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Homosexual group now endorses Mitt Romney for president

Mitt Romney

by Paul Stanley

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—The Log Cabin Republicans, a gay group that aligns itself with the GOP and espouses conservative fiscal policies while supporting same-sex marriage and an anti-discrimination platform, has endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

“The decision to endorse is the right one for our members, our community, and for the nation as a whole,” said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper in a written statement Tuesday. “Despite our disagreement with Governor Romney on the issue of marriage, on balance it is clear that in today’s economic climate, concern for the future of our country must be the highest priority.

The group becomes the second Republican organization that supports gay rights to endorse Romney. In June, GOProud extended its support to the Republican nominee before the party’s August convention.

However, the group has come under attack from homosexual activists such as Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) who said last week the group is nothing more than an “Uncle Tom” of the GOP and he is not backing down from his strong statement.

“They are no more offended than I am by their campaigning in the name of LGBT rights, to elect the candidate and party who diametrically oppose our rights, against a President who has forcefully and effectively supported our rights,” said Frank, one of four openly gay members of Congress in a 1,000-plus word column that has since been removed from his House website.

“I have been hearing the Log Cabin Republicans proclaim for years that they were improving the view of that party towards our legal equality,” said Frank, adding that things have only gotten worse. “Most recently, on [the Defense of Marriage Act], when the House Republicans offered an amendment to reaffirm it, they voted 98 percent in favor of it, while Democrats voted more than 90 percent against the amendment.”

Frank’s tough words caught the attention of R. Clarke Cooper, the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, who defended the group’s actions in supporting the politics of Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the vice presidential nominee. Cooper referred to the retiring congressman as a “partisan hack.”

The marriage issue, like abortion, are examples of two volatile issues where Romney has found himself on both sides of the fence.

When he was campaigning for the U.S. Senate against the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) in 1994, Romney made statements supporting same-sex marriage and said he was pro-choice. He now says marriage should be “between a man and a woman,” and that abortion should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.

A leading national evangelical leader who asked not to be identified and supports Romney, offered a pragmatic analysis of where he sees the former Massachusetts governor going if he is elected president on Nov. 6.

“I believe a President Romney will stand his ground on abortion absent the exceptions he supports,” they said. “However, my prediction is that he will bend to social and political pressure when it comes to marriage and defending the Defense of Marriage Act and other related legislative bills. Again, this is my prediction, not my wish.”

Republican legislators who support same-sex marriage such as Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida are excited about the Log Cabin endorsement. “Romney is the right man for our time,” she said. “I am pleased that Log Cabin Republicans is endorsing Governor Romney. I know that all of us together will fight for equality for all Americans, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.”


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Foreign policy debate a time-waster: economy proved vital

Romney and Obama

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—As predicted, the last debate would be a time-waster, and it was. It will not reverse the momentum of the race. What mattered the most were the closing statements of the candidates. Again, the contrasts were strong between which of the two candidates had a future plan.

When people drive to work on Tuesday morning and fill their gas tanks, those who believe the gas prices are lower today than they were four years ago, will see the economy as favorable, and vote for a continuation of the current economy.

As for the demeanor of the two candidates, Romney’s handlers said he intentionally restrained himself, because he knew the Obama’s strategy was to get him into a mud fight and paint him as a warmonger. He refused to take that bait by re-litigating the subject. In the end he succeeded in looking presidential and thoughtful when he avoided the petty squabbles throughout the debate.

Obama closed by saying, “…And Governor Romney wants to take us back to those policies: a foreign policy that’s wrong and reckless; economic policies that won’t create jobs, won’t reduce our deficit, but will make sure that folks at the very top don’t have to play by the same rules that you do.

“You know, we’ve been through tough times, but we always bounce back because of our character, because we pull together. And if I have the privilege of being your president for another four years, I promise you I will always listen to your voices, I will fight for your families and I will work every single day to make sure that America continues to be the greatest nation on earth.”

Romney’s last words were, “…One is a path represented by the president, which, at the end of four years, would mean we’d have $20 trillion in debt, heading towards Greece. I’ll get us on track to a balanced budget. The president’s path will mean continuing declining in take-home pay. I want to make sure our take-home pay turns around and starts to grow. The president’s path means 20 million people out of work struggling for a good job. I’ll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. I’m going to make sure that we get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs.

“We need strong leadership. I’d like to be that leader, with your support. I’ll work with you. I’ll lead you in an open and honest way. And I ask for your vote. I’d like to be the next president of the United States to support and help this great nation, and to make sure that we all together maintain America as the hope of the earth.”


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Newspapers endorse their favorite presidential candidates

Romney and Obama

by Anugrah Kumar

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has secured newspaper endorsements in the major swing states of Ohio and Florida. Newspapers in other states have also announced their support for the former Massachusetts governor.

The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio and The Tampa Tribune in Florida on Sunday recommended voting for Romney. The Dispatch endorsed Romney a day after Ohio’s Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper threw its support behind President Barack Obama. Dealer had endorsed Obama also in 2008. Akron Beacon Journal also backed Obama.

In an editorial, the Dispatch wrote that voters trusted the inexperienced Obama in 2008 and elevated him to the White House, but “that faith was not rewarded.”

“This time, voters should place their hopes for change in experience, by electing Romney,” said the newspaper in Ohio, which has 18 electoral votes.

The Dispatch also said the Republican nominee’s “election would be an immediate signal to the private sector that someone who knows what he is doing is managing the nation’s economic policy.”

In Florida – which has 29 electoral votes – Orlando Sentinel also endorsed the GOP challenger, after supporting Obama in 2008. The endorsements for Romney came after Tampa Bay Times said it would back Obama as it did in 2008.

The Tribune wrote, “Just as we warned four years ago, this master orator has pushed America toward a European-style social democracy. We don’t question Obama’s motives. The president sincerely believes in the inviolable ability of the federal government to make all things right. But Americans should see that this top-down approach doesn’t work.”

Comparing the two candidates, the Florida newspaper said Romney would “capitalize on individuals’ ingenuity, not Washington directives.”

The latest Fox poll in Florida had Romney with 48 percent support and Obama with 45 percent. Obama will tour Ohio and Florida for campaign events after the final presidential debate in Florida, to be held on Monday.

Star-Telegram in Texas, The Arizona Republic in Ariz., the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in Pa., and New Hampshire Union Leader in N.H. also endorsed Romney on Sunday. The Tribune-Review wrote that Romney is an “exceptionally good and decent man who is a proven leader, administrator and deft politician.”

“We believe the nation’s best opportunity to escape the compounding woes of spiraling debt and economic stagnation lies with a president who believes in the free market’s capacity to heal its own wound, the Republic said in its editorial.

The Leader wrote that “Romney offers a better way, a realistic way, to restore American prosperity.”

On the other hand, Los Angeles Times in Calif., Arizona Daily Star in Ariz., and Santa Fe New Mexican in N.M. have endorsed Obama.


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Romney promises to arm Syrian rebels if elected president

Mitt Romney

Newscast Media LEXINGTON, Va—In a speech to demonstrate his grasp on foreign policy, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told an audience at the Virginia Military Institute that the incumbent Barack Obama was passive in dealing with the Middle East crisis.

“The greater tragedy of it all is that we’re missing an historic opportunity to win new friends who share our values in the Middle East,” Romney said. “Unfortunately, so many of these people who could be our friends feel that our president is indifferent to their quest for freedom and dignity.”

Romney said he would work with allies in the Middle East and the rebels who refer to themselves as Friends of Syria, in order to bring stability in the region.

“Iran is sending arms to Assad because they know his downfall would be a strategic defeat for them. We should be working no less vigorously through our international partners to support the many Syrians who would deliver that defeat to Iran — rather than sitting on the sidelines,” Romney added.

In regard to the Libyan attacks, Romney once again criticized Obama and said, “As the administration has finally conceded, these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists who use violence to impose their dark ideology on others.”

However, Romney may not be familiar the ramifications that could come out of attempting to impose western democracy in the Middle East. The possibility of sleeper cells being activated around the world, and Hezbollah’s close proximity to Israel will complicate any attempts to arm one side of the current battle in the Middle East.

The next presidential debate will be held on October 16, in New York, covering foreign and domestic policy.


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Mitt Romney and Barack Obama talk about faith in God

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the November presidential election draws closer, both the president and his challenger are tackling the question of faith and the role God plays in their lives. Both candidates cleared any lingering misconceptions in an interview conducted by Cathedral Age magazine. The theme of “faith and the election” for the midsummer issue of its magazine is one example of how the Washington National Cathedral lives out its role at the intersection of faith and public life.

Cathedral Age asked the candidates eight questions including: “How does faith play a role in your life,” and “What does a political leader’s faith tell you about him/her as a person?” as well as how each responds to those who question the sincerity of his beliefs. In their revealing answers, the two candidates discuss their personal beliefs, address those who have questioned their faith, and explain their vision for how faith communities can work together with government for the public good.

“First and foremost, my Christian faith gives me a perspective and security that I don’t think I would have otherwise: That I am loved. That, at the end of the day, God is in control,” said President Obama. “Faith can express itself in people in many ways, and I think it is important that we not make faith alone a barometer of a person’s worth, value, or character.”

Governor Romney said, “I am often asked about my faith and my beliefs about Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.”

Romney also said, “A political leader’s faith can tell us a great deal or nothing…Perhaps the most important question to ask a person of faith who seeks a political office is whether he or she shares these American values: the equality of human kind, the obligation to serve one another, and a steadfast commitment to liberty. They are not unique to any one denomination.”

One unifying theme between both candidates’ answers was a dedication to the “other” as an expression of the Christian faith. Governor Romney said that he was inspired by the words in the Gospel of Matthew when Jesus said that those who cared for the poor, hungry, the naked and the “least of these,” cared for Christ.

Romney said, “My faith is grounded in the conviction that a consequence of our common humanity is our responsibility to one another—to our fellow Americans foremost, but also to every child of God.”

President Obama discussed a similar theme in his response to a question about the role of faith in public life. “We face big challenges in this country, and we’re coming to the point where we will decide if we’re truly in this together or if each individual ought to just fight for what serves them best,” the president said. “Faith tells us that there is something about this world that ties our interest to the welfare of a child who can’t get the health care they need, or a parent who can’t find work after the plant shut down, or a family going hungry.

Both candidates also addressed the sacred principle of religious freedom and the role that faith can play in unifying the nation and in promoting the common good.

Source: Cathedral Age magazine


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Obama’s negative attacks on Romney have had little effect

Obama and Romney - file photo

by Napp Nazworth

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C. — A strong majority of Americans say that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s business record, including as head of Bain Capital, would help him make good decisions on economic issues if he were president, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll. The poll results come after President Barack Obama’s campaign has, for months, spent much of its time and money attacking Romney’s business record.

“Would Mitt Romney’s business background, including as head of Bain Capital, cause him to make good or bad decisions as president in dealing with economic problems?” USA Today/Gallup asked 1,030 adults Thursday through Sunday.

Sixty-three percent answered “good decisions” while only 29 percent answered “bad decisions.” The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points.

The Obama campaign has claimed, through ads, interviews and speeches, that Romney’s record as head of Bain Capital suggests he would make a poor president. Romney was an “outsourcing pioneer,” the campaign claimed, which helped companies employ foreign workers instead of American workers, and Romney made himself rich while stripping workers of jobs and benefits.

“You’ve got to give the voters credit—economic reality trumps campaign rhetoric,” Romney campaign pollster Neil Newhouse told USA Today. “It’s pretty clear that the negative weight of the economy is having more impact on voters than President Obama’s campaign ads distorting Gov. Romney’s record.”

Ben LaBolt, spokesperson for the Obama campaign, told USA Today that other polls suggest that attacks on Romney’s Bain record are working and the arguments will damage Romney more in the long run.

Additionally, a record number of Americans seem to favor Romney’s philosophy of a smaller, less intrusive, government over Obama’s philosophy that government should be playing a larger role in helping Americans. Sixty-one percent say that government is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals, the highest that number has been since 1992 when Gallup began asking the question.

There is some good news, though, for the Obama campaign in the poll. By two to one, Obama is rated as more likeable than Romney and he holds a double-digit lead when asked which candidate better understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives.


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Video: Romney creates an awakening in Texas at NAACP convention

Mitt Romney at NAACP Convention in Houston, Texas - Photo by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in Houston, Texas at the NAACP convention where he received a standing ovation, contrary to media reports. At some point in his speech, Governor Romney vowed to repeal Obamacare, and the predominantly Black audience jeered, because they misconstrued that as an attack on Obama.

“My policy will be…number one, create jobs for the American people. I don’t have a hidden agenda,” Romney told the crowd.

Romney further explained to Black voters he was appealing to, why Obamacare was not only bad for health care, but also bad for the U.S. economy. Being a person with business experience, Romney knew all he had to do was “close” the audience, so he made his points succinctly, and by the time he was done, there was a sudden awakening that occurred amongst the Black voters he was appealing to. It was almost as though they experienced an epiphany. Newscast Media was invited to the event, and captured this footage. Watch below:

Everything Romney said to them started to make sense, and the same audience that was reacting uneasily, was inspired and began to applaud Romney. By the time he was done with his speech, the entire audience was on its feet giving Romney a standing ovation, something the corporate media hid from its viewers. Mitt Romney promised to attend next year, should he be elected president.


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GOP On Fire – Prelude To November 2012 Presidential Election

President George Washington

Newscast Media DALLAS, Texas—There is an old African proverb that goes: “If you want to catch more fish, use more hooks.” Republicans are doing just that by marshalling an army of volunteers, to help get the vote out. The fish are the voters, and the hooks are the volunteers.

The GOP has energized its grassroots with a united theme of ending the Obama presidency in November. Congressman Paul Ryan said, “…This means we do everything, to get our country back. This is it! And you know what’s going to happen, on Wednesday morning, November 7, we are going to wake up, and we are
going to look back, and we are going to say, this is the first day when we get our country back on track.”

The video features speakers like Congressman Paul Ryan, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Senator John Cornyn, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, Herman Cain, Dinesh D’Souza, former President George Washington and much more. Watch the two-part series of the video below:


Videography by Joseph Earnest
Highlights of the 2012 GOP Texas Convention in Fort Worth—Texas


Highlights of the 2012 GOP Texas Convention in Fort Worth—Texas

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After Tuesday’s Texas primary Romney to clinch GOP nomination

Mitt Romney

by Anugrah Kumar

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Mitt Romney will no longer be called the “presumptive” GOP presidential nominee after Tuesday’s Texas primary, which will enable him to secure the 1,144 delegates required to clinch the official title. While Texas has 155 delegates to offer, the former Massachusetts governor requires just 60 more to reach the threshold, according to The Associated Press tally.

After a long roller coaster ride with other GOP candidates threatening his nomination, Romney’s campaign will now focus on defeating President Barack Obama in November. Most Republicans are now rallying behind the candidate.

A day before the big day in Texas, Romney promised to maintain a U.S. military “with no comparable power anywhere in the world,” apparently to draw contrasts with Obama, who is in favor of reducing the size of the military.

Addressing a crowd of 5,000 at a Memorial Day service at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center in San Diego, Calif., on Monday, Romney said, “We have two courses we can follow: One is to follow in the pathway of Europe, to shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs. The other is to commit to preserve America as the strongest military in the world, second to none, with no comparable power anywhere in the world.”

Romney also released a new web video titled “Thank You” to mark the Memorial Day. In the video, he praises veterans and pledges to “keep America strong, and worthy of the great sacrifice of America’s veterans.”

Some in the party believe Romney now needs to connect with the average Americans more than anything else.

“He doesn’t need to make a hardcore ideological argument, but he does need to connect with these people in a way that is lasting and sustained,” Fox News quoted GOP pollster Adam Geller as saying. Romney, he added, should “tell his story.”

Geller said the GOP candidate needed to do a much better job of connecting with the “frustrated middle class” and especially America’s decisive political middle.


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Mitt Romney forgiven by Newt Gingrich for running tough campaign ads

Romney and Gingrich

by Paul Stanley

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Newt Gingrich, the one-time front-runner in the 2012 Republican primary, says he forgives the party’s presumptive nominee for running hard-hitting ads against him earlier this year.

“Mitt Romney did what he had to do to become the nominee,” Gingrich told Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Thursday.

“He’s worked at this for six years … when he got to the crunch, he was tough enough and smart enough to beat me in Florida.”

When Matthews asked Gingrich if the accusations Romney aimed at him were true, he said “no.”

“Go back and look at what Obama did to Hillary (Clinton). These are tough fights. You throw the kitchen sink. He (Romney) was in a situation when everything he had ever done was going to disappear if I beat him in Florida. So he said I have two choices. I can throw the kitchen sink at Gingrich or do nothing.”

Gingrich credits Romney for assembling a “smart group of people” and for his work ethic on the campaign trail. He also labeled the former Massachusetts governor as “methodical” and “a successful politician.”

“He is a very methodical person. He is prepared to systematically do what he thinks is right for the country. And I think he might turn out to make a surprisingly good president.”

Matthews also wasted no time in bringing up the fact that Gingrich consistently attacked Romney during the GOP primary for being a wealthy, out-of-touch politician who could not defeat President Obama in November.

“We’re not going to beat Barrack Obama with some guy who has Swiss bank accounts, Cayman Island accounts, owns shares in Goldman Sachs while it forecloses on Florida and is himself a shareholder in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” Gingrich said of Romney in January while campaigning in Florida.

But for all the competitiveness in the GOP primary, Gingrich thinks the Obama campaign team’s attacks on Romney’s wealth and business background will fall flat with the American public.

“Here’s the problem they’ve got,” Gingrich said of the Obama campaign. “It didn’t work. I wouldn’t have won it on that issue. It doesn’t work in general.”

As for possible vice presidential picks for Romney, Gingrich likes Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) or Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, among others as good additions to the GOP ticket. Gingrich, who served as speaker of the House from 1994 to 1999, will be appearing at a fundraiser for Romney with billionaire investor Donald Trump at Trump Towers on May 29.


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Romney and GOP challenge Obama and Dems for campaign funds

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

by Paul Stanley

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Recent fundraising totals for both major political parties and their presumed candidates show the money race is closer than most expected. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, in combination with the Republican National Committee, raked in a total of $40.1 million in April. The
Democratic National Committee and President Obama pulled in a slightly larger amount of $43.6 million.

With a little more than 160 days until voters go to the polls for the presidential and congressional elections, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to gather money from all available sources. And even though Romney still trails Obama in total dollars raised, Democrats are starting to wonder if Romney and the GOP can quickly close the gap.

“We are pleased with the strong support we have received from Americans across the country who are looking for new leadership in the White House,” Spencer Zwick, chairman of Romney Victory, told The Hill. “Along with the hard work of the Republican National Committee, we will continue to raise the funds necessary to defeat President Obama in November.”

Romney, with his own personal connections to some of the party’s most wealthy donors, was expected to raise big bucks but still lag behind the tremendous fundraising advantage of an incumbent president.

At the end of March, Romney reported about $10 million in the bank compared to Obama’s $104 million statement balance.

Romney saw his fundraising total increase in April in large part because his other three rivals stepped aside, allowing him to jointly fundraise with the RNC and to accept checks as large as $75,000 per person. And because he had no opposition in the Democratic primary, President Obama has been able to take advantage of the same arrangement for the past several months.

However, when contributions from super PACs (whose contributions are unlimited) are added to committees that support Romney, reports show the Republicans outraised the Obama backers $402 million to $340 million this cycle. An analysis of recent fundraising reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on Sunday show that President Obama’s total take took a slight dip in April. Fundraising experts say this is due in large part to an unenthusiastic Democratic electorate.

What may be the most alarming is that the main super-PAC supporting President Obama saw support fall in April to $1.6 million from the $2.5 million it raked in during March, which was the largest fundraising month to date.

Democratic strategists and party officials have another to worry and that is whether President Obama’s announcement that he supports same-sex marriage will further dampen the spirits of some potential contributors.

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Mitt Romney to give commencement speech at Liberty University

Mitt Romney

by Ethan Cole

Newscast Media LYNCHBURG, Va— Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will deliver the commencement address at Liberty University – his first appearance at the conservative evangelical school founded by Christian Right leader Jerry Falwell.

The Lynchburg, Va.-based school announced today that the former Massachusetts governor, who is a Mormon, will be the speaker at its 2012 commencement ceremony on May 12.

“We are delighted that Governor Romney will join us to celebrate Commencement with Liberty’s 2012 graduates,” said Liberty Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., in a statement Thursday. “This will be a historic event for Liberty University reminiscent of the visits of Governor, and then presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan to Liberty’s campus in 1980 and of President George H.W. Bush who spoke at Liberty’s 1990 Commencement

Liberty University is no stranger to hosting presidential candidates; Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke at the school last September when he was still in the GOP presidential race and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) delivered a speech there in 2006 ahead of his White House run.

Notably, however, news of Romney speaking at the largest evangelical university in the world was released just a week after former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum suspended his campaign. Last November, front-runner Romney declined to join the Thanksgiving Family Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, even though all the other major candidates attended to woo the evangelical Christian electorate represented there ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Romney’s upcoming speech at Liberty University – which is expecting some 48,000 graduates and guests for its 39th Commencement ceremony – is seen as an effort to win over the evangelical vote and consolidate his base now that his greatest challenge to becoming the nominee – Santorum – has been removed.


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Obama camp test-jabs GOP’s presumed nominee in preparation for the general

Mitt Romney

by Anugrah Kumar
Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.— Top Democrats in President Barack Obama’s administration appear to be focusing their attacks on Mitt Romney amid perceptions that the former Massachusetts governor is most likely to be the GOP nominee. Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lambasted Romney Sunday.

“I think Gov. Romney’s a little out of touch,” Biden said in an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “I can’t remember a presidential candidate in the recent past who seems not to understand, by what he says, what ordinary middle-class people are thinking about and are concerned about.”

Some believe that front-runner Romney’s main rival, Rick Santorum, might have to retreat if he is unable to win in Wisconsin, one of three states to host Republican primaries Tuesday. Santorum was reportedly planning to leave Wisconsin the day before the primary, which was interpreted as a sign of his withdrawal.

“I think the chances are overwhelming that [Romney] will be our nominee,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “It seems to me we’re in the final phases of wrapping up this nomination.”

The former Pennsylvania senator has won 27 percent of the delegates at stake, while Romney has won 54 percent of the delegates.

However, Santorum dismissed the notion that his chances are grim. He compared his run with the Saturday night’s basketball game between Kansas and Ohio. Kansas was trailing by more than 10 points in the first half, but still managed to win in the second half. “Look, this race isn’t even at halftime yet,” Santorum said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Meanwhile, Biden defended Obama on last week’s conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Seoul, South Korea, in which Obama said he would have “more flexibility” on the contentious issue of missile defense after the Nov. 6 general election, without realizing it was being caught by a microphone. Obama was “stating the obvious,” Biden said.

Romney had called it “alarming,” asking what else Obama would be flexible on if he happened to get re-elected and saying Russia was “our No. 1 geopolitical foe.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also attacked Romney. She said Romney’s comment was “dated.” “I think it’s somewhat dated to be looking backwards instead of being realistic about where we agree, where we don’t agree,” she told CNN Sunday.

Romney’s campaign hit back. “Vice-President Biden appears to have forgotten the Russian government’s opposition to crippling sanctions on Iran, its obstructionism on Syria and its own backsliding into authoritarianism,” Lanhee Chen, Romney’s policy director, said in a statement.


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April has favorite outlook for Mitt Romney, May favors Rick Santorum

GOP presidential candidates

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—Six of the eight primaries in April are in the Northeast, where Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, does well. Maryland and Washington, D.C. primaries are on April 3, and Connecticut, Delaware, New York and Rhode Island are on April 24.

Romney is also currently favored to win Wisconsin’s April 3 primary, according to University of Virginia political science professor’s Larry Sabato, Kyke Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley. The only state Santorum is currently favored to win in April is Pennsylvania, his home state, on the 24th.

In May, however, the situation is reversed. Santorum will likely do well in six of the eight contests that month: Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia on May 8, Arkansas and Kentucky on May 22, and Texas on May 29.

Nebraska is considered a “tossup” by Sabato, Kondik and Skelley, and Romney is favored in Oregon. Both of those states will hold a primary on April 15.

Sabato, Kondik and Skelley “guesstimate” that Romney will win an additional 268 delegates and Santorum will win 117 delegates between now and the end of April. According to The Associated Press calculations, Romney currently has 495 delegates to Santorum’s 252 delegates.

If the projections are correct, Romney would have 763 delegates before heading into his May dry spell.
Romney will likely win California’s 172 delegates and New Jersey’s 50 delegates on June 5, and Utah’s 40 delegates on June 26, the last contest. This means that Romney would need to pick up an additional 119 delegates in the remaining states to get the 1,144 delegates need to clinch the nomination.

While Romney has a difficult path ahead, for Santorum it is nearly impossible to get enough delegates to win the nomination before the Republican convention in August, according to Josh Putnam, assistant professor of political science at Davidson College and author of the FrontloadingHQ blog.

The only way for Santorum to win the nomination, therefore, is to deny Romney the delegates needed to win and hope that the delegates will choose him on the second, or a subsequent, ballot during the convention. The next contests will be the Missouri caucus on Saturday, the Puerto Rico primary on Sunday, and the Illinois primary on Tuesday.



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Mitt Romney at the point of no return in the GOP race

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas. — After winning the Florida primary, February looks good for Mitt Romney who is favored to win Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, and Arizona, this month. Gingrich faced a crushing defeat in Florida with Romney winning by 46.4 percent to 31.9 percent. Gingrich still hasn’t recovered from the loss and is running out of money. He also doesn’t appear on Missouri and Virginia ballots, an advantage the well-organized Romney campaign has over him.

“It’s a disaster for him,” said Larry J. Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia. “This sends yet another signal to Republicans that Gingrich is not able to organize. Lack of organization suggests you’re not a serious candidate.”

Romney has had four years in which to prepare for this election cycle while Gingrich doesn’t seem to have a solid ground game. There won’t be any more debates until March 1, for Gingrich to sell his message, and the last two debates that are still on voters’ minds are the ones in which Romney excelled.

At this point in the game, Romney has reached the point of no return. He is favored to win the GOP nomination, and face Barack Obama in the general. Four years ago, Romney experimented with running for the presidency. This time around, the specimen has walked outside the laboratory, and cannot be stopped by the very scientists (Republicans) who created it.


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Florida – winner takes all as candidates make final push

GOP's final four

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Thursday’s debate was the candidates’ last chance to appeal to Florida voters, with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as the moderator. Blitzer did get some boos when he ventured into the private lives of the candidates, who at some point unanimously agreed that the moderator needed to ask questions of substance rather than waste time with questions of no value to the voters. The audience seemed to lean toward Mitt Romney as he and Gingrich went back and forth about their finances.

However, Rick Santorum was able to shine above the rest when it came to the issue about the United States Constitution. Santorum spoke the way a man who lives outside the Matrix would speak. Just as I have always told my readers, Santorum repeated verbatim the same definition and purpose of the Constitution, I have always attempted to articulate. He stressed that it is not the Constitution that gives us our rights.

“The purpose of the constitution is to protect our God-given rights. Our rights are endowed to us by God the creator. We are the only country in the world whose God-given rights are protected,” Santorum said. He also reminded the viewers that if our rights came from the State, then they could be taken away from us.

At the end of the debate, all candidates were then asked to explain why each thought he was the most likely to beat Obama.

Ron Paul said his message was one of freedom and ending wars. “The freedom message and constitution is appealing to people of all beliefs. A constitutional foreign policy will end the wars,” Paul said.

As for Mitt Romney, he talked more about his experience in the private sector and how he was intent on reducing government while growing the economy. “This is a critical time, not an average election. Our economy is becoming weaker, government is getting bigger. Scale back the size of government. You are gonna have to bring someone who has been on the outside. I will use the experience of my life to get America right, and that experience is what will beat Obama,” Romney argued.

Newt Gingrich said he was concerned about the future generations. “I’m running for my two grandchildren: Maggie and Robert. I believe if we have a big election, it will be an American campaign [of people] who prefer a paycheck to food stamps; who prefer the Constitution to Saul Alinsky.”

Santorum said, “I wasn’t for the Wall Street bailouts like these two have been,” referring to Romney and Gingrich. “The centerpoint of my campaign is to win the industrial heart and the Reagan Democrats, and govern with the mandate that I just talked about,” he added.

Whoever wins Florida, walks away with all 50 delegates.


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Part I-The Ebb and Flow of The Government-Media Power Play

Government media power play

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — There has always been and will continue to be a love-hate relationship between the media and political entities. Media houses have an incredible influence in shaping perceptions of society or their target audiences. Yet government always plays its unseen hand in an attempt to regulate the flow of information or impede the spreading of information, whether it is through print, the electronic media or the spoken word.

In this article, I will attempt to elucidate my ideas and observations in pertinence to the government-media power play.

Even before media houses were at loggerheads with each other in regard to usage of copyrighted material on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and other social networks, government has always wanted to exercise a certain level of control over information. It all boils down to trust, and both the media and government, do not seem to trust each other’s intentions. During the Bush administration, there was an uproar about the Fairness Doctrine, that radio stations feared would limit the amount of content to be included in their programming. Today the big fuss is about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that almost anyone who surfs the Internet is aware of.

During the classical era, Socrates was charged by a jury with corrupting the minds of the youth, since at the time, philosophers were virtually the media practitioners. Cicero’s political speeches caused him to be at odds with Marc Antony whose loyalists eventually executed Cicero. During the Renaissance, Savanarola, a Dominican Friar and political scholar was charged with heresy, uttering false prophecies and teaching a faulty doctrine. The Borgia pope, Alexander VI, excommunicated Savanarola, then ordered his arrest and execution. He was burnt alive on May 23, 1498, and declared a heretic.

All the conflict at the time, arose due to words that were either spoken or written. The great Latin poet by the name of Horace, captured the power of words when he wrote: “Words are more permanent than bronze.”

At the GOP debate on January 19, 2012, we heard and saw an infuriated Newt Gingrich chastise the media for what he believed was an unfair attack on his character–yet Gingrich will use the same media he abhors to communicate his message to voters in an attempt to gain their votes — hence the love-hate relationship between political entities and the media will continue.

The war dance that the media often finds itself entangled in with powerful entities, is like Father Time. Time has two aspects to it — the creative nature, meaning it takes a certain time-span to bring something new into being, and also the destructive nature, since as time goes by everything it creates is destroyed by old age. The media has the same characteristic, in that, it has the ability to define the narrative of another entity with time.

The BBC just published an article in which it reports that the broadcasting license for Iran’s Press TV has been revoked by media regulator Ofcom, and the station can no longer broadcast in the UK. Press TV channel launched in 2007 to break what Iran’s state broadcaster called a Western “stranglehold” over the world’s media. The Iranians are surprised that no other media entity is speaking up for them as they battle the British government for their broadcast license. They also claim that Ofcom is the media arm of the British Royal family.

In the US, foreign channels have had their share of hurdles in dealing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in America. This is partly because of the suspicions that arise from the government-media power play, and the American media being able to once again define its foreign competitors as having an anti-American bias. The pertinent question one should ask is whether or not loyalty exists within the media. Find out in Part II>>


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Mitt Romney triumphs in highly contested Iowa caucus

Mitt Romney and wife

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucus by a narrow margin, and is using the momentum to propel him into New Hampshire next week. Last night was a cliffhanger with both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney tied at 25 percent of the votes as shown below:

2012 Iowa Caucus results

Mitt Romney’s eight-vote win over Rick Santorum should be refreshing to him because the number eight (8) means new beginnings or renewal. Iowa is a very Christian state, so Romney’s win is a great improvement from 2008 when Evangelicals rejected him because of his Mormon religion. Upon the advice of Bush Senior, Romney flew to Texas and made a public confession on Dec. 6, 2007, at the George Bush Presidential Library, that he believed Jesus was the Son of God.

“There is one fundamental question about which I often am asked. What do I believe about Jesus Christ? I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind,” Romney said.

Yet despite his public confession, voters still felt uncomfortable with him, because they weren’t sure if his Mormon church elders would influence decisions he made. Four years later, in 2012, voters now seem more comfortable with Romney because they have had time to examine him. In the video below, Romney clarifies why people should not be elected into office based on religious faith. Watch below:

Mitt Romney talks about religious faith and the presidency

Romney also acknowledges his respect and admiration for other religious faiths.

“I believe that every faith I have encountered draws its adherents closer to God. And in every faith I have come to know, there are features I wish were in my own: I love the profound ceremony of the Catholic Mass, the approachability of God in the prayers of the Evangelicals, the tenderness of spirit among the Pentecostals, the confident independence of the Lutherans, the ancient traditions of the Jews, unchanged through the ages, and the commitment to frequent prayer of the Muslims,” he said.

Political analysts predict Romney will win the GOP nomination.


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Media that originally promoted Newt Gingrich now turns on him

Gingrich abandoned by same media that promoted him

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is finding out that the media that superficially promoted him, is now the very same machine predicting his demise. Every reasonable media practitioner knows that all the numbers that showed Gingrich jumping from single digits to 23 percent with 24 hours weren’t to be trusted. Just like Herman Cain who was heavily promoted, only to get destroyed, Gingrich fell in the same trap of believing his own press.

When liberal left-wing sites heavily featured him on their front pages, it was obvious that something was wrong because Gingrich claims to be conservative. On November 14, this CNN poll showed Gingrich soaring to second place. Thereafter, all other major media outlets ran with story including the Drudge Report that featured a headline reading: “NEWT ON TOP.” That was November 14, as shown in the image above on the left side.

Yet Michele Bachmann was not fooled by all the glowing headlines promoting Gingrich. She immediately voiced her opinion saying, “The media wants to choose who our nominee will be and who the next president of the United States will be. It’s the same as the government choosing winners and losers. It shouldn’t.”

Drudge once again featured Bachmann’s take on the media manipulating the outcome of the election process as shown above in the circled comments in the picture.

Today, a month later, the same media is carrying headlines showing Gingrich’s collapse. This is partly because the media realizes that voters are awake and cannot be easily deceived, so they are slowly shifting back to reality. It is also partly due to candidates like Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann exposing Newt Gingrich to voters through heavy advertising that cannot be manipulated by the media, since the ads are created by the candidates themselves and not the media.

Now that Gingrich is being bumped from the top tier candidate that he really never was, we should expect the top three spots to be filled by either Romney, Paul, Perry or Bachmann. It looks like Romney and Paul are in top two slots, so either Perry or Bachmann should be able to fill the remaining slot; that’s when the race will become interesting as we watch it unfold over the next few months.


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GOP candidates attempt to close the deal on their final stretch

2012 GOP candidates

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — GOP candidates have less than eight weeks before the Iowa Republican caucuses that are scheduled to take place on January 3, 2012. During the remaining weeks, whoever wants to win the nomination will have to do an effective job in closing the deal. This means tapping into the pool of the undecided voters and the moderates, while avoiding any major mistakes on the campaign trail. At this point, it is hard to predict which GOP candidate will win.

Herman Cain who once led the race has seen his numbers decline, while Newt Gingrich has risen. Mitt Romney’s numbers haven’t changed much, while Rick Perry is intent on reclaiming his original frontrunner status.

What happened to Cain when he suddenly rose in the polls and was torn down by the very same media that promoted him, will predictably happen to Gingrich. Some polls actually show Gingrich as the current frontrunner ahead of Romney and Cain, yet as every media practitioner and even Gingrich knows, his rise will not last long. Just as Cain’s reputation was destroyed, we can expect the same from Gingrich who in the past has had his share of indiscretions, which will soon be the focus of media and public attention.

To compete with Romney and Perry, Gingrich would have to spend a considerable amount of time raising money for sustenance. A scenario of who the vice presidential running mates could be are as follows:

If Romney wins the nomination, he would need someone from the South to help him deliver the region since it is the Bible belt. Cain said he would not be Romney’s running mate, so the other possible combination could be Romney-Perry, since Perry is a strong fundraiser and avid campaigner who could help Romney raise the necessary funds to compete with Obama.

Should Cain win, since he is from the South, he would need someone from the North to help deliver the region, and because Romney is the strongest of the northerners, a Cain-Romney ticket would not be surprising. A Rick Perry win of the nomination again would require someone from the North like Romney to help raise money and also capture the hearts of the voters in the northern states, therefore a Perry-Romney ticket would have a high likelihood of occurring. As for Gingrich, since he is from Georgia, but has an appeal in northern states, he might surprise observers by picking someone like Sarah Palin since he believes she could help beat Obama, as indicated in the video below.

Below is the debate schedule for the rest of 2011:

November 22nd, 2011 8pm ET on CNN
Location: Washington, DC
Sponsor: CNN, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute

December 1st, 2011 Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona

December 10th, 2011 Air time TBD on ABC
Location: Des Moines, IA
Sponsor: ABC News and Republican Party of Iowa

December 15th, 2011 9pm ET on Fox News
Location: Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa
Sponsor: Fox News and Republican Party of Iowa

December 19th, 2011 4pm ET on PBS
Location: Iowa Public Television in Johnston, IA
Sponsor: The Des Moines Register, Iowa Public Television, PBS NEWSHOUR, Google and YouTube.


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