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U.S. releasing $450 million of Iranian frozen funds


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The United States says it is taking steps to release a
$450 million installment of frozen Iranian funds in response to Tehran meeting its
commitment under the interim deal reached with world powers in November.

State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf said April 17 the move comes after a
report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that says Iran is living up to
its part of the interim nuclear deal.

“Based on this confirmation and consistent with commitments that the United States
made under the Joint Plan of Action, the Department of Treasury took the necessary
steps pursuant to the JPOA to facilitate the release of a $450 million installment of
Iran’s frozen funds,” Harf told reporters.

Under the agreement, Iran halted some of its nuclear activities in exchange for a
limited easing of some international sanctions.

Source: Radio Free Europe


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Barack Obama resolves to veto any new Iran sanctions

Barack Obama

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The White House has vowed that President Barack
Obama will veto any legislation imposing new U.S. sanctions on Iran. The threat was
issued December 19 after 26 senators – or more than one-quarter of the Senate –
introduced new Iranian sanctions legislation.

The measure, backed by 13 Republicans and 13 Democrats would impose sanctions if
the Islamic republic violates the interim nuclear agreement with world powers reached
in November, or if no final long-term deal is reached to curb Iranian nuclear activities.

Entitled the “Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act,” the proposed law would seek to further
restrict Iranian oil exports and target Iranian mining, engineering, and construction


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Report: Key Democrats could attempt to derail Obama on Iran

Barack Obama

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Key Democratic senators are considering whether to
break with President Barack Obama on diplomacy with Iran as the administration is
urging lawmakers to delay a new round of sanctions, according to news reports by
Press TV. At a meeting at the White House on Tuesday, administration officials urged
top staffers to postpone the legislation to give nuclear talks a chance to play out.

“A date has not been finalized yet,” a Senate Banking Committee staffer told The Hill
following the meeting.

The measure, adopted by the House of Representatives in July, would target Iran’s oil
export and its foreign currency reserves. The Senate was to debate the bill in
September but it was held back at the request of the White House as such a measure
would have derailed the nuclear talks, Press TV reported.

As president, it is time for Barack Obama to use the mighty pen to demonstrate to the
“blood-thirsty” warlike cabal attempting to suck the lifeblood out of the peaceful
negotiations, that he is not their puppet.

At most, the dissatisfied actors can only pout, like they always do when they don’t
get their way, even though men are not supposed to pout.

When George W. Bush felt it was time to lift sanctions from Libya, he signed an
Executive Order that restored normal relations between the U.S. and Libya. The Order
Bush signed was called the Presidential Determination No. 2004-30, and he
was able to bypass all the political theatrics.

At this point Obama has nothing to lose. He is not running for office anymore, and all
he has to concentrate on is building a positive legacy, foreign and domestic.

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