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South Sudan accused by rebels of breaking ceasefire agreement


Newscast Media KHARTOUM—Rebels fighting the government of South Sudan have
accused Juba of breaking a ceasefire, just over a week after the government
agreement was reached between the two sides.

On Monday, the rebels accused the forces royal to South Sudanese President Salva
Kiir of destroying the town of Leer.

Rebel spokesman Lul Ruai Koang said government soldiers and fighters
allied with them “advanced on Leer town on February 1, destroying
everything on their path. (President Salva) Kiir’s forces burned down the
whole of Leer town and the entire surrounding villages.”

The rebel spokesman also held soldiers responsible for killing women, children, and
elderly people, saying that the operation in Leer, the home town of former Vice
President and rebel leader Riek Machar “has no strategic, operational, or tactical

Meanwhile, officials have denied clashes in Leer and accused the rebels of carrying
out deadly attacks against civilians across the country.
Officials in Jonglei State’s Bor say the rebels there have caused destruction and killed
a number of people.

“They are not actually fighting the army; they are fighting the civilians,” said Major
Deng Maketh, a commander of a battalion in Mathaing, outside Bor.
South Sudan has been witnessing deadly fighting since December 15, 2013, when the
country’s president accused Machar, his sacked deputy, of attempting to stage a
coup. The conflict turned into a war between Kiir’s Dinka tribe and Machar’s Nuer
ethnic group. Reports say as many as 10,000 people have lost their lives in the
violence. Add

Source: Press TV


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Sudanese rebels unlikely to honor signed peace agreement

Screen capture: South Sudanese rebels said they won't rest until Juba is captured.

Newscast Media KHARTOUM, Sudan—A peace accord was signed on Thursday, in
which the South Sudanese rebels led by Riek Machar and South Sudan’s President
Salva Kiir, agreed to a ceasefire a day before the African Union summit is to be held.

Yet according to the words of the rebels themselves, their goal is to continue fighting
until they capture the capital city Juba, and drive Salva Kiir out of the country.


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U.S. warns of all-out civil war breaking out in South Sudan

The Sudan

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The risk of an all-out civil war in South Sudan is
growing as violence continues after weeks of deadly conflict, a top U.S. diplomat for
Africa warned Thursday.

“Today, tragically, the world’s youngest country and undoubtedly one of its most
fragile democracies is in danger of shattering,” said U.S. Assistant Secretary for Africa
Linda Thomas-Greenfield before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. “Each
day that the conflict continues, the risk of all-out civil war grows. There is clear
evidence that targeted killings have taken place.”

The current conflict in South Sudan broke out on Dec. 15 when President Salva Kiir’s
government claimed that soldiers loyal to former deputy president Riek Machar, who
was dismissed in July, staged an attempted coup. Weeks of bloody conflict have
caused more than 200,000 people to flee their homes in the country, according to

Thomas-Greenfield told the committee that “we have not seen any evidence that this
was a coup attempt” and the violence erupted due to “a huge political rift” between
Kiir and Machar.

Representatives for the both sides are holding talks in Addis Ababa, the capital of
Ethiopia, with mediators hoping to broker a ceasefire.

While there had been an agreement to lay down arms, Machar’s side was still insisting
that 11 of his allies be released first by Kiir’s government. The pro-rebel leaders were
detained by the government in Juba, the South Sudanese capital, for their alleged
role in the coup attempt, according to Thomas-Greenfield.

“We are working, both in Juba as well as in Addis, as well as here in Washington, to
pressure the government to release these detainees,” she said.

Source: Xinhua


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Ethnic violence feared as fighting continues in South Sudan

Central African Republic

Newscast Media JUBA—Fighting has continued in the South Sudan capital of Juba, with civilians among a rising death toll. Fears are high the violence may escalate in the wake of Sunday’s reported coup attempt. The government has said 10 key figures have been arrested, while former vice president Riek Machar – accused by President Salva Kiir of leading the attempt – is on the run.

“They are still looking for more … who are suspected of being behind the coup,” Foreign Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told the news agency AFP.

Gunfire and explosions were heard throughout Juba on Tuesday, and the city remains on lockdown and under curfew as its streets remain subject to fighting. Senior Ministry of Health official Makur Maker said at least 26 people, mostly soldiers but some civilians, have been killed. Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth told AFP the death toll in fact stood at 73.

Over 10,000 civilians – reported to be as high as 16,000 by some agencies – have taken refuge in United Nations compounds in Juba. In a phone conversation with Kiir on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the South Sudan president “to exercise real leadership at this critical moment, and to instill discipline in the ranks of the [Sudanese military] to stop this fighting among them.”

The United States has responded by ordering its non-essential officials to leave the young nation, and urged others there to depart immediately. Kiir had sacked long-time political rival Machar in July. He appeared on local television on Monday saying forces loyal to Machar had attacked an army base in an attempt to seize power.

The men hail from rival ethnic groups and had fought on different sides during Sudan’s civil war. Machar has said he will challenge for the leadership at the next elections in 2015, saying South Sudan could not survive “one man’s rule,” and it “cannot tolerate dictatorship.”

Most of the fighting is reported to be between the soldiers hailing from the Dinka tribe loyal to Kiir, and those of the Nuer tribe backing Machar.

Source: Deutsche Welle


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Sudan warns of fresh conflict with South Sudan over Abyei District

Sudan and South Sudan

Newscast Media KHARTOUM—Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Karti says that referring the controversial Abyei issue to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) could trigger a new war between Khartoum and Juba.

Sudan and South Sudan failed to meet a deadline set by the African Union (AU) to come to an agreement on the final status of Abyei, by December 5. According to the official SUNA news agency, the foreign minister said that a possible referral to the UNSC would “complicate” the issue and “threaten a new conflict”.

In October, the African Union Peace and Security Council said that if Khartoum and Juba failed to settle the issue, a referendum would be held. The referendum is to determine whether Abyei will join Sudan or South Sudan. Karti renewed Sudan’s demand that the difference between the two sides be settled within the African framework.

The oil-rich Abyei area is currently controlled by Ethiopian UN peacekeepers. The Misseriya tribe lives in the disputed area. Officials say that going ahead with the AU plan will only lead to violence.

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in July 2011 as part of a 2005 peace treaty, which ended decades of war between the two countries. Despite the treaty, the African neighbors are still at loggerheads over oil revenues and border demarcation.


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Israel and South Sudan sign treaty over rights of River Nile

Salva Kiir

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Last week, South Sudan and Israel, specifically Israel Military Industries Ltd. signed an agreement to cooperate on River Nile water infrastructure and technology development during a ceremony at the Knesset. The new agreement with Israel could potentially allow South Sudan “to transfer its oil to Israeli refineries”, which the country also lacks.

“This way we will help you solve various problems in your area,” Minister of Water and Irrigation, Paul Mayom Akec said. “We will be pleased to examine this,” reported the Sudan Tribune.

While all the other nations were asleep, Israel saw business potential, and this time it wasn’t about to let the Chinese or American investors snatch this golden opportunity from it.

“We see this as a privilege to be the first [sector in Israel] to sign an agreement with the new state,” Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau said in a statement aimed at Akec Paul Mayom, water and irrigation minister of South Sudan. “We will continue to do everything possible in order to assist you. You are among friends.” The Jerusalem Post published the utterances here.

The White Nile runs through South Sudan

This agreement certainly does not sit well with Egypt and Sudan. There was an outcry in Egypt and Sudan over last week’s signing of a cooperation agreement between Israel and South Sudan on water infrastructure and technology development. Warnings abounded that the pact between the government in Juba and Israeli Military Industries Ltd posed a threat to the water security of the two downstream countries and should be countered. Largely overlooked was the fact that their own inaction was mostly to blame for it, according to Al Akhbar.

All eyes on DR Congo for its natural resources

Perhaps the richest African country in natural resources is DR Congo. Currently, the country is experiencing a tumultuous period as foreign armies seek to seize its resources.

Rwanda has been accused by the Netherlands, Great Britain and the U.S. of backing rebels in DR Congo, and the three nations have withheld financial aid to the embattled nation, according to a report by Press TV.

DR Congo is an important country because of its abundant freshwater supply and natural resources that are coveted by outside eyes. Once the country becomes stable, it will be a magnet for foreign nations, just like what is happening in South Sudan.

Unfortunately Africa has been cursed with leaders who (with the exception of a handful), have failed to look out for the best interests on the Native Africans, and have engaged in unjust enrichment for themselves and families. Africa has no reason to be part of the Third World considering how rich it is. It should belong in the same sentence as Japan, Germany and Canada.


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