Brazilians take to the streets protesting violently against World Cup

Sao Paolo

Newscast Media SAO PAOLO—As preparations for the 2014 World Cup are under way,
Brazilians are unhappy that the government is spending billions of dollars on new
stadiums that could have been invested in creating job and small business
opportunities for its citizens.

The frustration has triggered acts of vandalism and protests across Brazil with Sao
Paolo, suffering the greatest impact.

According to Russia Today, earlier in June, Brazil was hit with major protests against
the Confederation Cup, a rehearsal tournament before the World Cup. More than one
million people hit the streets to speak out against corruption and improvised public

Many are observing Brazil’s reaction to the World Cup, with some worrying that the
protests will hurt the tournament’s image and affect Brazilian President Dilma
Rousseff’s popularity ahead of October elections.