Is Boehner’s letter to Barack Obama setting the stage for impeachment?

House Speaker John Boehner—Photo by Joseph Earnest

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—As US President Barack Obama prepares to start yet
another war in Syria, House Republicans are asking him to justify such military action
against Syria’s Assad. Obama has not yet made a case against Assad, even though
he and his Administration have accused Assad of using chemical weapons, before the
UN inspection has been finalized.

Boehner asks Obama for answers in his letter as the administration continues to
sound the war drums.

“What results are the Administration seeking from its response?” Boehner asks.
“What is the intended effect of potential military strikes?
“Does the Administration have contingency plans to respond should Assad retaliate
against U.S. interests or allies in the region?
“Does the Administration have contingency plans should the strikes implicate foreign
power interests such as Russia and Iran?”

Republicans have threatened to impeach Obama, in particular, Rep. Walter Jones
(R-N.C.) who last year introduced a resolution saying the use of military force without
authorization from Congress was an impeachable offense.

“If one of our troops goes to Syria and is killed, I will introduce articles of
impeachment against the president,” Jones said.

“No president, Democrat or Republican, should have the authority to bypass the
Constitution and the will of the American people and bomb a foreign country because
he does not like the leader of the country,” he said.

Click here to read the entire Boehner letter to Obama.