Barack Obama comments on the Fort Hood shooting

Barack Obama

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The Fort Hood shooting that occurred on Wednesday
is a reminder of what happened at the the same place five years ago, when a soldier
opened fire on his brothers in arms.

Yesterday, once again at the same base in Fort Hood, Texas, a suspected shooter
Spc. Ivan Lopez shot and killed three people, and injured 16 others, then turned the
gun on himself and committed suicide.

President Obama commended the military personnel, first responders, and medical
staff who responded swiftly and heroically to the horrific shooting.

“Obviously we’re following it closely. The situation is fluid right now. But my national
security team is in close contact with not just the Defense Department but the FBI.
They are working with folks on the ground to determine exactly what happened to
make sure that everybody is secure,” Obama told reporters.

“We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. And I don’t
want to comment on the facts until I know exactly what has happened, but for now,
I would just hope that everybody across the country is keeping the families and the
community at Fort Hood in our thoughts and in our prayers. The folks there have
sacrificed so much on behalf of our freedom,” he added.

The Department of Defense has the lead on the investigation with support from
federal partners including the FBI, as well as state and local law enforcement