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Russia joins the party–Vlad sends warships to mediterranean

Russian warship the Moskova - Courtesy photo

Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia is sending an anti-submarine ship and a missile
cruiser to the eastern Mediterranean over the next few days because of the
“well-known situation”, Interfax news agency quoted a source in the armed forces’
general staff on Thursday.

“The well-known situation shaping up in the eastern Mediterranean called for certain
corrections to the make-up of the naval forces,” a source in the Russian General Staff
told Interfax. A large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet will join them (the
existing naval forces) over the next few days.

“Later it will be joined by the Moskva, a rocket cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet which is
now wrapping up its tasks in the northern Atlantic and will soon begin a Transatlantic
voyage towards the Strait of Gibraltar.”

In addition, a rocket cruiser of the Pacific Fleet, the Varyag, will join the Russian
naval forces in the Mediterranean this autumn by replacing a large anti-submarine

The navy later denied the deployment was linked to events in Syria and said it was
part of a long-planned rotation of its ships in the Mediterranean. It did not say what
kind of vessels, or how many, were on their way to the region.

The initial Interfax report had made clear that the aim was to beef up the navy’s
presence and not to replace the ships in the Mediterranean.

Source: Al Manar


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