No bluff: Uganda’s Museveni puts his name on the bottom line

Museveni signing the anti-gay bill

Newscast Media ENTEBBE—Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has proved to
Africans that he is indeed as good as his word by fulfilling his promise to sign the
anti-gay bill on Monday February 24. The bill is now law.

With almost 99 percent support from his countrymen, all exhibiting a unified front as
they stood in support of their president, Museveni signed the bill at State House
Entebbe today at about 1:50 PM East African Standard Time, saying it was imperative
to do so because the West is promoting homosexuality in Africa.

“Since nurture is the main cause of homosexuality, then society can do something
about it to discourage the trends. That is why I have agreed to sign the Bill,”
Museveni said. He also said that the topic of homosexuality was provoked by
“arrogant Western groups” who recruit school children into the behavior.

Museveni also expressed how he was baffled that a man could be attracted to
another man, yet the female body is very beautiful, and there is no shortage of
attractive women.

“Even now I have not fully understood that you can fail to get attracted to these
beautiful women and get attracted to a man, you get attracted to a man? That is a
very serious matter,” Museveni said.

Immediately after signing the bill, witnesses on the ground said, “We were blessed
with heavy rain in Kampala,” while another one from the East said, “True, even in Jinja
we have been blessed with rain this afternoon, that is a sign of victory.”

The nation has a robust agricultural sector, and rain is viewed in Africa as a blessing
from God to the local farmers.

Museveni also said that the threats of cutting aid will not have an impact on his
country, and that he will not act like Esau of the bible who sold his birthright blessing
in exchange for food.

As such, Museveni has earned himself the esteem of being called a bonafide
Pan-Africanist and joins the ranks of other Pan-Africans like Sankara, Lumumba,
Nkurumah, Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Sekou Toure, Kenya’s Kimathi and a long list of
those who fought against outside forces attempting to usurp the sovereignty of African nations.

This act alone, should enable Museveni achieve a clean sweep in the 2016 elections.