Military to develop Cyber Warrior Professional Association


Newscast Media MONTEREY—A Naval Postgraduate School student, U.S. Army Capt. Joseph Billingsley of Stamford, Conn., is building the military’s first cyber warfare professionals association.

The Military Cyber Professionals Association, soon to be launched from Monterey, Calif., where Billingsley is currently studying for his doctoral degree, will provide a professional home for the burgeoning cyber operations community. The association’s Monterey chapter will be both a prototype and the association’s flagship as it branches out to build a national organization.

“Monterey is a natural home for the association due to its proximity to NPS, DLI [Defense Language Institute], Silicon Valley, other defense personnel, and the interest in cyber initiatives,” said Billingsley.

In a recent visit to NPS, U.S. Cyber Command deputy commander, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Jon M. Davis, also recognized the area’s commitment to cyber operations research and for its contribution to the creation of a community of cyber professionals.

“We are going to need 6,000 people in the next three years to build a cyber force … I know that those people live here [at NPS],” said Davis.

“The cyber domain matters because the prosperity and security of our nation depends on it,” said Billingsley. “It’s hard to imagine a single American business or military unit that does not rely on connectivity to accomplish at least some of its core functions. That trend is not expected to change any time soon.”

Billingsley, an Army strategist with a background in signal intelligence, was selected by the U.S. Army’s Cyber Command to pursue graduate cyber operations studies at NPS. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in cyber systems and operations, and a Ph.D. in information sciences.

“The Army cyber command gave me the opportunity to earn a cyber master’s degree here at NPS that met our needs,” said Billingsley. “Most cyber programs are more technical and seek to produce operators, but NPS’ cyber systems and operations degree is perfect for me because it is a balance between strategy and technical scholarship.”

Cyber ops students are researching a host of cyber security and warfare related subjects designed to protect cyber infrastructure, counter cyber attacks, and to build anti-hacking measures. Billingsley seeks to unite students like these with professionals from across the defense community and academia.