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Texas Governor Rick Perry – The Little Engine That Could

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — As many speculated what Rick Perry’s next move would be when he said he was going back to Texas to reassess his campaign, within less than 24 hours of that statement, he made it clear that he is in it for the long run and is not going anywhere. Even media practitioners who had written Perry off have been taken by surprise that he plans to stay in the race. Remember, he was the one who filed the lawsuit in Virginia to have his name included on the ballot.

What many may not know is that on July 1, 2011, Perry had back surgery that’s why he appeared fatigued in the initial debates. Standing for two hours during a debate after back surgery is no easy undertaking. It therefore makes sense that Perry is now taking a much needed break in time for the remaining primaries.

Rick Santorum had a very good performance at the Iowa caucuses, mainly because he hasn’t been under scrutiny by the media since he was running in last place. Now that he has gained visibility by finishing in second place in Iowa, the same kind of scrutiny that all the other candidates have faced will be channeled to Santorum.

Michele Bachmann announced that she was dropping out of the race after all, perhaps due to the low polling numbers she received on Tuesday night in Iowa.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice, and so I have decided to stand aside,” she said, as she announced the suspension of her campaign.

Gingrich is focusing his attacks on Mitt Romney because the former Massachusetts governor spent millions in attack ads, that derailed Gingrich’s campaign. The media had artificially inflated Gingrich’s numbers, yet he finished fourth in Iowa, because the ad campaign launched against him by his opponents was something that not even the media could not manipulate.

With Bachmann out of the race, there is now more room for Perry and Santorum to pick up votes in South Carolina. The next round of voting takes place next Tuesday in New Hampshire on January 10, 2011.


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Perry Challenges Virginia State Board of Elections In Federal Court

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — In a move to prove he is in it for the long run, Texas Gov. Rick Perry sued the Virginia State Board of Elections in federal court for eliminating his name from the ballot, due to insufficient signatures from registered voters. The suit challenges the constitutional validity of the Virginia statute which appears to infringe upon voters’ rights to participate in an election, and candidates’ rights to stand for election.

The case will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court if it is not resolved in the lower courts. As a sign that Perry is ready to take this to the nation’s highest court, using case law supporting his argument that the Constitution’s First amendment was being violated, Perry cited Buckley v American Constitutional Law Foundation in which the Supreme Court held that a Colorado law requiring all petition circulators to be registered Colorado voters, violated the Constitution’s First Amendment.

Remember, the purpose of the US Constitution is to prevent government from violating your rights. Perry lives outside the “Matrix” and knows that he has an inherent right, to speak freely and associate without hindrance. He also knows that he need not seek those rights from the government, because the US Constitution protects those God-given rights. This is something most Americans (who live in the “Matrix”) do not understand. They falsely believe they get their rights from a document, that’s why it is not unusual to hear someone say: “So and so violated my constitutional rights.” Lawyers and judges get a kick out of such statements.

If you look at paragraph three of the lawsuit, Perry makes it very clear that these are his rights, and the purpose of the Constitution is to protect them. He writes:

“3. Virginia’s requirement petition circulators to be either eligible or registered qualified voters violates Plaintiff’s freedom of speech and association protected by the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution.”

Notice he did not say freedom of speech and association provided by the US Constitution, he said freedom of speech and association “protected” by the US Constitution. Perry knows he does not need the government to give him what already belongs to him. It would be like going into your kitchen when you are hungry, then asking your neighbor for permission if you can eat food from your own fridge, yet the food is already yours. Of course your neighbor will be tickled by such a request, since you already have the right to access what’s yours.

Perry’s emphasis is that those rights he was born with are protected by the US Constitution, which prevents government from infringing upon them. People who live outside the Matrix see things that ordinary people ignore or laugh at, yet it makes a difference to speak a certain kind of language that only those outside the Matrix understand. You may read or download the entire lawsuit here.

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Rick Perry launches “Momentum” in an effort to make a comeback

Can Perry make a comeback?

Newscast Media DES MOINES — With just three weeks to the primaries, Gov. Rick Perry is launching ads that show the energetic side of his campaigning style. Once the frontrunner amongst the GOP candidates, Perry experienced several setbacks, but analysts believe he could still recover and make a solid finish.

Perry does best when he is unscripted like in the video below as he campaigned for re-election in the gubernatorial race.

Perry needs to display this kind of energy in the next 21 days as he did a year ago

Right now Perry is playing in the “Big League” and needs to display the energy that is trapped within him, if he expects to surpass Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. The next three weeks will be a major decisive factor for all contenders, since the dynamics of the this race change on a constant basis.


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Governor Rick Perry declines offer to attend Trump’s debate

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — Governor Rick Perry will not be participating in the Trump-moderated debate that is slated for December 27, a week before the primaries begin. Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney were the first to turn down the offer because it was obvious the event would be an “ambush” debate.

A week before the primaries is the worst time for any candidate to fall into a trap, and Gov. Rick Perry made the right strategic decision to meet and greet voters during the last week leading up to Iowa, rather than participate in the debate.

A statement release by the Perry camp read: “Governor Perry has talked to Donald Trump in recent days and respects him and the folks at NewsMax very much. Traditional retail campaigning in the days and weeks leading up to the Iowa caucus is the Perry campaign’s top priority. In the coming weeks, Gov. Perry will be in Iowa almost continually, meeting with real voters, doing town hall meetings and events and talking American jobs, faith and overhauling Washington, DC to Iowa voters.”

Meanwhile, the latest news is that Michele Bachmann has also declined the invitation, and will not be attending the event. It looks like Donald Trump just got fired by the GOP. As indicated by Newscast Media in the related story below, an appearance by Bachmann and Perry would have been counter-productive.

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Media attempts to deconstruct Rick Perry by trashing Texas

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — Political pundits are still trying to understand Gov. Perry’s unconventional game plan of winning elections, and are getting more nervous because they believe he could actually win. Perry’s entry has certainly changed the entire dynamics of these elections. The first impact it had was on both Bachmann and Romney, as both saw their numbers dwindle. Many observers have said it is too early to determine if Perry has staying power, and that he would have to demonstrate that he can maintain his lead in the polls.

Perry’s impact on Bachmann

Bachmann has been criticized as being too much of a “Diva” because of her reluctance to mingle and her inaccessibility. Judd Saul who helped organize the Blackhawk County Lincoln Day Dinner in Iowas said, “(Perry) sat with people, talked with people. (Bachmann) acted like a rock star, refused to eat dinner with us. If Michele Bachmann is the hometown girl, from Waterloo, she should dine with us.”

Instead, Saul points out Bachmann spent time on her campaign bus, only entering for her turn to speak at the event after she was introduced twice.

Even a key Bachmann backer at the Straw Poll says her campaign has to change.

“The race started over after the straw poll,” note Ryan Rhodes, director of the Iowa Tea Party.

“(Bachmann) needs to work on being more accessible and punctual to events. These are things I’m hearing from Tea Partiers around the state and I hope her campaign irons out these kinks.”

Perry’s strength is that he is accessible and is at ease with his audiences. Both Bachmann and Perry share the same religious views and conservative ideals and have a very strong following in the Tea Party movement, yet Perry has the ability to feel the pulse of the voters, a skill that has enabled him to beat the rest of the GOP field in these preliminary polls.

Perry’s impact on Romney

There is no doubt that Romney is a contender that Perry cannot undermine, and eventually the two will have to face each other, much like when Obama and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head in their primaries. Romney is the media’s favorite candidate even more than Obama, and is very rarely attacked by the MSM, yet Perry has been able to displace and replace him as the GOP’s current front runner.

Again the issue is relatability, and the one whom voters find more relatable is the candidate voters will gravitate toward. Perry grew up as a poor white kid in the back roads of Texas, and prides himself in his humble roots. As for Romney, in the 2008 heavily contested primary, Mike Huckabee described him as “a person who reminds voters of the boss who fired them.” However, even though Romney has the corporate look he has been able to draw large support from both conservatives and moderates, whose initial apprehension was his religious faith.

The mistake Romney is making is underexposure. He needs to get out there more and capitalize on his job-creating skills, entrepreneurship and his executive experience, or else he will never be able to surpass Perry in the polls. Romney believes that overexposure in the media can hurt a candidate, yet now is the time
when each and every candidate needs to create a “buzz.”

Chris Matthews keeps the buzz alive

Rick Perry actually won 55 percent of the vote in his re-election not 39

Perry first created one who he used the word “treason” against the Feds. He also said “he loved America very much”, prompting pundits to ask whether he was questioning Obama’s patriotism. The buzz Perry created by making those utterances gave him national and international exposure that his ad campaign couldn’t buy, and the exposure was all free.

In the above video, Chris Matthews can’t understand how Perry has been able to steal the spotlight and garner a huge following in such a short time. Out of frustration, Matthews resorts to attacking the great State of Texas instead of Rick Perry’s policies he may disagree with. This creates even more curiosity in undecided voters, who will now want to explore more of the “Rick Perry mystique” Chris Matthews is talking about.


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The next president should avoid excelling in one area at the expense of others

Who will the next president be?

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –The 2012 presidential race is beginning to shape up with several candidates on the GOP side in the ring. The two prominent names that are missing so far are Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. Even though it is highly unlikely that Palin will run, it is more than likely that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will run. He however, is in danger of making the same mistake that Fred Thompson made, who waited a little too long before announcing his candidacy.

When George W. Bush was president, he was accused of focusing too much on fighting terrorism and expanding government. It was toward the end of Bush’s administration that the housing market collapsed, triggering the multi-billion bailouts for the banksters. Barack Obama did not learn from Bush’s mistakes of excelling in area the expense of others, and continued to grow big government and the increase the deficit, while ignoring the small business sector, which is the lifeblood of the American economy.

We can learn from history how individuals single-handedly changed their generations such that their impact is still being felt today. After experiencing the Dark Ages, Crusades and Bubonic plague, western civilization was not crippled by these setbacks, rather, the result was a burst of knowledge that the West had never experienced before. In the Renaissance, pioneers excelled in applying their God-given abilities in the Arts, Sciences, Music, Literature, Religion and Architecture, to usher in an era that would forever transform our world.

During the Renaissance, three figures dominated the visual arts and these were: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. In his book Lives Of The Artists, Giorgio Vasari, an artist and biographer, cautioned the revolutionaries of his day to be “Well-balanced and not excel in one area at the expense of another.” If one looks at the work of Michelangelo, it is easy to determine that he excelled in the male nude, yet when you look at his female figures, they lack grace and beauty because Michelangelo had focused his energy on perfecting drawings, sculptures and paintings of the male body.

When Pope Julius II commissioned him to paint the fresco of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo showed the world once and for all that he had mastered and absorbed classical antiquity, and upon unveiling the ceiling, his contemporaries hailed him as “The Divine” or il divino.

About Michelangelo, the biographer Giorgio Vasari in Lives Of The Artists wrote: “…Meanwhile, the benign ruler of heaven graciously looked down to earth, saw the worthlessness of what was being done, the intense but utterly fruitless studies, and the presumption of men who were farther from true art than night from day, and resolved to save us from our errors. So he decided to send to the world an artist who would be skilled in each and every craft, whose work alone would teach us how to attain perfection in design…

…Moreover, he determined to give this artist the knowledge of true moral philosophy and the gift of poetic expression, so that everyone might admire and follow him as their perfect exemplar in life, work, and behavior and in every endeavor, and he would be acclaimed as divine.” (page 325)

However, there was another artist who eclipsed Michelangelo in stature – Leonardo da Vinci. He perfected the weaknesses that plagued Michelangelo’s art. His female figures had such beauty, grace and a sweetness to them that was lacking in Michelangelo’s paintings. Even though the most famous painting in the world is the Mona Lisa, da Vinci’s sweetest work of art is the Virgin and child with St. Anne and John the Baptist. SEE PICTURE BELOW

Virgin and child with St. Anne and John the Baptist

Despite eclipsing his contemporary, Leonardo wasn’t as proficient in portraying the male body as Michelangelo was, yet da Vinci himself excelled in drawing and painting the female body and explored other areas outside the arts, and excelled at everything he turned his hand to.

Wrote Vasari about da Vinci: ”In the normal course of events, many men and women are born with various remarkable qualities and talents; but occasionally, in a way that transcends nature, a single person is marvelously endowed by heaven with beauty, grace, and talent in such abundance that he leaves other men far behind, all his actions seem inspired, and indeed everything he does clearly comes from God rather than from human art. Everyone acknowledged that this was true about Leonardo da Vinci, an artist of outstanding physical beauty who displayed infinite grace in everything he did and who cultivated his genius so brilliantly that all problems he studied, he solved with ease.” (page 255)

There was yet another artist who not only eclipsed Michelangelo, but also da Vinci and became the true embodiment of the consummate artist. His name was Raphael. Even though he was much younger than both his contemporaries, Raphael studied and absorbed their work, overcame the weaknesses that had plagued both Michelangelo and da Vinci’s work, and by far surpassed any renaissance artist, past or in his present day, when it came to portraying the male and female figures, harmony and perspective, beauty and grace, as is evident in his The School of Athens and The Transfiguration.

All three artists lived during the same period and the biographies were written while these artists were still alive. Raphael perfected and captured the beauty and grace of the female figure, and was known as the painter of the Madonnas; his most famous ones being the Madonna of the Chair and the Sistine Madonna. The one thing these revolutionary artists had in common was that they treated their chosen profession as a calling.

About Raphael, Vasari wrote: “Nature sent Raphael into the world after it had been vanquished by the art of Michelangelo and was ready, through Raphael, to be vanquished by character as well. Indeed, until Raphael, most artists had in their temperament a touch of uncouthness and even madness that made them outlandish and eccentric; the dark shadows of vice were often more evident in their lives than the shining light of the virtues that can make men immortal

So nature had every reason to display in Raphael, in contrast, the finest qualities of mind accompanied by such grace, industry, looks, modesty, and excellence of character as would offset every defect, no matter how serious, and any vice, no matter how ugly. One can claim without fear of contradiction that artists as astoundingly gifted as Raphael are not simply men but, if it be allowed to say so, mortal gods, and that those who leave on earth an honored name in the annals of fame, may also hope to enjoy in heaven a just reward for their work and talent.” (page 284)

The next president of the United States should look back to his or her predecessors and avoid a repeat of their mistakes, yet draw from their strengths and infuse those policies and qualities with his or her own blueprint, as a means to restore America back to her original glory, both domestically and worldwide. The only way this can happen, is for the presidency to be looked upon as a calling that transcends any obligation to please donors, special interests or lobbyists.


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VIDEO: Highlights of Rick Perry inauguration and party mixer

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Gov. Rick Perry was in attendance at the inaugural gala where several influential Texas politicians including Susan Combs the comptroller, Gregg Abott the Attorney General, David Dewhurst the Lt. Governor made guest appearances. Most attended with their families as they danced the night away. Newscast Media was on hand to capture the moment.


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Gov. Rick Perry inauguration set for Jan. 18, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, TX — After winning his third term for office, Gov. Rick Perry will be sworn in together with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, in Austin, Texas on January 18, 2011 on the South Steps of the State Capitol.

Generous donations that have poured in will allow attendees to enjoy a FREE Texas sized BBQ that will feature live music and entertainment, right after the swearing in ceremony. The Inaugural Evening Celebration which is an invitation-only event, will then take place at the Palmer Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

Perry started his campaign in a three-way race that included Kay Bailey Hutchinson (KBH), Debra Medina, and the governor. At the early stages of the primaries, KBH was ahead in the polls, followed by Rick Perry, with Debra Medina trailing. However, the first debate, Medina appealed to the Tea Party movement and started gaining traction in the polls.

Perry realized had a serious problem. He had to find a way to contain both candidates, at the same time he also had to be sensitive with the way he attacked them that way he wouldn’t come across as sexist or offensive to women voters. To neutralize KBH, Perry tied her to big government in Washington, and argued that Texas had the strongest economy in the entire country so we don’t want “Washington insiders” meddling with what’s already working. Perry didn’t have to mention KBH’s name, the voters got it.

As for Medina, Perry would brandish the most potent voice in the Tea Party movement — Sarah Palin.

After the Palin appearance, and being able to tie KBH to Washington, Perry would maintain his lead ahead of his competitors with only one message: If it aint broke, don’t fix it. The strength of the economy and the number of businesses moving into Texas afforded Perry those bragging rights.

As for the general, Perry would go head-to-head with Bill White. Remember, Perry is a very astute politician, he has a way of attacking his adversaries without making it seem like he is attacking them. He also doesn’t forget and often uses his opponent’s words against them, which renders them defenseless.

When Obama first ascended to the presidency, Bill White took out a billboard sized ad that said, “The Dream The Hope The Change.”

The ad that sank Bill White

The ad angered the black community because they felt Bill White was equating himself to Martin Luther King a civil rights activist, which they perceived as being presumptuous and opportunistic of White, since he has no record of being active in the civil rights movement.

The ad is something that would haunt Bill White for the rest of the campaign to a point where he refused to meet Obama on August 9, 2010 when he traveled to Texas. Knowing that Obama is unpopular in Texas, White distanced himself from the man he once associated himself with by saying, “I don’t use national figures as surrogates for me. I tend to campaign for myself.”

Perry saw an opening and just as he succeeded in tying KBH to Washington, Perry tied White to Obama and everything he stands for. There was absolutely no way White could get away from this, no matter how hard he tried. The image of the ad spoke for itself. The ad had been published in a black newspaper and Perry had cleverly clipped it, knowing he might need it someday. When the time was right, all Perry had to do was throw the ad back at Bill White and ask, “How do you like it now?”

White didn’t like it and was thrown off-balance — he literally spent almost his entire campaign trying to convince voters that he was not Barack Obama. To this very day, Bill White cannot understand how the longest serving governor in Texas was able to convince Texans that Bill White was the insider, and Perry was the outsider, yet White was only mayor. Bill White is also still baffled as to how Rick Perry was successful in convincing Texans that Bill White was Barack Obama despite Bill White being melanin-challenged. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of it all for White is that Texans actually believed that Bill White was Barack Obama and ended up dismissing him, voting 55 percent for Perry while 42 percent for White.

The biggest slap in the face for Bill White was when Perry refused to debate him. Rick Perry demanded that White release all his tax returns before any debate could occur. When White released only part of the returns, Perry said the debate would not happen unless White released everything. White then traveled throughout the state telling Texans that Rick Perry had denied them a debate on the issues that really mattered to them.

When word got to Perry that White was accusing him before Texans that Perry had denied them a debate, Perry applied the art of persuasion in convincing Texans that it was actually Bill White who had denied them a debate. Perry reasoned saying, if Bill White wanted a debate he would have released the returns, but the reason White was sitting on the returns was because he didn’t want the debate to happen. Perry wrote an open letter to Texans on April 3, 2010 saying, “For 54 days liberal trial lawyer Bill White has insulted Texans by refusing to release his income tax returns, making it impossible to know how he has profited from shady dealings during his years in public service. Now he is willing to deny Texans the opportunity to watch their candidates for governor debate one another by continuing to hide the truth about his personal finances. Bill White’s tax returns contain the truth about his career of shady business dealings, and if he has nothing to hide, he would match Gov. Perry’s standard of transparency and release his taxes, which Gov. Perry has done going back more than 20 years.”

Voters believed Rick Perry and on November 2, they handed him the victory.

Bill White’s numbers never changed from the beginning of the race because Perry forced White to spend his time during the entire campaign defending himself, while Perry spent his time focused on articulating his simple message which was: Create jobs; lower taxes; fight big government.




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