Part 1 Unveiled: Common misconceptions-Facts, Fiction and Fallacies

Archangel Michael defeats satan the split-hoofed devil. By Peter Candid (1548-1628)

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—This article is a continuation of the “Unveiled”
series, and is a “treatise” about misconceptions, facts, fiction and fallacies ranging
from the origin and difference between fallen angels and demons, the question about
whether homosexuality is unAfrican, its origin and how it found its way into Africa,
how to deal with the legal aspect of it, and other topics that relate to our time and

Difference between angels and demons

We begin by confronting the difference between fallen angels and demons and how
they operate in our physical world and in the spiritual realm.

Fallen angels are different form demons. Demons are disembodied spirits while fallen
angels have their own bodies and do not need to occupy the bodies of other entities
in order to function. Before one third of the angels fell with Lucifer, all angels were
under the leadership of God Himself who created them. CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE>>