CDC and global partners make progress in curbing malaria


Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) and its global partners have made enormous progress in reaching more people
than ever with lifesaving malaria interventions and in reducing malaria deaths by
nearly half in Africa, where malaria burden is highest.

Malaria has long been a major cause of illness and death worldwide, but that is
changing, CDC said on April 25, World Malaria Day.

CDC and the global community have worked together to reach millions with lifesaving
prevention and treatment interventions. This massive scale-up of malaria
interventions has saved 3.3 million lives since 2000, CDC said, and has led to sharp
decreases in deaths due to malaria. Globally, deaths have fallen by 42 percent and in
sub-Saharan Africa by 49 percent. CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>