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Amanda Knox found guilty again–Italy may seek to extradite her

Amanda Knox

Newscast Media FLORENCE, Italy—An Italian court on Thursday upheld the guilty
verdict against Amanda Knox, an American citizen, and her Italian ex-boyfriend
Raffaele Sollecito on Thursday, in a new appeal over the murder of British student
Meredith Kercher in 2007.

Anxiety and tension were palpable, for “Meredith’s case” — as it became known in
Italy — drew an unprecedented media attention from all over the world.

Amanda’s story has kept changing from the time she attempted to frame a Black man
by the name Patrick Lumumba from Congo, whom Amanda claimed introduced her to
Meredith, then right in front of her, Lumumba killed Meredith while she covered her
eyes. Had it been in America, Lumumba would probably be on death row based on
the popular “Black-man-did-it” narrative.

However, the Italians were too smart to be fooled. Police investigators concluded
that Amanda was trying to frame Patrick Lumumba for Meredith’s murder.


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