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Texas Governor Rick Perry – The Little Engine That Could

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — As many speculated what Rick Perry’s next move would be when he said he was going back to Texas to reassess his campaign, within less than 24 hours of that statement, he made it clear that he is in it for the long run and is not going anywhere. Even media practitioners who had written Perry off have been taken by surprise that he plans to stay in the race. Remember, he was the one who filed the lawsuit in Virginia to have his name included on the ballot.

What many may not know is that on July 1, 2011, Perry had back surgery that’s why he appeared fatigued in the initial debates. Standing for two hours during a debate after back surgery is no easy undertaking. It therefore makes sense that Perry is now taking a much needed break in time for the remaining primaries.

Rick Santorum had a very good performance at the Iowa caucuses, mainly because he hasn’t been under scrutiny by the media since he was running in last place. Now that he has gained visibility by finishing in second place in Iowa, the same kind of scrutiny that all the other candidates have faced will be channeled to Santorum.

Michele Bachmann announced that she was dropping out of the race after all, perhaps due to the low polling numbers she received on Tuesday night in Iowa.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside,” she said, as she announced the suspension of her campaign.

Gingrich is focusing his attacks on Mitt Romney because the former Massachusetts governor spent millions in attack ads, that derailed Gingrich’s campaign. The media had artificially inflated Gingrich’s numbers, yet he finished fourth in Iowa, because the ad campaign launched against him by his opponents was something that not even the media could not manipulate.

With Bachmann out of the race, there is now more room for Perry and Santorum to pick up votes in South Carolina. The next round of voting takes place next Tuesday in New Hampshire on January 10, 2011.


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Perry Challenges Virginia State Board of Elections In Federal Court

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — In a move to prove he is in it for the long run, Texas Gov. Rick Perry sued the Virginia State Board of Elections in federal court for eliminating his name from the ballot, due to insufficient signatures from registered voters. The suit challenges the constitutional validity of the Virginia statute which appears to infringe upon voters’ rights to participate in an election, and candidates’ rights to stand for election.

The case will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court if it is not resolved in the lower courts. As a sign that Perry is ready to take this to the nation’s highest court, using case law supporting his argument that the Constitution’s First amendment was being violated, Perry cited Buckley v American Constitutional Law Foundation in which the Supreme Court held that a Colorado law requiring all petition circulators to be registered Colorado voters, violated the Constitution’s First Amendment.

Remember, the purpose of the US Constitution is to prevent government from violating your rights. Perry lives outside the “Matrix” and knows that he has an inherent right, to speak freely and associate without hindrance. He also knows that he need not seek those rights from the government, because the US Constitution protects those God-given rights. This is something most Americans (who live in the “Matrix”) do not understand. They falsely believe they get their rights from a document, that’s why it is not unusual to hear someone say: “So and so violated my constitutional rights.” Lawyers and judges get a kick out of such statements.

If you look at paragraph three of the lawsuit, Perry makes it very clear that these are his rights, and the purpose of the Constitution is to protect them. He writes:

“3. Virginia’s requirement petition circulators to be either eligible or registered qualified voters violates Plaintiff’s freedom of speech and association protected by the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution.”

Notice he did not say freedom of speech and association provided by the US Constitution, he said freedom of speech and association “protected” by the US Constitution. Perry knows he does not need the government to give him what already belongs to him. It would be like going into your kitchen when you are hungry, then asking your neighbor for permission if you can eat food from your own fridge, yet the food is already yours. Of course your neighbor will be tickled by such a request, since you already have the right to access what’s yours.

Perry’s emphasis is that those rights he was born with are protected by the US Constitution, which prevents government from infringing upon them. People who live outside the Matrix see things that ordinary people ignore or laugh at, yet it makes a difference to speak a certain kind of language that only those outside the Matrix understand. You may read or download the entire lawsuit here.

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Media that originally promoted Newt Gingrich now turns on him

Gingrich abandoned by same media that promoted him

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is finding out that the media that superficially promoted him, is now the very same machine predicting his demise. Every reasonable media practitioner knows that all the numbers that showed Gingrich jumping from single digits to 23 percent with 24 hours weren’t to be trusted. Just like Herman Cain who was heavily promoted, only to get destroyed, Gingrich fell in the same trap of believing his own press.

When liberal left-wing sites heavily featured him on their front pages, it was obvious that something was wrong because Gingrich claims to be conservative. On November 14, this CNN poll showed Gingrich soaring to second place. Thereafter, all other major media outlets ran with story including the Drudge Report that featured a headline reading: “NEWT ON TOP.” That was November 14, as shown in the image above on the left side.

Yet Michele Bachmann was not fooled by all the glowing headlines promoting Gingrich. She immediately voiced her opinion saying, “The media wants to choose who our nominee will be and who the next president of the United States will be. It’s the same as the government choosing winners and losers. It shouldn’t.”

Drudge once again featured Bachmann’s take on the media manipulating the outcome of the election process as shown above in the circled comments in the picture.

Today, a month later, the same media is carrying headlines showing Gingrich’s collapse. This is partly because the media realizes that voters are awake and cannot be easily deceived, so they are slowly shifting back to reality. It is also partly due to candidates like Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann exposing Newt Gingrich to voters through heavy advertising that cannot be manipulated by the media, since the ads are created by the candidates themselves and not the media.

Now that Gingrich is being bumped from the top tier candidate that he really never was, we should expect the top three spots to be filled by either Romney, Paul, Perry or Bachmann. It looks like Romney and Paul are in top two slots, so either Perry or Bachmann should be able to fill the remaining slot; that’s when the race will become interesting as we watch it unfold over the next few months.


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Rick Perry launches “Momentum” in an effort to make a comeback

Can Perry make a comeback?

Newscast Media DES MOINES — With just three weeks to the primaries, Gov. Rick Perry is launching ads that show the energetic side of his campaigning style. Once the frontrunner amongst the GOP candidates, Perry experienced several setbacks, but analysts believe he could still recover and make a solid finish.

Perry does best when he is unscripted like in the video below as he campaigned for re-election in the gubernatorial race.

Perry needs to display this kind of energy in the next 21 days as he did a year ago

Right now Perry is playing in the “Big League” and needs to display the energy that is trapped within him, if he expects to surpass Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. The next three weeks will be a major decisive factor for all contenders, since the dynamics of the this race change on a constant basis.


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GOP candidates attempt to close the deal on their final stretch

2012 GOP candidates

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — GOP candidates have less than eight weeks before the Iowa Republican caucuses that are scheduled to take place on January 3, 2012. During the remaining weeks, whoever wants to win the nomination will have to do an effective job in closing the deal. This means tapping into the pool of the undecided voters and the moderates, while avoiding any major mistakes on the campaign trail. At this point, it is hard to predict which GOP candidate will win.

Herman Cain who once led the race has seen his numbers decline, while Newt Gingrich has risen. Mitt Romney’s numbers haven’t changed much, while Rick Perry is intent on reclaiming his original frontrunner status.

What happened to Cain when he suddenly rose in the polls and was torn down by the very same media that promoted him, will predictably happen to Gingrich. Some polls actually show Gingrich as the current frontrunner ahead of Romney and Cain, yet as every media practitioner and even Gingrich knows, his rise will not last long. Just as Cain’s reputation was destroyed, we can expect the same from Gingrich who in the past has had his share of indiscretions, which will soon be the focus of media and public attention.

To compete with Romney and Perry, Gingrich would have to spend a considerable amount of time raising money for sustenance. A scenario of who the vice presidential running mates could be are as follows:

If Romney wins the nomination, he would need someone from the South to help him deliver the region since it is the Bible belt. Cain said he would not be Romney’s running mate, so the other possible combination could be Romney-Perry, since Perry is a strong fundraiser and avid campaigner who could help Romney raise the necessary funds to compete with Obama.

Should Cain win, since he is from the South, he would need someone from the North to help deliver the region, and because Romney is the strongest of the northerners, a Cain-Romney ticket would not be surprising. A Rick Perry win of the nomination again would require someone from the North like Romney to help raise money and also capture the hearts of the voters in the northern states, therefore a Perry-Romney ticket would have a high likelihood of occurring. As for Gingrich, since he is from Georgia, but has an appeal in northern states, he might surprise observers by picking someone like Sarah Palin since he believes she could help beat Obama, as indicated in the video below.

Below is the debate schedule for the rest of 2011:

November 22nd, 2011 8pm ET on CNN
Location: Washington, DC
Sponsor: CNN, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute

December 1st, 2011 Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona

December 10th, 2011 Air time TBD on ABC
Location: Des Moines, IA
Sponsor: ABC News and Republican Party of Iowa

December 15th, 2011 9pm ET on Fox News
Location: Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa
Sponsor: Fox News and Republican Party of Iowa

December 19th, 2011 4pm ET on PBS
Location: Iowa Public Television in Johnston, IA
Sponsor: The Des Moines Register, Iowa Public Television, PBS NEWSHOUR, Google and YouTube.


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Media attempts to deconstruct Rick Perry by trashing Texas

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — Political pundits are still trying to understand Gov. Perry’s unconventional game plan of winning elections, and are getting more nervous because they believe he could actually win. Perry’s entry has certainly changed the entire dynamics of these elections. The first impact it had was on both Bachmann and Romney, as both saw their numbers dwindle. Many observers have said it is too early to determine if Perry has staying power, and that he would have to demonstrate that he can maintain his lead in the polls.

Perry’s impact on Bachmann

Bachmann has been criticized as being too much of a “Diva” because of her reluctance to mingle and her inaccessibility. Judd Saul who helped organize the Blackhawk County Lincoln Day Dinner in Iowas said, “(Perry) sat with people, talked with people. (Bachmann) acted like a rock star, refused to eat dinner with us. If Michele Bachmann is the hometown girl, from Waterloo, she should dine with us.”

Instead, Saul points out Bachmann spent time on her campaign bus, only entering for her turn to speak at the event after she was introduced twice.

Even a key Bachmann backer at the Straw Poll says her campaign has to change.

“The race started over after the straw poll,” note Ryan Rhodes, director of the Iowa Tea Party.

“(Bachmann) needs to work on being more accessible and punctual to events. These are things I’m hearing from Tea Partiers around the state and I hope her campaign irons out these kinks.”

Perry’s strength is that he is accessible and is at ease with his audiences. Both Bachmann and Perry share the same religious views and conservative ideals and have a very strong following in the Tea Party movement, yet Perry has the ability to feel the pulse of the voters, a skill that has enabled him to beat the rest of the GOP field in these preliminary polls.

Perry’s impact on Romney

There is no doubt that Romney is a contender that Perry cannot undermine, and eventually the two will have to face each other, much like when Obama and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head in their primaries. Romney is the media’s favorite candidate even more than Obama, and is very rarely attacked by the MSM, yet Perry has been able to displace and replace him as the GOP’s current front runner.

Again the issue is relatability, and the one whom voters find more relatable is the candidate voters will gravitate toward. Perry grew up as a poor white kid in the back roads of Texas, and prides himself in his humble roots. As for Romney, in the 2008 heavily contested primary, Mike Huckabee described him as “a person who reminds voters of the boss who fired them.” However, even though Romney has the corporate look he has been able to draw large support from both conservatives and moderates, whose initial apprehension was his religious faith.

The mistake Romney is making is underexposure. He needs to get out there more and capitalize on his job-creating skills, entrepreneurship and his executive experience, or else he will never be able to surpass Perry in the polls. Romney believes that overexposure in the media can hurt a candidate, yet now is the time
when each and every candidate needs to create a “buzz.”

Chris Matthews keeps the buzz alive

Rick Perry actually won 55 percent of the vote in his re-election not 39

Perry first created one who he used the word “treason” against the Feds. He also said “he loved America very much”, prompting pundits to ask whether he was questioning Obama’s patriotism. The buzz Perry created by making those utterances gave him national and international exposure that his ad campaign couldn’t buy, and the exposure was all free.

In the above video, Chris Matthews can’t understand how Perry has been able to steal the spotlight and garner a huge following in such a short time. Out of frustration, Matthews resorts to attacking the great State of Texas instead of Rick Perry’s policies he may disagree with. This creates even more curiosity in undecided voters, who will now want to explore more of the “Rick Perry mystique” Chris Matthews is talking about.


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Rick Perry explains why he should be elected president in 2012

Speeches that convinced observers that Perry would run:

Videography by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –Texas Governor Rick Perry made the big announcement about his intention to run for US president in 2012. A native Texan and conservative politician, Rick Perry is one of the most skilled politicians at running campaigns, and has never lost a race. He will be challenging Obama directly on every issue from the economy, to illegal immigration and healthcare. Perry says if elected he will make Washington inconsequential in our lives, something no other politician has been bold enough to say.

The above excerpts are clear indications that long before his announcement to run for the presidency, Rick Perry was faced with the tempatation of running. However, out of the desire to be fair and not breach the trust, this journalist decided not to release these speeches until after Perry made the announcement himself.

In regard to healthcare, Perry personally opposed Obama’s healthcare plan and encouraged the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to sue Obama’s administration for attempting to impose an unacceptable healthcare plan on Texans. The White House suffered a a setback on Ausgust 12, when the Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta,ruled that Barack Obama’s healthcare law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty was unconstitutional, and that Congress exceeded its authority by requiring the economic mandate.

Perry is also known for threatening to secede from the Union if the government tried to break the will of Texans. Perry has several bragging rights too. Texas today is the leading creator of jobs with Dallas-Fortworth as number one in the entire country and Houston, as the second highest job creator. Texas has been the nation’s job creation capital, creating more than half of America’s net jobs in the past two years alone and more private sector jobs in the last 10 years than any other state.

Perry has also balanced the Texas budget by prioritizing and reducing spending without raising taxes, and has preserved $6 billion dollars in the state’s Rainy Day Fund. According to data from the US State Department, that amount is more than the GDP of some third world countries.

Perry has demonstrated that he can grow the economy and create jobs without raising taxes. It wouldn’t be surprising to this journalist if Perry picked his friend Sarah Palin as his running-mate in 2012, if he were to succeed in winning the GOP nomination.


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