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US welcomes election of CAR President Catherine Samba-Panza

Catherine Samba-Panza

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The parliament of embattled Central African Republic
(C.A.R) elected Catherine Samba-Panza president, 24 hours ago, to lead the country
out of the chaos that has plagued it for the past several months. As former mayor of
Bangui, Samba-Panza, a lawyer, has vowed to organize free presidential elections and
to also lead the country out of civil strife that has gripped the nation.

“From today, I am the president of all Central Africans. I appeal to each and every
one of you to help rebuild our fatherland,” she said immediately after being elected
interim president of the Central African Republic.

The US government welcomed the election results of the parliament and said in a

“The United States welcomes the selection of Catherine Samba-Panza as
Transitional President in the Central African Republic (C.A.R.). As C.A.R.’s first
woman head of state since the country’s independence, and with her special
background in human rights work and mediation, she has a unique opportunity
to advance the political transition process, bring all the parties together to end
the violence, and move her country toward elections not later than February

We also commend the Transitional National Council for conducting the selection
process for the new C.A.R. Transitional President in a deliberate, open, and
transparent manner that ensured the airing of a full range of views from C.A.R.’s
civil society.

The United States has been deeply engaged in the work to help pull C.A.R. back
from the brink, including the pivotal visits of Ambassador Power and Assistant
Secretary Thomas-Greenfield less than a month ago…”

The new president is now facing the daunting task of extinguishing the ongoing
conflict between Muslim fighters and Christian militia.

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