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Sarkozy on the ropes as corruption charges against him loom

Nicolas Sarkozy

Newscast Media PARIS—Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, currently under
investigation for alleged corruption and influence peddling, has announced he will go
on national radio and TV on Wednesday evening. It will be his first major broadcast
interview since he lost the 2012 presidential election.

After being quizzed for 15 hours by police, Nicolas Sarkozy will now face the
questions of journalists from some of France’s biggest television and radio stations.
The interview, the first since he was booted out of power in 2012, is eagerly awaited,
after the ex-President was put under formal investigation on Wednesday.

The 59-year old, is accused of seeking insider information from a judge regarding an
investigation into the illegal financing of his 2007 election campaign. Sarkozy denies
any wrongdoing.

On Wednesday night, he will engage in a delicate balancing act, in trying to convince
the public of his innocence, while persuading them he is still apt to lead the country,
in the likelihood of an eventual political comeback.

A spokesman for the Far-Right Front National, said “it would be indecent for the
ex-President to return to politics” given the severity of the charges against him.

But Sarkozy has received wide support from several high-ranking party colleagues.
Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe wrote on his Twitter feed: “My friendly thoughts go
out to Nicolas Sarkozy: he is innocent until proven guilty.”

Whilst Euro-deputy Nadine Morano, has slammed the “impartiality” of judges and the
spying techniques used to tap the right-wing leader’s phone.

President Francois Hollande has stressed that his predecessor must benefit from “the
presumption of innocence,” whilst Prime Minister Manuel Valls denied suggestions
Sarkozy was being hounded by the Socialist government.

Source: Radio France Internationale


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France and Germany vow to keep the Euro afloat

Merkel and Sarkozy

Newscast Media — At a meeting in the German city of Freiburg, Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed their commitment to the single European currency and to the fiscal solvency of the eurozone.

“There is a spirit that is uniting us all,” the German chancellor told reporters during a break in the talks. “If the euro fails, the European Union fails, too.”

Meanwhile, President Sarkozy vowed that Germany and France “will defend the euro, because the euro is Europe.”

Sarkozy also backed Germany’s opposition to creating unified European sovereign bonds. The idea of harmonizing some eurozone debt, as suggested by several members of the currency union, has met with strong opposition from Germany and France, whose balance sheets are relatively healthy.

“French and German citizens would not be happy if we were to bundle the debts together,” the French president said. He argued that the concept might be worth considering in the future, but only after the bloc’s members ramp up their economic and political cooperation.

“We should not put the cart before the horse,” Sarkozy told reporters.

Friday’s meeting was in preparation for the EU summit in Brussels on December 16 and 17.


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