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Obama vows to destroy ISIS without adding new conflict on ground

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama said in connection with the shooting incident in the city of San Bernardino, California, which left 14 people dead, that the incident was a “terrorist act,” vowing to destroy the ISIS organization which claimed responsibility for the attack.

Obama added that the United States would mobilize “all aspects of American power” to fight the organization, stressing that “the United States should not get involved in a new conflict on the ground.”

Obama indicated, “groups such as ISIS know that they cannot defeat us on the battlefield, and ISIS fighters were part of the groups that we have faced in Iraq. They know that in case of our occupation of a foreign land, they can keep the conflict for years, and the killing of thousands of our soldiers.”

Source: Iraqi News

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Islamic State releases 19 Christians, 200 still held captive

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) takfiri group freed 19 Assyrian Christian captives in Syria on Sunday, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Seventeen men and two women were released after going through an ISIL court, according to the monitoring group.

Over 200 Assyrians still remain captive after being taken hostage during the ISIL’s advance near the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka, in which a dozen villages occupied by the Christian minority were attacked.

Source: Al Manar TV News

Angel with cross. Vatican City, The Vatican--Photo by Joseph Earnest

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Russia: US provided technical assistance and aid to ISIL

Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia’s chief of General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, said on
December 10 that the United States had provided financial and technical assistance
to the Islamic State (IS) militant group in Syria in the past.

Speaking at a meeting of foreign military attaches Gerasimov set out Russia’s position
on a variety of issues relating to international security, including the situation in Syria
and Iraq.

Gerasimov painted a picture of the rise of the Islamic State group against a backdrop
of what he said was Western interference in the region. He blamed the United States
and “leading Western countries” for causing “disastrous consequences” in a number of
countries, including Libya and Syria, by involving themselves in what he called “the
overthrow of the legitimate authorities” in those states. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>


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Kerry: Any Iranian military action against ISIL is positiv

Newscast Media BRUSSELS—U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says Washington and
Tehran are not coordinating their fight against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq but
that any Iranian military action against the IS would be “positive.”

Kerry made the comments in Brussels on December 3 after the Pentagon said there
were “indications that [Iran] did indeed” carry out air strikes against IS positions in

Kerry, who refused to confirm if Iran had carried out air strikes in Iraq, said the Iraqis
were responsible for all ground and air military operations and “what they choose to
do is up to them.”

Kerry continued that their were no plans “at this time” to coordinate military activity
with Iran.

A senior Iranian official denied that Iran had conducted air strikes against IS in Iraq.
The United States and Iran have not had diplomatic relations since Iranian activists
stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and took dozens of Americans hostage.

Source: Radio Free Europe


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UN accuses Islamic State of crimes against humanity

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The United Nations has accused the Islamic State
(IS) group of committing crimes against humanity on a large scale in Syria.
The independent UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria said on November 14 that
massacres, beheadings, torture, sexual enslavement, and forced pregnancy were now
part of life in areas of under the control of the group.

Meanwhile, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the IS has
beheaded a senior member of the group, accusing him of theft and embezzlement.

The Observatory said IS distributed a photograph of the decapitated man.
The group has been targeted by fresh rounds of U.S.-led air strikes.

The U.S. Central Command said in a statement November 14 that 35 air strikes were
conducted against the IS targets in Syria and Iraq in the past three days.

Source: Radio Free Europe

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Iran claims key role in recent Iraqi victory over Islamic State

Newscast Media TEHRAN—Over the weekend, the Iraqi government claimed a
significant victory for its troops and Shi’a militias near Baghdad: the recapture of
the key Islamic State-held town of Jurf Al-Sakhar.

Iraq’s new interior minister, Mohammed Salem Al-Ghabban, insisted that this victory,
which was apparently overseen by the commander of Iran’s Qods Force, Major
General Qassem Soleimani—was achieved without the assistance of the U.S.-led
coalition against IS. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>

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Arab media: Russia-Iran anti-ISIL operations room in Iraq

Newscast Media BAGHDAD—A report that Iran and Russia were to run a joint
operations room in Iraq to combat the Islamic State (IS) group is spreading across
Iran’s media.

The report originates in Lebanon’s “Al-Mustaqbal” newspaper, which cites unnamed
“Iraqi source” as saying that Russian and Iranian military experts were to work with
the Iraqi military to establish a joint anti-IS operations room.

The unnamed Iraqi sources went on to say that more than 60 Russian and other
experts were currently in Baghdad and staying at the Royal Tulip Al Rasheed Hotel in
Baghdad’s Green Zone. The experts specialize in the training of officers and Iraqi
pilots as well as the use of Russian military equipment, including the helicopters that
Moscow recently supplied to Baghdad. Earlier this month, Russian media reported that
Iraq had received a third consignment of Russian Mi-35M helicopters.

“Al-Mustaqbal” wrote that the Russian-Iranian axis would compete with their American
rivals to provide military and logistical assistance to the Iraqi government in its battle
against IS militants.

It is not possible to independently verify the “Al-Mustaqbal” report.
Russia’s official media has—unsurprisingly—not reported on any rumors of plans for a
joint operations room with Iran in Iraq.

However, Moscow is continuing to stress that it is providing both Iraq and Syria with
aid, including military assistance, to help them combat IS.

The TASS news agency published an interview with Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary
of Russia’s Security Council, who visited Iran this week, and who insisted that “the
actions of any coalition on the territory of a sovereign state should be based on a UN

Patrushev said that Russia had “always supported and continues to support the
efforts of the Iraqi and Syrian authorities to combat militants from various extremist
groups. The assistance provided by us was also in the military field. We supply Iraq
and Syria with weapons that actually strengthen their ability to counter terrorists.”
On October 23, Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced that Moscow had provided
humanitarian assistance, including foodstuffs, blankets, mobile generators, and tents
to Iraqi Kurds in Irbil who are “suffering as a result of continued fighting with the
terror group IS in north western Iraq.”

Over the past week, Russia has also said that Iran is an important partner in the fight
against IS. Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said on
October 21 that “the so-called coalition [the U.S.-led anti-IS coalition] refuses to
cooperate with Damascus and Tehran, who are logical allies in the fight against
terrorism in the region.”

Source: Radio Free Europe


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Obama compares Russian policies with ISIL and Ebola

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—US President Barack Obama said Russian policy is one
of the three main reasons Americans should worry about, along with the Ebola virus
and the Islamic State terrorist group.

“But people are still anxious. And they’re anxious for three reasons: one,
internationally, we’re seeing a tumultuous time in the Middle East… The Ebola crisis…
The situation in Ukraine and Russia’s aggression – that has concerned people. So you
have this sense of uncertainty overseas,” Obama stated Monday.

Earlier, such statements by Obama were met with sharp criticism from Moscow.
For the first time, Barack Obama used the comparison of Russia with terrorists and
the Ebola virus in the September speech at the UN General Assembly.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called Obama’s speech “a set of cliches and propaganda
slogans.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that such estimates were
“beyond good and evil.”

Source: Ria Novosti


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US drops arms upon Kurds in Kobani–ISIL devasted by Kurds

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The U.S. military said late Sunday that it had
dropped weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to Kurdish forces battling to hold
the Syrian border town of Kobani against the so-called ISIL terrorists.

The airdrops were the first of their kind and followed weeks of U.S. and coalition
airstrikes in and near Kobani. Earlier Sunday, U.S. Central Command (CentCom) said
that it had launched 11 airstrikes overnight in the area.

CentCom said U.S. C-130 cargo planes made multiple drops of arms and supplies
provided by Kurdish authorities in Iraq. It said they were intended to enable continued
resistance to ISIL efforts to take full control of Kobani.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Kurdish fighters in Ain al-Arab town (Kobani) dealt ISIL
fighters a devastating blow that brought all the ISIL propaganda about its strength
and bravery to an end.

The Syrian army has been able recently to score a series of military achievements
against the takfiri groups in different Syrian regions especially Aleppo. Sources
reported that the Syrian army controlled Al-Amusalamiyah village in northeast of
Aleppo in light of the withdrawal of a large number of militants following the killing of
dozens of them.

“The army units took control of Al-Jabaliyeh village, a cement factory and a strategic
government building in the Northern parts of the Aleppo Central Prison after striking
heavy blows on the positions of the militant groups there,” informed military sources

Source: Al Manar TV News


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Fight against ISIL brings US and Russia closer on Syria

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Russian media is making much of the announcement
by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Washington and Moscow are set to
increase their intelligence-sharing about the Islamic State (IS) militant
group, suggesting that the move is a sign not only that Moscow is a powerful player
in the region (whose influence is essential to combating IS), but also that
Washington is moving closer to Russia’s position on the Syrian crisis.

Moscow is using the fight against IS to reiterate its position that its ally, Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad, is the proper partner to combat the extremist group.


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Grand Ayatollah: US-led operation against ISIL not real

Newscast Media TEHRAN—Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Grand
Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed Monday that enemy’s plots against Iran
throughout years have failed to defeat it, adding that today’s efforts by the United
States and its allies against the terrorists of the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and
the Levant’ (ISIL) Takfiri group are not real.

In a meeting he held in Tehran, his eminence said, “If anyone fuels the fire in this
regard (the so-called fight against ISIL), he will definitely be helping sinister America
and Britain which are the creators of the ISIL and al-Qaeda.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also urged Muslims not to get dragged to any move that would
affect their unity and put them into enemies’ hands.

Grand Ayatollah expressed that the enemies of Islam have always sought to ignite
sedition between both Muslim sects – Shiites and Sunnis – in order to deflect their
attention from the real enemy.

“Shias and Sunni shouldn’t help the enemy by desecrating their sanctities and
provoking one another’s sentiments,” the Supreme Leader underlined.

Ayatollah Khamenei added all enemy efforts including their divisive plots against Iran
over the past thirty five years have failed.

Source: Al Manar TV News


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Islamic State group in Chechnya threatens to invade Russia

Newscast Media MOSCOW—In a telephone conversation with his father, an Islamic
State (IS) commander, Tarkhan Batirashvili, also known as Omar al-Shishani or Omar
the Chechen, stated that the militant group plans to invade Russia, Bloomberg

“He said “don’t worry dad, I’ll come home and show the Russians,’” Bloomberg quoted
Temur Batirashvili, the father of the IS commander, as saying Thursday.

“I have many thousands following me now and I’ll get more. We’ll have our revenge
against Russia,” Omar the Chechen told his father, according to Bloomberg.

In September, the IS issued a video threatening to include Chechnya into its
self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate.

In late September, Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram
account that Russia had enough power and the means to stop terrorists from
crossing its borders. “Taking all responsibility, I declare that those who have voiced a
threat against Russia or who have mentioned the name of our President Vladimir Putin
will be destroyed right where they made their statement. We will not wait for them to
get behind the steering wheel of a plane. They will go where his fellow terrorists are
rotting,” Kadyrov wrote.

Several hundred individuals from the United States and Canada, as well as about 500
Britons are believed to be fighting for the IS. There are also militants from other
countries among IS fighters.

The IS, a sectarian Sunni Muslim militia, is also known as the Islamic State of Iraq
and Greater Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). It seized
large parts of Iraq and Syria and proclaimed an Islamic caliphate on the areas under
its control. Its rapid advance in northern Iraq triggered a response from Washington,
which launched airstrikes against the insurgents fighting on the Iraqi soil in August.
The military campaign was subsequently extended to Syria, with an international
coalition set up to defeat the extremists.

According to the US State Department, the coalition currently comprises more than
60 countries, including Arab League members and a number of European countries.

Source: Ria Novosti


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Dutch strike ISIL in Iraq–Hezbollah repels ISIL in NE Syria

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Calmness has prevailed on the Eastern mountain range
at Ain al-Saa, Lebanon’s northeastern border with Syria, as Hezbollah frustrated the
vast Nusra attack against the strategic area.

Videos showed the blood spots of al-Nusra terrorists who left their equipments and
escaped the encounter towards Assal al-Ward barrens in Syria.

ISIL was no match for Hezbollah, which is considered the world’s most sophisticated
and lethal guerilla organization.

Meanwhile, Dutch F-16s Tuesday carried out their first strikes on ISIL in Iraq, the
defense ministry said, with militants possibly killed.

“Two Dutch F-16s this morning used weapons for the first time in Iraq against the
ISIL terrorist group. They dropped three bombs on armed ISIS vehicles that were
shooting at (Kurdish) Peshmerga fighters in the north of the country,” the statement

“Vehicles were destroyed in the attack and ISIL fighters possibly killed,” it added.

The F-16s are being deployed as close air support, backing Iraqi and Kurdish ground
troops fighting ISIS militants.

Source: Al Manar TV News


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Islamic State releases another beheading video of British man

Newscast Media CAIRO—The Islamic State (IS) militant group claimed responsibility in
an online video on Friday that showed the beheading of British aid worker Alan

In the one-minute video clip titled “Another Message to America and its Allies,”
roughly the same as those released after three previous murders, a masked IS
militant also introduced another hostage it identified as a U.S. aid worker Peter

The video was found online by the SITE private terrorism monitor and opened with a
news coverage about the British parliament’s vote last week to authorize air strikes
against IS targets in Iraq. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>


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Iraqi PM: Islamic State plotting to attack U.S., Paris subways


Newscast Media BAGHDAD—The Iraqi prime minister says he has received “credible”
reports that Islamic State militants planned to launch attacks on subway systems in
Paris and the United States.

Speaking on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister
Haidar al-Abadi said he was told of the plot by Baghdad on September 25.

Abadi told a small group of U.S. reporters, “Today, while I am here, I am receiving
accurate reports from Baghdad where there was [the] arrest of [a] few elements and
there are networks planning from inside Iraq to have attacks.”

The information could not immediately be verified with French and U.S. authorities.
The White House said, “We have not confirmed such a plot.”

The announcement comes amid a U.S.-led international aerial campaign against the
Islamic State extremist group in Iraq and Syria.

Source: Radio Free Europe

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ISIL abandons bases in Syria to dodge possible US airstrikes

Syrian rebels

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—ISIL in a Syrian stronghold near Iraq have abandoned
some bases and redeployed their forces and armor from other positions, with the US
military poised to strike, activists said Wednesday.

“ISIL has started to empty out many of their bases and positions in Deir Ezzor

Security sources reported that ISIL terrorists are heading towards the Iraqi

Source: Al Manar TV News


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Obama: US troops will not participate in Iraq combat mission

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—U.S. President Barack Obama says U.S. troops will
have no combat role in Iraq. Obama told troops at the headquarters of U.S. Central
Command in Florida on September 17, “The American forces that have been deployed
to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission.”

Obama also said that more than 40 countries have offered to help an emerging
coalition against the Islamic State (IS) extremist group.

Obama’s statement came after his top general, Martin Dempsey, has suggested
suggested some U.S. advisers could join Iraqi forces to fight Islamic State.

Dempsey, who is chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed
Services Committee on September 16 that Obama will evaluate each situation
individually before deciding if U.S. military advisers will be put into combat roles in

Dempsey told the committee that Obama told him to “to come back to him on a
case-by-case basis.”

In reaction to Dempsey’s statement, Iraq’s new prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, said
on September 17 that foreign ground troops were neither needed nor wanted in his
country’s fight against Islamic State.

Abadi said the fight against the group will be endless unless the militants — who
control a large swath of land spanning both countries — are attacked in Syria as well.

In Washington, FBI Director James Comey told Congress on September 17 that
support for Islamic State increased after U.S. air strikes began in Iraq.

Comey added that the group may take more hostages to try to force concessions
from Washington.

Meanwhile, security sources said Iraqi forces launched an intense military operation
against IS insurgents in Ramadi, Fallujah, and Haditha in the western Anbar Province
on September 17.

Source: Radio Free Europe


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Yemeni native in New York charged with aiding ISIL


Newscast Media NEW YORK—A seven-count indictment charging Mufid A. Elfgeeh, 30,
a Yemen-born naturalized US citizen of Rochester, with three counts of attempting to
provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
(ISIL) was returned by a New York grand jury, Attorney General Eric Holder

“We will remain aggressive in identifying and disrupting those who seek to provide
support to ISIL and other terrorist groups that are bent on inflicting harm upon
Americans,” said Attorney General Holder. “As this case shows, our agents and
prosecutors are using all the investigative tools at our disposal to break up these
plots before individuals can put their plans into action. We are focused on breaking
up these activities on the front end, before supporters of ISIL can make good on
plans to travel to the region or recruit sympathizers to this cause.”


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Iran: US and Israel created ISIL–Will defend Syria against US attack

Newscast Media TEHRAN—The chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)
doubted the US intention to eradicate ISIL, saying that the US and its allies will
regret any military operation in Syria, Al-Alam Website reported.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s policy is to support Syria and this US action is from a
bullying position and is condemned and if it does so it will regret it,” Major General
Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Tuesday.

The general was reacting to the US government’s decision to form an international
coalition to fight the Takfiri ISIL terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq.

“The US is disappointed with any influential role to be played by the ISIL and similar
groups and it is calling for this so-called coalition. We doubt if their serious objective
is to annihilate the ISIL,” Jafari said.
He noted that the US is declaring war on the ISIL while it continues to support other
militant groups fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Jafari said the enemies are determined to topple the “current ruling government in

The general said the US and the Israeli regime created this group in order to trigger
war among Muslims in the Middle East regime and serve as an obstacle to resistance
against Israeli regime.

On Monday, France hosted a conference, dubbed the International Conference on
Peace and Security in Iraq, to discuss ways of tackling the ISIL terrorists in Iraq and
Syria amid US efforts to form a so-called international coalition to battle the Takfiri

Despite the international community’s emphasis on the importance of Iran’s role in the
regional developments, Tehran was not invited to the meeting in Paris mainly due to
the US opposition.

The US has also announced that Iran will not be a part of its so-called coalition
against the ISIL. Iran has cast doubt over the sincerity of the coalition and reiterated
that it has no interest in attending the Paris meeting.

Tehran has on several occasions voiced support for the Iraqi government since it
began fighting against the ISIL in June. The ISIL terrorists are in control of some
areas in Syria and have captured large swathes of land in neighboring Iraq.

The Takfiri terrorist groups have committed heinous crimes and threatened all
communities, including Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians and Izadi Kurds, during their

Source: Al Manar TV News


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Syria distrustful of US anti-ISIS coalition in Middle East

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad expressed
skepticism about a U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State (IS) militants, saying that
any coalition that excludes Syria and Russia could have “certain” agendas, the state
news agency SANA reported Monday.

Mekdad made the remarks in response to U.S. efforts to form an international
coalition against the IS terror group in Iraq and Syria but excluded Russia and Syria.

Mekdad also denied the presence of any under-the-table contact with Washington
regarding the war on terror in Syria.

“Everything the Syrian administration does is in front of the Syrian people,” he said.

Mekdad stressed that the battles Syria has been fighting over the past three years
are related to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s and the Syrian people’s rejection of
any foreign intervention in Syria and any violation to its sovereignty.

The Syrian government welcomes the international consensus on fighting terrorism
but has stressed that any uncoordinated action inside Syria without the consent of
the Syrian government would be deemed as an aggression.

Syria’s presidential political adviser, Buthaina Shaaban, said in recent remarks that
Syria would defend itself against any U.S. strikes on Syrian soil unless the U.S.
administration coordinates with the Syrian government.

U.S. officials said they will not ask for Damascus’s permission when they strike IS
positions inside Syria.

The new U.S. policy has stirred fears that the West is probably seeking a pretext to
strike Syria and that the IS is the bogeyman which would open the doors to foreign
intervention in Syria.

Source: Xinhua


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