Festival of lights: Moody Gardens – Lights, Cameras, Magic

The Festival of Lights is perhaps the largest light festival in the Houston-Galveston region. It has become a Christmas tradition for families and groups alike. Enjoy more than 1 million lights within 100 sound-enhanced animated light displays and nightly live entertainment. You can also skate around on the area’s only outdoor ice skating rink. The Festival of Lights takes place annually at Moody Gardens®. —Photo by Joseph Earnest at Moody Gardens®

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Last Christmas season, I received an email from a Houstonian named Emilee who had taken a photo of her five-month old daughter named Naomee as she fell asleep on Santa Claus about 10 minutes before the picture was taken.

Emilee took the picture at the Woodlands Mall in December 2012 and said to me in her email, “Naturally I wanted her to be bright eyes and bushy tailed for her first picture with Santa. I began to try to wake her up and Santa says ‘It’s okay, Mom! We are gonna make this picture special. Just watch and see.’ He props his feet on a present, leans back in his chair, and holds a book and my daughter to make it look like he was asleep too! It was so special and I felt like he should be acknowledged and thanked publicly.”

However, because the email was sent to me at the time I had taken my Christmas break, I did not get a chance to post the photo or even respond to Emilee’s request due to the sheer volume of emails that had accumulated. Even though I felt terrible about my non-response, I tucked the photo away into a folder and thought I’d make it up to Emilee’s family a year later during this 2013 Christmas season. So here we are!

Hopefully baby Naomee is now awake and old enough to recognize herself in this picture. —Courtesy photo by Emilee Talley, taken at the Woodlands Mall

While the Woodlands Mall is located in north Houston, in south Houston there is yet
another popular family attraction called the Festival of Lights that’s happening. Below
is the schedule for the festival.

Moody Gardens® Festival of Lights Schedule:

November 16 (Grand Opening!)
Thursday-Saturday: November 22 – December 7
Nightly: December 12 – January 4
Time: 6 – 10 p.m.