Survey reveals only half of Europeans favor the euro


Newscast Media BRUSSELS—Only 51 percent of Europeans are in favor of the euro
and only 62 percent of those living in the euro zone support the single currency,
according to the latest Eurobarometer survey released on Tuesday.

More than half of the Europeans do not know what their rights are, although six out
of ten citizens in the EU feel “European” and want to know more about their rights,
said the survey.

The results came during the 2013 European Year of Citizens, a year dedicated to
improving the awareness about the rights of European citizens. In addition, EU
institutions are scheduled to hold general elections next year, facing multiple
challenges after years of economic crises.

In addition, the survey showed that nearly six out of ten identify the free movement
of people, goods and services as the most positive result of the European integration

The survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews in May among nearly
32,700 people across member states and in candidate countries.

Source: Xinhua