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Former Egyptian president Morsi to stand trial for espionage

Egypt's Morsi

Newscast Media CAIRO—Egypt’s ousted president Mohamed Morsi will go on trial on Feb. 16 over charges of espionage along with 35 others, official news agency MENA reported on Tuesday. The suspects include Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide Mohamed Badei and his two deputies Khairat al-Shater and Mahmoud Ezzat, former parliament speaker Saad al-Katatni and others.

They are accused of collaborating with foreign bodies, including the Islaimist Hamas Movement, to carry out terrorist acts in Egypt.

Meanwhile, the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported Tuesday that Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would resign within days as a prelude to announcing his presidential bid.

The newspaper added the step would be blessed by the armed forces, Arab countries and Washington, particularly the Pentagon.

“[Sisi] has taken the decision in light of the widespread popular demand [for his presidential bid], in addition to signals of Arab consensus on the move, especially by the Gulf,” the paper quoted an informed source as saying.

Sisi has also taken the decision after a careful study of expected Western reactions, especially the US. The Pentagon in particular welcomed his presidential bid, the source added.

Sisi will announce running for president as well as his platform in a speech to the people. His platform will reportedly depend on the slogans of 25 January and 30 June revolutions.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm


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Annointed–Egypt’s Sisi meets with US Military Central Command

General Sisi

Newscast Media CAIRO—Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met Wednesday with
chief of the United States Military Central Command, Army General Lloyd J. Austin lll.

State-run agency MENA reported that the two military officials discussed a set of
regional and international issues as well as matters of common strategic interest.

Austin also met with the chief of staff of the Egyptian military, Sedqy Sobhy, and
talked about a string of issues relating to common military cooperation.

The meetings were attended by several senior Egyptian army leaders as well as the
acting US ambassador to Cairo.

The US has been providing Egypt with US$1.3 billion in annual military aid. Washington
had partially halted the finances after the army ousted Egypt’s first elected leader
Mohamed Morsy in July, which stoked tensions between the longtime political allies.

Translated from Al Masry Al Youm


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New interim president appointed by Egypt’s military forces

General Sisi

Newscast Media CAIRO—Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has declared Supreme Constitutional Court President Adly Mansour the interim president of Egypt, as part of a transitional road map, practically eliminating President Mohamed Morsy from office.

The declaration hopes to conclude a crippling political impasse in Egypt following vast protests against Morsy demanding early presidential elections.

In a televised speech late Wednesday, Sisi said the roadmap includes suspending the current constitution and naming the constitutional court head as interim president until a new president is elected at the polls. According to the roadmap, Mansour would be granted the power to issue constitutional declarations. A cross-party panel would be formed to propose amendments to the constitution, it stipulates.

The court would meanwhile be asked to approve a law on parliamentary elections and prepare for parliamentary polls, Sisi said.

The minister also added that a committee will handle national reconciliation and mechanisms will be put in place to ensure Egypt enjoys a free media. Sisi pointed out that the army had taken great pains to contain political tensions and foster national reconciliation since November but its attempts had been rejected by the president.

Sisi accused Morsy of failing to meet popular demands in his Tuesday speech.The statement urged protesters on the streets to remain peaceful, vowing that any breach of the law would be dealt with by law enforcement agencies.

Source: Egypt Independent


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