Hezbollah vows to attack Israel if U.S. interferes with Syria

Hezbollah fighter

Newscast Media HOMS, Syria—According to a report by Israel Hayom, Hezbollah has
threatened to retaliate against any U.S. attack on Syria, by spraying rockets into
Israel. The report by Israel Hayom read:

Following a U.S. attack on Syria, Hezbollah would launch rockets at Israel from the
Syrian city of Homs to “keep Lebanon out of the war,” according to one source who
coordinates activities between the Syrian army and the Shiite terrorist group.
“Hezbollah controls 8,000 square kilometers [about 3,100 square miles] near Homs
and won’t hesitate to engage in a response by launching surface-to-surface missiles
from within Syria,” the source told Al Rai.