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Gov. Rick Perry flips the script about his brain freeze

Gov. Rick Perry photo by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Those who watched Wednesday night’s debate will remember it for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s moment of amnesia in regard to naming the third agency he would like to eliminate. Perry somehow could not retrieve the Department of Energy from his memory due to a brain freeze. He later remembered the agency in the next segment, but by then the blogsphere was on fire.

Perry decided he wouldn’t let this deter him from continuing to pound his message, so he decided to improvise and make fun of the gaffe. On a Laura Ingraham interview he said he was headed to New York to make an appearance on Letterman, and the Wall Street Journal confirmed the New York trip.

If Perry does make an appearance on the Letterman show, we could possibly expect him to read the “Top 10” agencies Americans would like to forget. By making fun of himself, Perry will have flipped the script, by removing the sting from the gaffe, and not allowing the media or his opponents to define him.

Should he also make an appearance on Saturday Night Live like Laura Ingraham urged him to do, which he should probably consider doing after Letterman, he will have hit a home-run with the gaffe, allowing him to neutralize any ammunition his opponents would have used against him. SNL will also humanize him more, since most people only know him as the tough-talking Texan, but they will also get to see the lighter side of Perry.


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Rick Perry’s likelihood of running for president in 2012 is extremely high

All eyes on Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas –After winning the Texas governorship for the third time in 2010, governor Perry said he was happy with his job and didn’t have any plans to run for the presidency. Things have now changed. The governor is frustrated that on the state level, certain items on his agenda cannot be accomplished due to the bureaucracy in Washington.

In an interview with FOX’s Greta Van Susteran, Perry said he was tempted to run for the presidency. It makes sense because he would be able to accomplish more on the Federal level. Perry is also being bombarded by requests from Republicans to join the race. On Friday, Perry said he was going to think about running.

Perry has never lost a race, and from his speeches in the 60-second video above, one can tell he is ready to take the battle to Washington. You be the judge.


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Gov Perry says U.S. should consider deploying troops into Mexico

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Newscast Media AUSTIN, TX– The newly re-elected Texas Gov. Rick Perry said in order to contain the drug-related violence that plagues the US-Mexico border, the U.S. should consider deploying armed forces into Mexico. Perry said military might is necessary to defeat the drug cartels, and the success of immigration reform will depend on how effectively border violence is decreased.

“I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military,” Perry said. “Any means that we can use to run these people off our border and to save Americans’ lives, we need to be engaged in.”

Perry has been a vocal proponent of deploying more military forces to the U.S.-Mexico border, hand-delivering a request to President Barack Obama in August.

Perry also believes that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, and is bold in stating his beliefs about it.

“My children are in their mid-20s. They know for a fact that Social Security is not going to be around. They know it’s a Ponzi scheme,” he said. “When you have a very small group paying in to pay a very large group, that’s a Ponzi scheme.”

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Houston attorney husband and wife team wage war against Gov. Perry’s re-election

Newscast Media — Houston based attorneys Steve Mostyn and Amber Anderson are planning to donate a substancial amount of money to displace Gov. Rick Perry and replace him with former Houston mayor Bill white. The husband and wife team have already donated $1.3 million to White’s campaign and will likely exceed $3 million.

Mostyn said, “My guts seem to be dictating this instead of my head. If my head was dictating it, I’d probably put the money into a trust fund for my kids.”

A political action committee geared toward Bill White’s election has an additional $1.1 million for them to spend, and these expenditures are heavily financed by Mostyn, who is also behind the negative ads airing against Gov. Perry.

To date, Rick Perry has outraised Bill White in funds which total $20 million compared to Bill White’s $16.6 million. Perry spokesman Mark Miner said, “It should be no surprise that a trial lawyer is supporting a trial lawyer.”

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Gov. Rick Perry Behind The Scenes In Houston

Gov. Rick Perry

NewscastMedia — Governor Rick Perry is running for an unprecedented third term for office since Texas has no term limits. He’s up against former Houston mayor Bill White. Perry has never lost an election and is attempting to make History yet again.


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Gov. Rick Perry Behind The Scenes With Supporters

NewscastMedia — Texas Gov. Rick Perry held a behind-the-scenes town hall meeting with his supporters in Sugarland, a Houston suburb, where he spoke about the current state of the economy.

Perry said, “This economy that we have today did not happen by accident.” He continued to say, “Ronald Reagan got it. He understood the principles of supply side economics. That if you will not overburden the job creators with taxes and regulations, and litigation, that they will in turn, risk their capital and create jobs…and the economy and the people will flourish.”

Rick Perry has always argued that Texas has the strongest economy in America that’s why more and more businesses are moving to Texas. Perry has used this argument to persuade voters to cast their ballots for him, because his governorship has strengthened the industries in Texas and created jobs while other states are running on deficits.

In November, Perry will be facing his challenger, former Houston mayor Bill White, with whom he has refused to hold debates, until White releases all his tax returns. White partially released some tax returns, but Perry still isn’t satisfied and has demanded a full release of the entire documents.

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