3500 militant rebels offering to surrender to Syria’s Assad

Syria's Assad -- Courtesy photo by Al Manar

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Al Manar is reporting that behind the scenes 3500 fighters from the Takfiri groups and Syrian opposition militants who are under siege in Qusayr area—Homs sent many urgent messages and envoys to propose their surrender to the Syrian official authorities.

The report also says US officials working on the Syrian crisis line, proposed to their Russian counterparts that they would accept if Moscow nominates a name of its choice to replace Bashar Assad in the Syrian Presidency. The Russians refused categorically and insisted that they have only one name; Bashar Assad.

What triggered the offer to surrender is attributed to the heavy defeats they (the rebels) received in many Syrian areas, causing the opposition groups to become more flexible in their conditions to negotiate with the Syrian government. According to Lebanese sources handling the mediation efforts, the opposition has dropped the condition that Syrian President leaves office to start negotiations.

The Syrian opposition forces are are confronted with three major problems after the recent defeats on the battlefield: the first one has to do with the severe demoralization of the fighters, the second, is the severe siege against them by the government forces, and the third is their inability to attract more fighters or to rally support.

Source: Al Manar TV news