Seattle gunman receives rude awakening from bus passengers

Newscast Media SEATTLE—A gunman who boarded a Seattle bus brandished a gun in
front of bus passengers, but their reaction to him was a lesson he won’t soon forget.

In a video captured by CCTV, the man is seen wearing a ski mask and approaching a
passenger who was minding his own business. The gunman then plucks a gun from
his underwear and points it between the passenger’s eyebrows.

Undeterred by the weapon, the passenger pounces on the gunman in a fraction of a
second, and throws him around like a basketball in the hands of the Harlem
Globetrotters. Other passengers bum-rush and pounce on him like an overweight
prisoner at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The gunman appeared to be asking for help after realizing one particular passenger
who was continuously clobbering him was as strong as a weak giant. Watch:

Police later came and apprehended the gunman who after other passengers who were
inside the bus called 911.