House of Saud–We no longer want to overthrow Syrian regime

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—It is noticeable that the Russian role in the scene of
the latest events in the Middle East these days is absent, at the time when the
United States strongly returns to Iraq and Syria as the ISIL organization rose and
expanded in those two countries.

According to Russian sources in Paris, this public and interim Russian detachment will
not exceed the end of October this year, the date of the parliamentary elections in
Ukraine. Russia is planning, along with some of the Ukrainian figures, to weaken the
power of the enemies of Moscow in the Ukrainian parliament as a prelude to weaken
the Ukrainian President (Petro Poroshenko).

Its aim is to reach a solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, after the Russian
President stressed to a group of Ukrainian pro-Moscow (oligarchs) that Russia refuses
to annex eastern Ukraine and that it is affected much by the war therein, the same
goes for the Ukrainians who are losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to the war in
the Eastern areas, which are the center of industry in Ukraine. CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE>>