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Putin: Ukraine crisis provoked by West to revive NATO

Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday blamed
Western countries for provoking the Ukraine crisis, which is used to resuscitate

“A decision has recently been made to increase NATO military presence in Eastern
Europe. The crisis in Ukraine, which was basically provoked and created by some of
our Western partners, is now being used to resuscitate this military bloc,” Putin told a
government meeting.

He said Russia will have to react to new security threats.

“We will take all these things (like NATO’s expansion) into consideration when making
our country’s defense and security plan. We will have to do everything to guarantee
our safety,” Putin was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

Meanwhile, Russia will not sever cooperation with foreign partners, he said, but
“existing risks” must be taken into account.

“Our industry must be ready to produce critically important equipment, components
and materials, to develop sufficient manufacturing capacity, technologies and
technical stocks,” Putin warned.

He also stressed the need to ensure Russian’s security.

“Military and industrial potential is huge as we have well-trained scientific personnel.
Many of the things we had have been updated considerably, ensuring us that we will
be able to protect ourselves with existing resources,” Putin said.

Source: Xinhua


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Russia says list of Russian military units in Ukraine a ‘hoax’


Newscast Media MOSCOW—The list of Russian military units allegedly deployed in the
conflict area in east Ukraine was a “hoax,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“We noted the release of this hoax information and we have to disappoint its authors
overseas… The information in this material is absolutely untrue,” ministry spokesman
Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

Earlier in the day, Kiev claimed that Russian troops had entered Ukraine.

Russia denied the accusations, saying that “there are no Russian convoys” in Ukraine.

The UN Security Council convened for an emergency meeting Thursday to discuss the
situation in Ukraine.

Kiev authorities launched a special military operation in mid-April against
independence supporters in the southeast of Ukraine, who refused to recognize the
legitimacy of the country’s coup-imposed government.


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Russia To Set Up Arctic Strategic Military Command by 2015

Arctic Military

Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia will form a new strategic military command by the
end of 2014 to protect its interests in the Arctic, a high-ranking military source told
RIA Novosti Monday.

“The new command will comprise the Northern Fleet, Arctic warfare brigades, air force
and air defense units as well as additional administrative structures,” the source in
Russia’s General Staff said.

The military structure, dubbed the Northern Fleet-Unified Strategic Command, will be
responsible for protecting Russia’s Arctic shipping and fishing, oil and gas fields on the
Arctic shelf, and the country’s national borders in the north, the source said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military in December to boost its
presence in the Arctic and complete the development of military infrastructure in the
region in 2014.

The military has already begun deployment of aerospace defense units in the Arctic
and construction of an early warning missile radar in Russia’s extreme north, according
to the commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces, Maj. Gen. Alexander Golovko.

The Defense Ministry has also announced plans to reopen airfields and ports on the
New Siberian Islands and the Franz Josef Land archipelago, as well as at least seven
airstrips on the continental part of the Arctic Circle that were mothballed in 1993.

Arctic territories are believed to hold vast untapped reserves of oil and gas. They
have increasingly been at the center of disputes between the United States, Russia,
Canada, Norway and Denmark as rising temperatures lead to a reduction in sea ice
and make energy reserves more accessible.

Russia has made claims to several Arctic shelf areas and plans to defend its bid at the
United Nations.

Source: Ria Novosti


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