Syrian army regains full control of Qara a strategic town

Syria's Assad

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Army units on Tuesday gained full control over the town
of Qara in Qalamoun area, Damascus countryside, after eliminating the terrorists’ last
gatherings and destroying their weapons, a military source said.

A source told a Syrain Arab News Agency (SANA) reporter that all the dens of the
terrorists and their leaders in the city were destroyed, while scores of explosive
devices, which the terrorists had planted in neighborhoods, streets and houses, were

The reporter quoted an army commander as saying that the special operation which
the army carried out to seize control of Qara took 24 hours and resulted in the killing
of large numbers of terrorists, most of them are affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra and
“Islam Brigade”.

He highlighted that terrorists of Libyan, Saudi, Yemeni, Egyptian and Tunisian
nationalities were among the dead, noting that some of the terrorists managed to flee
towards Arsal town inside the Lebanese territories.

The commander said that in the process of pursuing the terrorists in Qara city, the
army soldiers found a so-called “Sharia Law Court” which the terrorists had been using
to “prosecute” the abductees, in addition to a prison containing torture equipment
and a field hospital with large amounts of stolen medicine and medical equipment.

He added that the army units also seized scores of cars equipped with heavy machine

Source: SANA