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Egypt: Al Jazeera journalists arrested for spreading rumors and false news

Al Jazeera

Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt—Al Jazeera said Egyptian security forces arrested
three of its journalists after the interior ministry accused the Qatar-based television
channel of broadcasting illegally from a hotel suite together with a member of the
Muslim Brotherhood.

Al Jazeera’s offices in Cairo have been closed since July 3 when they were raided by
security forces hours after the army ousted the Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy from
the presidency.

“State security received information that a member of the (Brotherhood) used two
suites in a Cairo hotel to hold meetings with other members of the organization and
turned the suites into a press center,” the Interior Ministry said.

“(They) made live broadcasts of news that harms homeland security, spreading
rumors and false news to Qatar’s Al Jazeera channel without permits.”

A member of the Brotherhood and an Australian journalist who works for Al Jazeera
were arrested and equipment was seized, including broadcast transmitters, the
Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Al Jazeera itself said three of its journalists had been arrested, a correspondent, a
producer and a cameraman.

“Correspondent Peter Greste, producers Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed as well
as cameraman Mohamed Fawzy are being held in custody after arrested by security
forces on Sunday evening,” the network said in a statement, according to a news
report by Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabia.

Qatar was a strong financial backer of the Brotherhood’s rule. Its relationship with
Cairo has deteriorated in recent months as it vehemently opposes the army’s
overthrow of Morsy and the crackdown on his movement that has followed.

Since Mursi’s ouster, Egypt has faced some of its worst violence in decades, which
the government has blamed on Islamic militants. It declared the Brotherhood a
terrorist group last week and has arrested thousands of its members, including Morsy.

Source: Egypt Independent


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Al Jazeera resignations reveal treachery and dubious operations

Al Jazeera

Newscast Media CAIRO—Resignations of the Egyptian journalists working at the
Qatari al-Jazeera satellite channel continued in protest of its provocative policy and
non-professional coverage of the events in Egypt and its role in igniting sedition
among the Egyptians.

Karem Mohamed, Ahmed Abdul-Roauf, Fatima Nabil from Al-Jazeera Mobasher (the
media group’s live station) office in Egypt , Shehata Awad, Osama Radi, Alaa Ayouti
and Hatem Farid joined the list of the resigned journalists.

Earlier, Hajjaj Salama, al-Jazeera reporter in Luxor and Wissam Ibrahim correspondent
in Cairo resigned from the channel in protest of its provocative policy and its role in
igniting sedition among the Egyptian people.

Egyptian journalists also demanded Al-Jazeera crew be expelled from the press
conference of the military spokesman of the Army and Armed Forces and spokesman
of the Interior Ministry regarding the Brotherhoods and pro-Morsi attack on the
Republican guards headquarters.

Editor of the Egyptian “al-Watan” newspaper Majdi al-Jallad launched a popular
campaign, on behalf of the newspaper and pressmen in the Egyptian satellite
channels and newspapers, to delete Al-Jazeera channel from receivers in all houses
because of the subversive role it plays against Egyptian citizens.

“Al-Jazeera channel coordinates with Western intelligence agencies and regimes to
overthrow the Egyptian army and destroy the Egyptian state for the benefit of the
United States and Israel,” al-Mojaz website quoted al-Jallad as saying in a televised

Source: Syria Arab News Agency


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