Iran’s Ahmadinejad attends Hugo Chavez’s funeral

Chavez and Ahmadinejad

Newscast Media TEHRAN— President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will take off to Caracas on Thursday for the funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the Iranian state television reported.

Ahmadinejad “will shortly leave Tehran for Venezuela to attend the funeral” of Chavez, the broadcaster announced in the early afternoon.

Friday’s funeral of the leftist Latin American president will be attended by several heads of state from Latin America and around the world.

On Thursday, mourners filed past his open casket as he lay in state in the capital. Ahmadinejad on Wednesday paid tribute to his close ally for “serving the people of Venezuela and defending human and revolutionary values.”

“Venezuela lost its brave, strong son and the world lost a wise and revolutionary leader,” he added.
Tehran also decreed a day of national mourning on Wednesday.