Hagel: Russia’s actions are dangerous and irresponsible

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called Russia’s actions in Ukraine “dangerous and irresponsible” and said the tensions provoked by Moscow have probably done more to unify NATO than anything else in years.

“It has brought the world together in a way where they are isolating themselves by their actions,” Hagel said of Russia, as he took questions from Marines during a visit to North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune on Tuesday.

One service member asked the defense secretary if he envisioned the United States becoming more involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Russia’s actions toward Ukraine, as well as stepped-up Russian military air flights over European airspace and plans for similar flights over the Gulf of Mexico, are “very dangerous,” Hagel said.

“The violations of sovereignty and international law that the Russians have perpetuated continue to require responses,” the defense secretary said. The United States is working with NATO “in shifting our entire rotational rapid deployment focus,” he added.

U.S. European Command chief Air Force General Philip M. Breedlove , who is also NATO’s supreme allied commander for Europe, has said Russian military equipment continues to flow across the border into Ukraine, something Russia denies.



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Report: US conducts surveillance missions over Russia

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—A US plane flew over Russian airspace, taking photos of military equipment, as a part of a surveillance mission conducted by the American army, according to a recent report.

Stars and Stripes reported that a US observation plane has been flying over Russian skies during the past several days.

The mission was done under the Open Skies Treaty that allows a limited number of observation flights, the report added. Russia, the United States and a number of other countries have signed the treaty.

“Most of the world has no idea this treaty even exists,” the daily quoted Navy Commander Chris Nelson, who is overseeing the mission this week, as saying.

“Whenever I mention that Russians fly aircraft over the US taking pictures, it blows people’s minds,” he added.

The surveillance mission comes amid escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.

President Barack Obama accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin, however, denies the accusation.

The Obama administration and the European Union have so far imposed sanctions on Moscow over the issue.

Source: Press TV



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Obama warns: West Africa nowhere out of woods with Ebola

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama warned Tuesday that West
Africa is still “nowhere near out of the woods” in its fight against Ebola.

Obama spoke Tuesday at the White House while meeting with his national security
and public health teams on Ebola.

“As long as the outbreak continues to rage in the three countries in West Africa—
Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea—this is still going to be a danger, not just for
America, but for the entire world,” he said.

Obama said anti-Ebola efforts in parts of Liberia are “really paying dividends” but
Sierra Leone is still “seeing an increase of cases.”

In Guinea, “some of the international coordination still needs to improve” although the
numbers there are lower than in Sierra Leone or Liberia, while Mali experienced an
reemergence of the deadly disease this month, he said.

“It underscores how important it is to continue to push forward until we stamp out
this disease entirely in that region,” Obama said. “Until we do, there are threats of
additional outbreaks, and given the nature of international travel, it means that
everybody has some measure of risk.”

Obama noted the attention on the crisis has ebbed in the United States over the last
several weeks, but “the challenges remain.”

He mentioned the death of Martin Salia, a Sierra Leone citizen and U.S. legal resident,
saying “when Ebola is promptly diagnosed and treated, then we have a great chance
of curing it.”

Salia got sick on Nov. 6 while treating patients in his native Sierra Leone, and when
he arrived Saturday at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for treatment, he was
already in critical condition. He died early Monday “as a result of the advanced
symptoms of the disease,” said the Omaha hospital.

Obama also urged the Congress to approve his 6.18 billion-U.S.- dollar emergency
funding request, saying it will help strengthen the country’s domestic health systems
as well as support ongoing efforts in West Africa.

Source: Xinhua


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Barack Obama comes out against Keystone Pipeline

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—A bill to begin construction on the controversial
Keystone XL oil pipeline is set to go forward in the Senate. President Barack Obama
and several Native American nations have voiced their opposition to the bill.

President Barack Obama made it known he is against the Keystone XL oil pipeline on
Tuesday, hours before a Senate vote on the project, which would bring crude oil from
Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast at the southern tip of the United States.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the bill, which would
allow construction to proceed on the pipeline after six years of debates over climate
change and energy security, is “certainly a piece of legislation that the president
doesn’t support.”

This is the clearest indicator yet that Obama could veto the bill if it were to pass the
Senate vote.

The issue, along with immigration, has taken center stage in the final days of this
Congress before a Republican-controlled Senate takes over in January. Supporters of
the measure, including all 45 Senate Republicans, found the final vote they needed in
Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu, who faces a very close runoff for her seat on
December 6.

The vote is also a preview of what could lie ahead for Obama when it comes to
environmental and energy issues once the Republicans control both houses of

Opponents of the bill include the independent Senator from Maine, Angus King, who
said, “Congress is not – nor should it be – in the business of legislating the approval or
disapproval of a construction project.” Other strong criticism has come from
Nebraska, where a lawsuit has been filed over the route of the pipeline, which
threatens the state’s Sand Hills region.

Perhaps the most outspoken critics of the project have been members of several of
the Sioux nations of Native Americans, through whose lands the pipeline would run.
The tribes live in a stretch of the continent that spreads from Nebraska in the central
United States to parts of southern Canada.

Several Sioux nations, including the Oglala Lakota, have threatened to close their
borders if anyone endeavors to lay pipeline through their land, and the leader of the
Rosebud Sioux called any attempt to circumvent Native American authority in the
matter “an act of war,” according to multiple news outlets.

Source: Deutsche Welle



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NATO: Increased Russian troops in Ukraine very serious concern

Newscast Media KIEV—NATO warned on Tuesday that Russia has launched a “very
serious” military build-up inside Ukraine and on their shared border, deploying troops
and sophisticated equipment including air defense systems.

Troops, artillery and “very modern” air defense weapons could be seen “both inside of
Ukraine and also on the Russian side of the border,” NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said
as he arrived for a meeting with European Union defense ministers.

“It is a very serious build-up,” Stoltenberg said, urging Russia to reverse course and
meet its commitments under a September ceasefire and peace plan signed by Kiev
and separatists.

“Russia has a choice. Russia can either be part of a peaceful negotiated solution or
Russia can continue on a path of isolation,” Stoltenberg said.

“The international community calls on Russia to be part of the solution.”

But for the moment “we see that Russia is still destabilizing Ukraine. We see
movement of troops, tanks, artillery, air defense systems in violation of the
ceasefire,” the former Norwegian premier said.

Stoltenberg took office in October with the Ukraine crisis top of his agenda as the
US-led military alliance beefed up its readiness in response to the latest developments
in Ukraine.

He is visiting the Baltic states later this week.

Source: Al Manar TV News



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Tensions mount as Ferguson residents await jury verdict

by Benge Nseduluka

Newscast Media St. LOUIS—Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of
emergency in Ferguson on Monday and again activated the National Guard in
preparation for a grand jury’s verdict.

Troops from the Missouri National Guard prepared to deploy around Ferguson on
Tuesday as backup for police responding to ongoing racial unrest. Further protests
are expected after the jury announces whether or not it will indict police officer
Darren Wilson.

On Aug. 9, the six-year veteran police officer fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael
Brown following a dispute. He’s said he shot the 18-year-old in self-defense,
however, the teen’s family claims the deadly shooting was unprovoked.

Since the incident occurred, protesters have taken to the streets of Ferguson daily,
demanding justice in the form of Wilson’s arrest. The grand jury decision is expected
within days. Last week the FBI issued a bulletin to law enforcement which stated the
grand jury outcome “will likely” trigger attacks on police and key infrastructure.

“The announcement of the grand jury’s decision … will likely be exploited by some
individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical
infrastructure,” the FBI said in the bulletin issued Friday. “This also poses a threat to
those civilians engaged in lawful or otherwise constitutionally-protected activities.”

Twelve jurors, nine white and six black, have been meeting and weighing evidence for
three months. Recent reports suggest Wilson will not be indicted and subsequently,
tensions between protesters and police could reach new heights.

“We are getting prepared for war,” resident Ronald Ward, 33, told CBS News. “And
that’s just crazy.”

Local gun stores have reported a spike in sales of guns and ammunition, and Ferguson
Mayor James Knowles recently said authorities must “prepare for the worst.”
“I think you have to prepare for the worst, but I think we all hope the best out of
people,” Knowles said.

Darryl Parks, an attorney for Brown Sr. and McSpadden, said that while the family is
still holding out hope that Wilson will be indicted, they have asked protesters to
respond in a non-violent way should he be cleared of any wrongdoing.

“The Brown family continues to call for non-violence. They continue to feel the grand
jury will do the right thing,” Parks told reporters.


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UN accuses Islamic State of crimes against humanity

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The United Nations has accused the Islamic State
(IS) group of committing crimes against humanity on a large scale in Syria.
The independent UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria said on November 14 that
massacres, beheadings, torture, sexual enslavement, and forced pregnancy were now
part of life in areas of under the control of the group.

Meanwhile, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the IS has
beheaded a senior member of the group, accusing him of theft and embezzlement.

The Observatory said IS distributed a photograph of the decapitated man.
The group has been targeted by fresh rounds of U.S.-led air strikes.

The U.S. Central Command said in a statement November 14 that 35 air strikes were
conducted against the IS targets in Syria and Iraq in the past three days.

Source: Radio Free Europe

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Obama’s executive action on immigration to affect Blacks

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Reports from various media outlets indicate that
Obama plans to take executive action on immigration in the coming weeks. FOX news
was among the first to report that it could come as early as next Friday.

According to Yahoo, The Times said Obama’s plan will provide more opportunities for
immigrants with high-tech skills and add security resources to the border with Mexico.
Mitch McConnell, who will be Senate majority leader starting in January, said if Obama
took unilateral action on immigration, it would be like “waving a red flag in front of a


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Obama faces final frontier to wrap up Iran nuclear deal

The Obama administration is facing its last best chance to
reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear program—not just to meet an end-of-the-month
deadline for a deal, but also to seal one before skeptical Republicans who will control
Congress next year are able to scuttle it, AP reported.

Years of negotiations to resolve differences between west and Iran on Tehran’s
civilian nuclear production entered the final stretch Sunday as U.S. Secretary of
State John Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and European Union
senior adviser Catherine Ashton in Oman’s capital. With no immediate agreement in
sight, officials said the discussions were expected to continue. READ FULL STORY>>



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Syria’s Assad: UN Aleppo ceasefire proposal worthy of study

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Syria’s president has said he’s ready to study a UN plan
designed to “freeze” the fighting in the northern city of Aleppo. The UN’s special
envoy to Syria floated the proposal on a three-day visit to the warzone.

A statement from Bashar al-Assad’s office on Monday said that the Syrian president
was willing to consider UN envoy Staffan de Mistura’s suggestion of negotiating a
localized truce in the flashpoint city of Aleppo. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>


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Russia’s Putin and Obama have brief encounter in Beijing

Newscast Media BEIJING—President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir
Putin had what a senior U.S. official described as a “brief encounter” on the sidelines
of the APEC summit in Beijing.
Reports on November 10 cited the unnamed U.S. official as saying Obama and Putin
“didn’t have time to cover issues” during their short meeting.

The two leaders have been deeply at odds over Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict
and the Kremlin’s support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Russian news agency Interfax reported on the encounter, saying, “The U.S. president
was the first to greet Putin. Putin greeted Obama in return and the two presidents
started talking.”

Interfax said the conversation lasted five minutes.
Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said he had no information about the meeting.

Source: Radio Free Europe



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Feministas blame White women for defeat of Wendy Davis

As shown in the exit polling data, only 32 percent of White women voted for Wendy Davis, a reality that has infuriated feministas, who are now referring to White women as sellouts.

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—The above bar chart says it all. Numbers don’t lie.
Wendy Davis failed to connect with both White women and men since exit polls
showed that only 32 percent of White women voted for her.

On the other hand, Greg Abbot received 80 percent of the White male vote and 67 percent
of the White female vote. These numbers are very telling, and should be a concern for Democrats
as they consider thrusting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race. We will revisit Hillary later on in the article.


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Obama reportedly wrote Khamenei about fighting ISIL

Barack Obama

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—According to the “Wall Street Journal,” U.S. President
Barack Obama secretly wrote Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in October
about fighting Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria.

The newspaper reported on November 6, that Obama stressed that any cooperation
was tied to an agreement being reached over Iran’s nuclear program by November 24.
The letter is at least the fourth time that Obama has written Khamenei.

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest did not confirm or deny the report in a briefing
with reporters, but said that policy toward Iran remains unchanged.

Obama said on November 5 that the United States presented Tehran with a
“framework” that would allow Iran to develop its “peaceful energy needs” and that the
Islamic Republic has abided by the interim rules of the agreement.

Source: Radio Free Europe



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Greg Abbott’s message: Don’t mess with Texas–win catastrophic to Obama’s Battleground Texas

Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—After he retained his presidency in the 2012 general
against Mitt Romney, Barack Obama set out to do the impossible—turn Texas, which
is a red state (Conservative) into a blue state (liberal).

Team Obama assembled what would be called “Battleground Texas”…a political
machine infested with liberals, whose goal was to flip Texas to the Democrat column
in the mid-term and general elections.

However, just assembling a political machine is not enough. Sun Tzu, the greatest
war tactician said: “If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not
fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself, but not your enemy, for
every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor
yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” —Sun Tzu, The Art of War pp.15.

Obama needed a politician on the inside, who understood how the game is played in
Texas. That person would be none other than state Senator Wendy Davis.

Democratic Senator Wendy Davis had made a name for herself when she opposed
Senate Bill 5 (SB 5), a pro-life bill that would lead to the eventual closure of Texas
abortion clinics. Davis became a household name overnight and caught the attention
of Washington DC operatives, including Obama. The Democrats decided to capitalize
on Davis’ newfound fame and ride the momentum while embarking on the Battleground
Texas undertaking. The rationale was, if Wendy Davis could win the governorship in
Texas, the ripples would cascade into all other political establishments, and
eventually Texas could be flipped into a blue state.

If this were to happen, Democrats reasoned, then Republicans would find it almost
impossible to win the presidency without Texas, since both California and New York
are blue states. Based on the electoral college votes, the largest states have sway
on which candidate wins or loses. California has 55 electoral votes, Texas 34, while
New York 31. These three alone carry 120 electoral college votes, and the presidency
requires 270.

The war was on. The battle was raged two years ago, as Obama’s quest to achieve
the impossible became evident.

Yet the Texas Republicans weren’t asleep. Republicans have controlled all statewide
offices for over a decade. They own the Texas Supreme court and several other
judgeships in lower courts. In the Lone Star state people consider themselves Texans
first, and the encroachment of Obama upon the values of Texans was enough to
arouse the conation of the Texas Republican machine, like a drunk man who is
fearless and excited by a potent drink of liquor.

Greg Abbott knew what he was up against. There wasn’t any room for playing games.
He understood that to win this fight and bury his opponent, he would have to take
body shots and hit all the pressure points hard…real hard. Abbott understood that he
wasn’t running against Wendy Davis, he was running against Barack Obama. He had
fought with Obama in the courts on the voterID law. The case went all the way to
the Supreme Court which decided in Abbott’s favor.

“The Tenth Amendment empowers states—not the federal government—to regulate
elections,” the Supreme Court emphasized.

Abbott had also fought to defend normal marriage, that is to say, marriage between a
man and a woman. He vowed to fight homosexual marriage that the Obama
administration was attempting to force down the throats of Texans.
“The U.S. Supreme Court was clear that states have independent authority to
establish their marriage laws. Texans adopted a constitutional amendment defining
marriage. We will defend that amendment,” Abbott said.

The Texas Constitution does not mince words in Article I, Section 32:

Sec. 32. MARRIAGE. (a) Marriage in this state shall consist only of
the union of one man and one woman.
(b) This state or a political subdivision of this state may not
create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage.

He also fought Obama on Obamacare. Abbott was now battle-hardened. The primaries
for him would be a cakewalk. It was the general, in which he would have to throw
the kitchen sink at his opponent in order to secure a resounding victory. From the
very beginning when Abbott yanked that kitchen sink out, it was apparent to him that
the fight he was engaged in had little or no rules. There were no referees or
umpires. Hitting below the belt was common practice for the Obama camp. Abbott
decided he wasn’t going to fight Wendy Davis, since he was actually fighting Obama.

He decided he was instead going to brawl. We’re talking no-holds-barred. We’re talking
winner-takes-all. It was on! Davis entered the ring with a purse of over $40,000,000 to
reinforce the war she intended to wage. Abbott had an army of foot soldiers that had
already done their opposition research (which is a euphemism for digging up dirt) on
Davis whose backup team was Battleground Texas.

The gloves were off. Abbott hit Davis with such rapidity, and fought her like
he was fighting a grown man. Remember, in a brawl, you muddy the
opponent. If he tries to get away, you grab the shirt, the hair the leg, then drag him
back down in the dirt. You never let the opponent get away from your grip.

Blow-by-blow, Abbott hit Davis. She eventually called for a timeout, Greg Abbott
said, “No!” Davis then released a statement on Jan. 21, 2014, hoping to slow Abbott
down: “As our campaign has gained momentum, our opponents have gotten
more and more desperate. But now they’ve stooped to a new low by attacking
my family, my education, and my personal story…And you’re damn right it’s a
true story…”

By the end of the primary which Greg Abbott won with 91.50% or 654,976 votes on
the Republican side, Davis was in a panic, since she had already taken her best shots
which appeared ineffective against former Attorney General Greg Abbott.

The general would stretch out from April till November, with poll after poll showing
Abbott leading with double digits. Obama could see his dream of Battleground Texas
turning the Lone Star state from blue to red, evolve into a nightmare.

Abbott had a war chest that was stronger than strength—the Texas Republicans’
track record of making Texas the number one job creator in America for over a
decade, and the strength of the Texas economy. This is a reality Davis could not
dispute. By late summer she was crawling to the finish line. Realizing that the
governorship she had hoped for would never be, whether it was faulty judgment,
desperation, bad advice, or all of the above, Wendy Davis took out the infamous
“wheelchair ad” attacking Greg Abbott’s disability. When Greg Abbott was younger, as
he was jogging, a tree fell on him and he became paralyzed from the waist down.

“If she wants to attack a guy in a wheelchair, that’s her prerogative,” Abbott said in
a FOX interview. Liberals and other Democrats said the ad was in bad taste, but the
damage had already been done.

On November 4, 2014 voters rejected Wendy Davis and propelled Governor-elect Greg
Abbott into the governorship as he won 58 percent of the vote to Davis’ 41 percent.

By defeating Wendy Davis, Abbott essentially also defeated Barack Obama and his
Battleground Texas. Abbott’s simple message to Obama upon his victory, as shown in
the photo above was, “Don’t mess with Texas,” which is actually the state slogan.

The inauguration will take place in January 2015 as current Governor Rick Perry
passes the baton on to a new generation of Texans who intend to keep Texas red.


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Nasrallah praises Hezbollah’s role in fighting ISIL in Syria

Newscast Media BEIRUT— Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah boasted Tuesday
that his party had the upper hand against Islamists in Syria, while warning Israel that
the resistance was ready for any conflict on Lebanon’s southern border.

Addressing a crowd of tens of thousands commemorating Ashoura in Beirut’s southern
suburbs, Nasrallah once again sought to defend Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian
civil war.

“The goal of the takfiris was to control Syria and eliminate all communities of other
religions and Muslim sects and even those in the Sunni community who do not agree
with their viewpoint,” the secretary-general said. “Syria was waiting to face what is
happening from massacres in Mosul and Anbar … As we enter the fourth year of the
Syrian conflict, the takfiris have not yet been able to control Syria.”


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UN urges Burkina Faso army to relinquish power to civilians, threatens sanctions

Newscast Media OUAGADOUGOU—A United Nations envoy has urged a civilian
transition of power in Burkina Faso, threatening sanctions against the West African
country unless the army gives up power.

“We hope there will be a transition led by a civilian and in keeping with the
constitutional order,” the UN envoy for West Africa, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, said on
Sunday, adding, “If not, the consequences are pretty clear. We want to avoid having
to impose sanctions on Burkina Faso.”

The comments come a day after the military top brass named Lieutenant Colonel
Yacouba Isaac Zida, the deputy commander of the elite presidential guard, to lead
the country’s transition.

On Friday, President Blaise Compaoré was forced to resign following two days of mass
protests against his attempts to change the constitution to extend his rule for a fifth

Chambas was speaking on behalf of a tripartite group of mediators, including
representatives of the African Union and the Economic Community of West African
States, after they met with Zida and Burkina Faso’s top military brass.

The UN official further stated they “assured us that they had well
understood the message.”

Under Burkina Faso’s constitution, the speaker of parliament should serve as
transitional leader.

A group of opposition parties and civil society organizations issued a statement on
Saturday, warning Burkina Faso’s army against a seizure of power and called for a
mass protest rally in the capital Ouagadougou on Sunday.

Burkina Faso gained independence from France in 1960 and changed its name in
1984 to the current one, which means “the land of upright men.”

Source: Press TV


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Islamic State mulls using Ebola virus as biological weapon

Newscast Media BARCELONA—The Spanish government said it is concerned that
terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close
eye is being kept on online chat rooms, where such attacks are reportedly discussed
among terrorist groups.

Extremists connected to the ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) terrorist
group have been considering using Ebola as a weapon against the West, Spanish
State Secretary for Security Francisco Martinez said in an address to the parliament.

Martinez stated that this type of activity serves as further proof that the internet is
“an extension of the battlefield” for the ISIL, which uses cyberspace for “threatening
enemies through propaganda, preparing operations, exchanging information,
ideological training, recruiting new members and acquiring finance.”

There are “many examples” of online terrorist chat logs discussing the use of
biological warfare against the West, Spain’s RTVE public broadcasting corporation

The most recent talks took place in an “extremist chat room,” related to the ISIL, in
mid-September. “The use of Ebola as a poisonous weapon against the United States”
was the topic of the conversation, Martinez said.

Despite increasing evidence of biological attacks on the West, U.S. Homeland
Security Secretary Jeh Johnson denied allegations that ISIL plans to use biological
weapons. “We’ve seen no specific credible intelligence that [the ISIL] is attempting
to use any sort of disease or virus to attack our homeland,” Johnson said earlier in

Source: RT/Tehran Times



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FBI charges three Russians in kickback nuclear contract scheme

Newscast Media GREENBELT, Maryland—A criminal complaint was unsealed late
yesterday charging Vadim Mikerin, age 55, a Russian national residing in Chevy Chase,
Maryland, with conspiring to commit extortion in connection with a scheme to obtain
contracts from a Russian company without having to compete for the contracts.

A separate criminal complaint charges Daren Condrey and his wife Carol Condrey, both
age 49, of Glenwood, Maryland, and Boris Rubizhevsky, age 63, of Closter, New
Jersey, with conspiring to commit wire fraud in connection with the scheme.


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SEC charges Texas-based company with FCPA violations

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged
a global water management, construction, and drilling company headquartered in
Texas with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) by making improper
payments to foreign officials in several African countries in order to obtain beneficial
treatment and reduce its tax liability.

After Layne Christensen Company self-reported its misconduct, an SEC investigation
determined that the company received approximately $3.9 million in unlawful benefits
during a five-year period as a result of bribes typically paid through its subsidiaries in
Africa and Australia. Some payments were funded through cash transfers from Layne’
s U.S. bank accounts. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>


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Jeb Bush refers to Obama’s Ebola response as incompetent

by Stoyan Zaimov

Newscast Media HOUSTON—Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has criticized President
Barack Obama’s “incompetent” response to Ebola virus cases in the U.S., arguing that
the government’s failure to provide clarity created fear among the public. During a
speech on Tuesday about the Ebola response, however, the president pointed out
that all seven Americans treated for the virus have survived.

“It looked very incompetent to begin with, and that fueled fears that may not be
justified,” Bush said during an appearance at Vanderbilt University, The Associated
Press reported. “And now you have states that are legitimately acting on their
concerns, creating a lot more confusion than is necessary.” CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>


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