States are rejecting the controversial painkiller Zohydro


Newscast Media BOSTON—Health regulators in Massachusetts have sent a letter to
doctors outlining their reason for banning the dispensing and prescription of the
controversial painkiller Zohydro.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the drugs, but concerns have been raised
about patients overdosing on the drug due to the narcotic it contains.

“Zohydro is a dangerously addictive pharmaceutical painkiller, approved by the FDA
recently over the objection of their scientific advisory council and is not available in
an abuse-deterrent form,” Gov. Patrick said. “Unless it is available in an
abuse-deterrent form, or better, until the secretary of [Health and Human
Services], or the Congress has acted on the requests to overturn the FDA, Zohydro
will not be available in Massachusetts,” Gov. Deval Patrick wrote as he issued the
The Associated Press also reported that Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin announced
an emergency order that would make it harder for doctors to prescribe Zohydro.