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Texas Governor Rick Perry on why Obamacare will fail

Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had an assignment to accomplish in the first four years, which was to thrust Obamacare upon Americans. To accomplish the assignment, she did, but many states have no plans of implementing it, since most are run by Republican governors—the most vocal critic of Obamacare being Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The governor has already made it clear that Texas will not participate in the health care law, and in a defiant letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, sent three weeks ago, Perry pretty much, euphemistically, told Sebelius where to shove Obamacare.

Perry ended the brief letter by saying: “Our state will not be party to helping facilitate the Taxation of millions of Texans, at an unknown cost, to implement bad public policy.” Click here to read or download Rick Perry’s letter.

Remember, the key to facilitating a log with private information of all Americans is through a centralized database. The insurance companies that wrote Obamacare, suggested a health care database. That is Obama’s assignment for his second term by the globalists who financed his campaign.

The ultimate end game is to usher in a system containing everyone’s private information, that can be stored on a card containing a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip.

In his USA Today article, Stephen T. Parente is a finance professor at the University of Minnesota writes: “Similar information is collected when you apply for a mortgage. But when the constantly updated information is combined in a central data hub, the potential for abuse is staggering. For one thing, the hub will have all the details needed to steal identities and fraudulently access credit.”

In his most recent interview with Forbes, Gov. Perry said about Obamacare, “Well, I’m not sure Obamacare is going to be successful. And one of the reasons I’m not sure it’s going to be successful is because the exchanges are not going to work. And the exchanges are not going to work because states are wise enough not to go into a relationship when you don’t know what the rules are…so on its face, Obamacare may fail because they don’t have the expertise nor the money.”

As a hint that a second presidential bid in 2016 has not been ruled out, Rick Perry concluded the interview by saying, “So I think that the message in 2016 is going to be, “Look at what people who truly have the responsibility for delivering services, whether it’s education or transportation infrastructure, or power, or health care. Who are the people that are really doing it? And who are the people that are being successful?” And the message in 2016 is going to be, “It’s Republican governors that are truly making America work better, health care being in one of those areas.”


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Texas Governor Rick Perry’s statement on Obamacare ruling

Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the federal health care reform bill:

“This ruling will be a stomach punch to the American economy. It is a shocking disappointment to freedom-loving Americans desperate to get our country back on track. Obamacare is bad for the economy, bad for health care, bad for freedom. Americans have made clear their overwhelming opposition to its convoluted, burdensome and overreaching mandates.

“Freedom was frontally attacked by passage of this monstrosity – and the Court utterly failed in its duty to uphold the Constitutional limits placed on Washington. Now that the Supreme Court has abandoned us, we citizens must take action at every level of government and demand real reform, done with respect for our Constitution and our liberty.”

Based on the reaction from the Republican governors who said they would ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling and do nothing until after the election, it is now clear that this year’s election will hinge on health care. Some analysts believe it plays in favor of Mitt Romney because the majority of Independents are against being compelled to purchase health care they may not need.

Mitt Romney has vowed to repeal the health care law and released a statement saying: “Today, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. But regardless of what the Court said about the constitutionality of the law, Obamacare is bad medicine, it is bad policy, and when Mitt Romney is president, the bad news of Obamacare will be over. This November it’s all on the line. The stakes couldn’t be higher.”


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Carville: Losing Health Care Debate Would Benefit Democrats

James Carville

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Democratic strategist James Carville was one of the architects of Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992 and has played a key role in party politics for the last 20 years. Now Carville is saying if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns parts of Obamacare, the Democrats may well benefit in the November elections.

“I think that this will be the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party because health care costs are gonna escalate unbelievably,” said Carville Tuesday on CNN’s Situation Room. “I honestly believe this, this is not spin.”

Carville was referring to the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act that came under scrutiny this week when Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments on the provision that mandates that individuals buy health care insurance.

“You know what the Democrats are going to say, and it is completely justified, ‘We tried, we did something, go see a 5-4 Supreme Court majority.’ Then the Republican Party will own the health care system for the foreseeable future.”

Erik Erikson of took issue with Carville’s comments by saying if the Supreme Court overruled parts of the act that they would be speaking on behalf of millions who don’t agree with the rigorous mandates.

“Both sides, not just the Democrat side, even if the laws were upheld or struck down, there is a 5-4 conservative majority, and historically you see Republicans picking justices who have a greater propensity to gravitate to the left than you see Democrat judges propensity to gravitate to the right,” said Erikson in response to Carville. “This will be an undercurrent issue for both sides, though.”

The Supreme Court will most likely decide the issue sometime this summer as lower courts have both upheld and struck down President Obama’s prized health care plan.


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