero mosque, went rogue and unintentionally deleted itself.

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Newt Gingrich Predicts Sarah Palin Landslide Win in 2012

NewscastMedia — Newt Gingrich believes if Palin does decide to run in 2012, she will win in a landslide. She is also a Tea Party favorite and has built a grassroots movement through her book tours and personal appearances before audiences. Watch the video above of Newt’s prediction.

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Sarah Palin in Houston

Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin in Houston photo by Joseph Ernest — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin campaigned in Houston for her friend Gov. Rick Perry, who is the longest serving governor in Texas and is running for an unprecedented third term.

The event took place at the Berry Center in Northwest Houston. Among the special guests were Senator Dan Patrick and Ted Nugent. Sarah Palin has said she will not close the door to a possible presidential run in 2012. PHOTO GALLERY

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