Hezbollah vows to respond to recent Israeli airstrike


Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Hezbollah pledged Wednesday to respond to an Israeli
airstrike earlier this week that targeted a base on the Lebanon-Syria border in the
group’s first official confirmation of the attack.

“This Israeli aggression will not stand without a response from the resistance,”
Hezbollah said in a statement, according to the Daily Star.

“The resistance will choose the right time and place as well as the appropriate
response method,” the group warned.

The statement said there were no casualties in Monday night’s air raid, adding that
the attack had inflicted “some” damage to a Hezbollah base near the Bekaa Valley
border town of Janta.

The statement denied reports that a Hezbollah-bound weapons shipments from Syria
had been the target.

“Reports by some media outlets that artillery or missile bases have been targeted or
that [Hezbollah] fighters [were killed] are baseless,” the group said.

A report published Wednesday in the Israeli daily Haaretz said Israeli defense officials
are preparing for Hezbollah to target senior Israeli figures in retaliation for Monday’s
attack. The report, citing Israeli sources, said Hezbollah was not expected to react
immediately and that Israeli military leaders were preparing accordingly.

Meanwhile, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman asked Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil to
file a complaint with the UN Security Council over Israel’s latest attack.

Source: Tehran Times