Israel PM headed to Russia to discuss Iran nuclear issue

Netanyahu and Putin

Newscast Media MOSCOW—Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embarked on a
flight to Russia on Wednesday morning to discuss the Iranian nuclear plan with
Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting between the two sides would take place at a time while the P5+1
nations’ delegates set to meet with Iranian officials for possible deal on curbing Iran’s
nuclear capabilities.

Netanyahu is expected to share his concerns from the upcoming agreement with the
Russian president and will try to persuade Russia to take a tougher stance towards
Iran, as France did in the last round of talks.

Following France’s hard stance, the western nations now demand Iran stop the
construction of its heavy waters reactor in Arak and to stop enriching uranium as well
as ridding itself of its stockpiles of enriched uranium.

According to an Israeli official who wished to remain anonymous, Netanyahu is aware
that Russia will not display a hard line approach towards Iran and that the visit has
more to do with damage control rather than stopping the diplomatic process with

The United States is gearing up for a potential deal with Iran. U.S. President Barack
Obama urged senators on Tuesday to delay voting on another round of sanctions to
be implemented on Iran.

At the moment, there are still substantial gaps between Iran and the P5+1 nations
and the chances to sign an agreement soon are small. Putin may be interested in
taking a leading role in bridging the gaps on the Iranian issue as Russia has done on
the issue of the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile.

The differences between Israel and the U.S. approach towards Iran had caused
mounting tensions between the two countries, with Netanyahu warning that easing
the sanctions without getting guarantees from the Iranians will be an “existential
threat” to its security.

Source: Xinhua