Ex-gay activist cured of homosexuality then marries woman

Photo by Truth Wins Out

by Jessica Martinez

Newscast Media SAN FRANCISCO—An ex-prominent gay activist and former editor of
a San Francisco-based, youth-focused homosexual magazine penned an open letter
about his recent heterosexual marriage addressed to “angry homosexuals” who have
criticized him for leaving his past and finding God.

Michael Glatze stepped down as co-founder of XY Magazine in 2007 where he walked
out by leaving a note on his computer that read, “Homosexuality is death, and I
choose life.” His transformation from gay to straight began after he started to
question his lifestyle following a health scare and with no one to turn to, Glatze
decided to seek help in God. Now, he lives life as a straight man and recently married
a woman, Rebekah, who critics are referring to as his “prop.” CONTINUE TO FULL STORY>>