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Clashes erupt in Cairo between opposing groups of protesters

Cairo, Egypt

Newscast Media CAIRO—Supporters and opponents of Egypt’s ousted president have clashed again in Cairo. This comes after security forces delayed a plan to disperse Mohammed Morsi’s supporters who have been staging sit-ins.

The clashes broke out as Morsi’s supporters marched toward a building that houses the Interior Ministry in central Cairo. They and their opponents hurled rocks and bottles at one another and police fired volleys of tear gas to break up the battles.

Women and children among the pro-Morsi faction fled the scene in panic.

The repeated clashes are symptomatic of a country still deeply divided six weeks after the army overthrew Morsi. Muslim Brotherhood camps at Cairo’s al-Nahda Square and around Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque make up the heart of the resistance to the military and the civilian government it installed. Morsi supporters have stood their ground behind barricades, and Egypt’s interim leaders have debated how to end their sit-in, not ruling out force.

Police had announced on Monday that they had postponed plans to move in with force, fearing violence after protesters reinforced the sit-ins at two major sites.

Morsi’s supporters had refused to abandon their protest camps despite warnings, with some brandishing sticks and iron bars and wearing helmets in anticipation of a crackdown. Meanwhile armored troop carriers along with squads of soldiers were positioned outside a nearby police station.

A security source said the delay was partially because demonstrators had flocked to the camps after reports of an imminent crackdown. Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said efforts were being made to resolve the situation through dialogue. The interior ministry had announced that gradual measures would be taken to regain control of the areas, warning that it might use water cannon and tear gas.

Source: Deutsche Welle


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Four Egyptian ministers resign after ultimatum issued to Morsi

Cairo protests

Newscast Media CAIRO—Egyptian ministers of tourism, environment, communication and legal affairs tendered their resignations together to Prime Minister Hisham Qandil on Monday a day after massive protests against President Mohammad Mursi swept the country.

Tourism minister Hisham Zazou had already tried to resign last month after Mursi appointed Adel al-Khayat, a member of an Islamist party linked to a massacre of tourists in Luxor, as governor of the temple city. The president on June 16 named Khayat along with 16 other new governors, including seven from his Muslim Brotherhood movement. However, Zazou returned to work last week after Khayat quit.

Monday’s resignations come as Egyptian opposition set Tuesday as a deadline for Mursi to step down or face civil disobedience.

“We give Mohammad Mursi until 5:00 pm (1500 GMT) on Tuesday July 2 to leave power, allowing state institutions to prepare for early presidential elections,” the Tamarod movement said in a statement on its website. Otherwise, “Tuesday, 5:00 pm will be the beginning of a complete civil disobedience campaign.”

The movement’s statement urged state institutions to stand side by side with the protesters, saying “the army, the police and the judiciary to clearly side with the popular will as represented by the crowds”.

Tamarod — Arabic for Rebellion — is a grassroots campaign which says it collected more than 22 million signatures declaring a lack of confidence in Mursi.

Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabbahi, who came third in the 2012 presidential election, called for military intervention if Mursi refused to quit. “The armed forces must act, because they have always been on the side of the people” which “has expressed its will”, Sabbahi said. The best outcome would be for Mursi to go willingly, he added.

However, Mursi’s spokesman Ehab Fahmy told reporters: “Dialogue is the only way through which we can reach an understanding…The presidency is open to a real and serious national dialogue.”

Source: Al Manar TV news


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Egyptians intensify protests against embattled Brotherhood

Demonstrators demand the ouster of President Morsi. —Photo by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt

Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt—Hundreds of protesters have been arriving in Tahrir Square since early morning in preparation for mass rallies against President Morsi’s constitutional declaration and the draft constitution. Seventeen marches are expected to begin after Friday prayers from venues around Cairo including Giza, Tahrir Square, Abbaseya and a number of mosques. They will converge on the presidential palace in Heliopolis.

The protest has been variously termed ‘Friday to oust the Brotherhood’s militias’, ‘Red Card Friday’, and ‘Ultimatum Friday’. Around twenty-one groups have announced their participation in the protests.

Hundreds of protesters have been holding a sit-in in Tahrir Square since 22 November when President Morsi’s constitutional declaration rendered his decisions above judicial challenge and made the Islamist-dominated Shura Council and Constituent Assembly immune from dissolution by court order.

Protesters marched around Tahrir Square early Friday chanting, “The people want the downfall of the Brotherhood and Morsi” and “Leave, leave Morsi and Badie,” referring to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.


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Egyptian demonstrators head back to presidential palace

Egyptian to descend upon presidential palace

Newscast Media CAIRO—Protestors demanding President Mohamed Morsy’s ouster regrouped on Thursday evening with renewed marches to the presidential palace in Heliopolis. The demonstrations come after at least five died in the course of clashes Wednesday night between Morsy’s backers and opponents.

A march originating from Al-Nour Mosque in Abbasseya arrived in the evening at Marghani Street near the palace, where earlier in the day Armed Forces were reported to have begun building a wall to block demonstrators. Protestors called for Morsy’s downfall to pay for yesterday’s bloodshed.

Some young men and women in the march carried symbolic coffins, chanting favorite slogans such as “The people demand the downfall of the regime,” “Freedom,” and “Justice, justice, they killed our brothers with bullets.” Many were wearing helmets, a sign they were prepared for possible confrontations.

An angry mood pervaded among the protesters, who often chanted that they would refuse to dialogue with the president. One activist, Kamal, frequently led the chant: “No dialogue with the one killing revolutionaries.” Those present condemned Morsy’s use of what they called a militia to attack the opposition’s peaceful demonstration. They also chanted: “Listen to our voice everywhere; this night is the Brotherhood’s end.”

Muslim Brotherhood members and members of other Islamic factions who had come to Heliopolis from Cairo and across Egypt’s governorates withdrew from the scene of the clashes early on Thursday afternoon after the Republican Guards demanded all protesters leave the area by 3 pm.

The Republican Guards are currently securing the palace with barbed wire barriers. Rows of security forces stand behind them with batons and tasers. Two tanks and two other military vehicles were positioned behind the security forces, facing in the direction of the palace.

Around 10 ambulances have been positioned close to Marghani Street in anticipation of potential violence.


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Three of President Morsi’s advisors resign over standoff

Egyptians drive President Mohammed Morsi out of the presidential palace and demand he step down. —Photo by Mai Shaheen in Cairo, Egypt

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt—Three of President Mohamed Morsy’s advisors resigned Wednesday evening, as a political standoff escalated into clashes between supporters of the president and his opponents.

Presidential adviser Saif Abdel Fattah told Al-Jazeera on the phone that he has resigned in protest of the clashes that took place outside the presidential palace on Wednesday.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is a narrow-minded and mummified group not worthy of Egypt,” he said. “I cannot bear seeing our young die.”

“The young are the ones who made the revolution, and who are still paying the price,” he added. “And the crisis could have been resolved, had the Brotherhood not been only working for its own interests.”

“I am going to unite the young and work with them,” he said.

Presidential adviser Ayman al-Sayyad also resigned on Wednesday. He tweeted that he and other advisers had resigned a week ago but did not announce it. Amr al-Leithy also tweeted that he had resigned last week to protest the constitutional declaration.


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