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Annointed–Egypt’s Sisi meets with US Military Central Command

General Sisi

Newscast Media CAIRO—Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met Wednesday with
chief of the United States Military Central Command, Army General Lloyd J. Austin lll.

State-run agency MENA reported that the two military officials discussed a set of
regional and international issues as well as matters of common strategic interest.

Austin also met with the chief of staff of the Egyptian military, Sedqy Sobhy, and
talked about a string of issues relating to common military cooperation.

The meetings were attended by several senior Egyptian army leaders as well as the
acting US ambassador to Cairo.

The US has been providing Egypt with US$1.3 billion in annual military aid. Washington
had partially halted the finances after the army ousted Egypt’s first elected leader
Mohamed Morsy in July, which stoked tensions between the longtime political allies.

Translated from Al Masry Al Youm


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SCAF: Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi will be president for a short time

Muhammed Morsi

Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt — The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Muhammed Morsi may have won the presidency, but since the current constitution was suspended by SCAF and parliament dissolved, when a new constitution is drafted by SCAF and new parliamentary elections take place, the current president will not
remain in office—his stay in office will be short the head of SCAF’s advisory said.

“The upcoming president will occupy the office for a short period of time, whether or not he agrees. His office term will be short despite the huge efforts exerted in the election campaign. This is simply because a new constitution will be drafted, followed by new parliamentary elections to take on the legislative power and therefore it is not possible in any event for the president to remain in office after a new constitution comes to life,” said Sameh Ashour.

In a news conference, SCAF said it will be its own boss and the new president will not be its commander-in-chief. SCAF also will retain limited legislative powers. It seems the current president’s role is merely ceremonial and transitional. The video below by Al-Jazeera discusses the aftermath of the recent election:


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