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China denies it is behind cyber espionage occurring in the U.S.


Newscast Media BRUSSELS—A Chinese diplomat slammed a U.S. congressman’s
remarks on Chinese cyber espionage, saying they were “ridiculous” and a diversion of
attention from the controversial U.S. spy program.

“Remarks of this kind are ridiculous,” said the spokesperson for the Chinese Mission to
the European Union. “The PRISM issue has drawn worldwide attention. Its impact is
worthy of rethinking.”

“We hope that relevant parties could take it seriously and address their own problems
properly rather than attempt to divert the concerns of the international community by
making unprofessional and irresponsible accusations,” the spokesperson said.

Last week, U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers told members of the European Parliament in
Brussels that if the EU continued the muddling of debate on the U.S. snooping on
European citizens and institutions, it may help China spy on European and American

Rogers also claimed that Chinese cyber espionage has already cost the U.S. economy
400 billion U.S. dollars. The spokesperson noted that China’s position on the cyber security
issue is clear-cut.

“We oppose hacking and cyber attack of whatever form. We call upon the
international community to actively conduct dialogue and cooperation in the spirit of
mutual respect and mutual trust, and formulate international cyberspace code of
conduct under the UN framework,” the spokesperson said.

“The communication channels related to cyber security between China and the U.S.,
as well as China and the EU remain unimpeded. We look forward to seeing relevant
parties join us and make constructive efforts in tackling cyber security challenges,”
the spokesperson added.

Source: Xinhua


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U.S. deploys Navy Laser Weapons System near Iran

Courtesy video - US NAVY

Newscast Media TEHRAN—The US Navy announced on Monday it was going to sea for the first time with a laser attack weapon that has been shown in tests to disable patrol boats and blind or destroy surveillance drones. The prototype Navy Laser Weapons System (LaWS) is being fitted to the USS Ponce, an amphibious transport and docking ship that is due to become operational this year and take up station off Iran during 2014. The Navy released video and still images of the laser weapon burning through a drone during a test firing.

Courtesy video – US NAVY

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert said the LaWS was able to take out targets at a tiny fraction of the cost of other weapons.

A nonpartisan study for Congress found that the new high-energy laser “could provide Navy surface ships with a more cost-effective means of countering certain surface, air and ballistic missile targets.”

But Navy officials acknowledge that the first prototype weapon to be deployed is not powerful enough to take on jet fighters or missiles on their approach.

Source: Al Manar TV News


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Experts claim that Israel could send Iran back to Stone Age

Electromagnet Pulse Bomb. Image credit: Al Manar News

Newscast Media TEL AVIV—British newspaper Sunday Times described one of Israeli occupation forces’ ‘surprises’ it would deploy in case of a military strike in Iran – electromagnetic pulses that would take the nation off grid.

According to the Sunday morning report, the Islamic Republic’s power grid could be ‘crippled’ with electromagnetic pulses as part of a concerted attack to halt Iran’s military nuclear program, which could “send Iran back to the Stone Age.”

“As part of an assault on Iran’s quickly developing nuclear program, Israelis could hobble the Islamic Republic’s electric and electronic power sources which could ‘send Iran back to the Stone Age,’” according to

American defense specialist Bill Gertz is quoted as saying that US intelligence agencies have reported “growing concerns that Israel will conduct a strike on Iran using a high-altitude nuclear burst aimed at disrupting all electronics in the country.”

However, a pulse can also be produced by non-nuclear means more specifically by deploying military versions of microwave generators, the report claimed.

Uzi Rubin, who helped engineer Israel’s anti-missile shield, is quoted in the newspaper as saying “the use of a nuclear device even for non-lethal use such as EMP is out of the question. There are methods to operate EMP from the ground.”


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