China denies it is behind cyber espionage occurring in the U.S.


Newscast Media BRUSSELS—A Chinese diplomat slammed a U.S. congressman’s
remarks on Chinese cyber espionage, saying they were “ridiculous” and a diversion of
attention from the controversial U.S. spy program.

“Remarks of this kind are ridiculous,” said the spokesperson for the Chinese Mission to
the European Union. “The PRISM issue has drawn worldwide attention. Its impact is
worthy of rethinking.”

“We hope that relevant parties could take it seriously and address their own problems
properly rather than attempt to divert the concerns of the international community by
making unprofessional and irresponsible accusations,” the spokesperson said.

Last week, U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers told members of the European Parliament in
Brussels that if the EU continued the muddling of debate on the U.S. snooping on
European citizens and institutions, it may help China spy on European and American

Rogers also claimed that Chinese cyber espionage has already cost the U.S. economy
400 billion U.S. dollars. The spokesperson noted that China’s position on the cyber security
issue is clear-cut.

“We oppose hacking and cyber attack of whatever form. We call upon the
international community to actively conduct dialogue and cooperation in the spirit of
mutual respect and mutual trust, and formulate international cyberspace code of
conduct under the UN framework,” the spokesperson said.

“The communication channels related to cyber security between China and the U.S.,
as well as China and the EU remain unimpeded. We look forward to seeing relevant
parties join us and make constructive efforts in tackling cyber security challenges,”
the spokesperson added.

Source: Xinhua