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Heaven and hell unveiled-triumph of the resurrection

The Triumph of the Name of Jesus Christ by Giovanni Battista Gaulli, 1685

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—As Christians across the world celebrate some of the most important days in the history of mankind, we will take a close look at Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Sunday and also the second coming of Christ. In this series, we will also confront the subject of heaven and hell and discuss whether those places really exist of if they are simply figures of speech.

The topic that theologians refer to as the “rapture” or “snatching away” will not be discussed, since it is a very lengthy and complicated topic that deals more with doctrinal beliefs of an event that merely causes division amongst Christians.

The scriptures say that Good Friday was the day Jesus died, while Resurrection Sunday was the day He arose from the dead. The question we have to answer is, where did Christ go after he died? Before we answer this question, let’s look at the three different kinds of death: CONTINUE TO ARTICLE>>


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Russia warns against flexing muscle around North Korea

Sergei Lavrov

Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia cautioned against aggressive posturing in response to increasingly bellicose North Korean rhetoric on Friday, saying that it could spiral into violence.

“We are alarmed that along with the adequate reaction from the UN Security Council and the collective reaction of the international community, unilateral action is being taken around North Korea that involves increased military activity,” Lavrov told reporters after talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Leonid Kozhara.

Lavrov did not single out any specific country, but urged all sides involved in the Korean standoff to refrain from muscle-flexing. This appeared to be a reference to the recent flare-up in tensions between
Pyongyang and Washington in the wake of joint US-South Korean military exercises close to the border.

South Korea and the United States began annual large-scale military exercises, codenamed Key Resolve, on March 11. The drills involve 10,000 South Korean and 3,500 US troops. Prior to the exercises, Pyongyang threatened the United States with a preemptive nuclear strike amid warnings that it plans to terminate the Korean War Armistice Agreement.

It warned of retaliatory countermeasures if the United States and South Korea went ahead with the drills. The United States on Thursday dispatched two nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers on an “extended deterrence” practice run over South Korea.

US officials said the exercise should serve “to demonstrate very clearly the resolve of the United States to deter against aggression on the Korean Peninsula.”

North Korea responded on Friday by placing its strategic rocket forces on standby to strike US and South Korean targets.

Source: Ria Novosti


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US-Brazil ties strengthened through new university center


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S.-Brazil ties grew a little closer this month with the opening of Columbia University of New York’s new Global Center in Rio de Janeiro.The 2,500-square-foot (232-square-meter) facility in the heart of the city’s commercial center will serve as a hub for Columbia University programs throughout Brazil and will explore collaboration with Brazilian universities in education, public health, journalism and sustainability. Professor Thomas Trebat will head the new center.

Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King’s College. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of New York and the fifth-oldest in the United States. The university views a network of global centers as the next step in its long history as an international research university, and now operates eight around the world. In addition to Rio, they are located in: Santiago, Chile; Nairobi, Kenya; Beijing; Paris; Istanbul; Mumbai, India; and Amman, Jordan.

In her remarks March 20 at the opening of the Rio Global Center, Rebecca Blank, acting U.S. secretary of commerce, said the center represents the “next natural stage in the U.S.-Brazil relationship.”

“From a foundation of robust exchange in goods, services and investments — all of which will continue to grow — we are now moving into sharing knowledge, ideas and innovation,” Blank said.

“Prior to the establishment of this center,” Blank said, “the ties between Columbia University’s faculty and Brazil’s scholars were already flourishing.” The new global center, she said, will deepen that relationship.

Blank added: “Leaders in both of our nations are beginning to understand the need for this type of outreach from our knowledge communities. … Both President Obama and President [Dilma] Rousseff know that investing in education is crucial if we want to make sure that the next generation — tomorrow’s workforce — is equipped with the skills they need to lead.”

“It’s particularly important,” Blank said, “that our young people learn to understand and operate in a global world. This means they need to feel comfortable in countries other than their own.”

According to Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, “The driving principle of the Columbia global centers always has been to foster academic collaboration across national boundaries, discover new knowledge and address challenges facing our society by connecting students and faculty on our home campuses in New York City to partners around the world.”

Bollinger added: “It is fitting that Rio de Janeiro, a truly global capital, completes the initial phase in the evolution of Columbia global centers, and we look forward to working here in ways that not only deepen our own understanding of Brazil and South America but enhance our contributions to life and learning.”


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Offensive force for DR Congo created by UN Security Council

UN troops

Newscast Media KINSHASA—The Security Council has approved the first “offensive” UN force to battle rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Deutsche Welle. The resolution gave the 2,500-troop force orders to “neutralize” and “disarm” armed groups like M23, in the east of the country. The brigade and surveillance drones to monitor the Democratic Republic of Congo’s borders will be operating by July, UN
officials said.

The force will act “in a robust, highly mobile and versatile manner and in strict compliance with international law,” according to the resolution, to “prevent the expansion of all armed groups, neutralize these groups, and to disarm them.”

The brigade will comprise three infantry battalions, one artillery and one special forces and a reconnaissance company with headquarters in Goma, the North Kivu provincial capital. The UN campaign aims to end conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo’s border regions with Rwanda and Uganda.

According to Reuters, South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi are the most likely candidates to supply the troops for the intervention unit. Mozambique had also been tipped to be part of the new unit but it will likely not be part of the new brigade.

The resolution also states that the intervention brigade will be made up of three infantry battalions, one artillery and one special force and reconnaissance company headquartered in Goma under the direct command of the U.N. Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, known as MONUSCO.


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Obama meets African leaders to strengthen US-Africa ties

(L-R: Barack Obama, Joyce Banda, Macky Sall, José Maria Pereira Neves and Ernest Bai Koroma)

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—US President Barack Obama will meet today leaders from sub-Saharan Africa to stress the importance of strengthening US ties with the Continent. The White House announced that four African leaders would meet the president on Thursday March 28, at the White House.

“President Obama looks forward to welcoming President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, President Macky Sall of Senegal, President Joyce Banda of Malawi, and Prime Minister José Maria Pereira Neves of Cape Verde to the White House on Thursday, March 28,” the statement read. “The five leaders will discuss strengthening democratic institutions across sub-Saharan Africa, and building on Africa’s democratic progress to generate increased economic opportunities and expanded trade and investment,” the White House said.

According to the White House, the visit of these four leaders underscores the strategic importance the President places on building partnerships and substantive engagement with sub-Saharan Africa, and our commitment to working with strong and emerging African democracies.

The Brookings Institute, an American think tank based in Washington D.C., says these selective meetings with African leaders have not only served to advance American interests in Africa, but have also been used to tacitly communicate the administration’s expectations of democratic reforms in Africa and to reward those countries that have made advances in the cause of democracy and human rights.

Research by Brookings reveals the following about each of the chosen countries:

Cape Verde

Of all the African countries whose leaders will be visiting the White House next week, Cape Verde stands out with respect to its robust institutions and good governance. In addition to continued entrenchment of the rule of the law, Cape Verde has also been consistent in instituting reforms necessary to sustain high rates of economic growth. Its indicators of political rights, civil liberties, and freedom of information are among the highest in Africa. President Fonseca won in a multi-party election in August 2011 in Cape Verde, taking over from Pedro Verona Rodrigues Pires, who stepped down as president after serving two terms. President Pires was the 2011 winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, which is awarded to former African leaders with a demonstrated record of good governance. Finally, Cape Verde has had a 20-year record of a multi-party democracy.


Senegal also scores high on various indicators of governance and has a good track record of free and fair elections. President Macky Sall was elected in April last year after defeating the incumbent president, Abdoulaye Wade, who had sought a third term in office after manipulating the country’s constitution in order to be eligible to run for a third term. The rejection of Wade by the country’s voters signifies the maturity of Senegal as a democracy and in part explains the inclusion of President Sall attending next Thursday’s White House meeting.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone and Malawi do not score as high as Cape Verde and Senegal in terms of good governance. However, the democratic trajectory in these countries over the past few years has been positive. President Koroma of Sierra Leone was first elected in 2007 and reelected in 2012. Although the country’s democracy is a work in progress, the nation has emerged from a devastating conflict, which lasted from 1991-2002, and its transition to a democratically-elected leader and the maintenance of peace are significant.


Joyce Banda, who was previously the vice president of Malawi, became president in April last year following the death of then-president, Bingu wa Mutharika. While Malawi has had a good track record of democratic reforms, there was a serious erosion of democracy during the last few years of Mutharika’s rule as he became increasingly authoritarian. At the time of his death, Mutharika had isolated his country from many of its international development and foreign aid partners. Banda’s rise to the presidency is significant in that after Mutharika’s death, his close allies in the government sought to deny Banda the constitutional right to assume the presidency. However, the provisions of the constitution were upheld, which is a credit to the people of Malawi and the country’s democratic institutions. President Banda also
represents one of two female presidents in Africa, which is a sign of increasing political inclusion. Banda has also started to rebuild the Malawi’s relationships with the international community.

In order for the meeting to be fruitful, analysts say the leaders should urge Barack Obama to focus more on commercial engagement for the mutual benefit of Africa and the United States. The African leaders should also make a case for U.S. to increase its support of Africa’s regional integration project as well as addressing its huge infrastructure deficit and energy poverty.


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China’s marriage with Africa is a lifetime relationship

Chinese labor

Newscast Media DURBAN—Chinese President Xi Jinping said Thursday that the China-Africa relationship will never cease its development and that China is ready to elevate and broaden its ties with Africa.

“The development of China-Africa ties can only be in present continuous tense, and never in present perfect tense,” Xi said at a breakfast meeting with African leaders.

“We are ready to work with African countries to push our ties to a higher level and expand them to a broader area,” said Xi, who arrived here Tuesday to attend the fifth BRICS summit, which was joined by African leaders for the first time. Xi noted that Africa is now in a new critical stage in its pursuit of peace and development.

With a prospering economy and new efforts made in seeking strength from unity, Africa has achieved growing international standing. Meanwhile, it also faces many challenges, Xi said.

“I am confident that, as long as it maintains peace and stability, and actively explores a development path that suits its own conditions, Africa will undoubtedly embrace a brighter future,” he said.

The Chinese president said with the international situation undergoing profound and complex changes, China-Africa ties face unprecedented opportunities for development, as well as many challenges that come with new circumstances and new issues.

No matter how the international landscape may change, China will stick to the friendly policy toward Africa, stay forever as a reliable friend and sincere partner of Africa, and strive to make greater contribution to the African cause of peace and development, Xi said.

The Chinese president pledged China will be a steadfast guardian of Africa’s peace and stability, a steadfast promoter of Africa’s prosperity and development, a steadfast supporter in Africa’s pursuit of strength through unity, and a steadfast advocate for Africa in its efforts to seek equal participation in international affairs.

“We are calling on the international community to work together to play a constructive role in Africa’s pursuit of peace and development,” Xi said.

African leaders also spoke highly of the traditional friendship between Africa and China, voicing hopes of drawing on China’s success of development and strengthening Africa-China cooperation.


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N. Korea warns of nuclear war due to foreign provocation

North Korea

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—North Korea says it is informing the United Nations of an imminent nuclear war on the Korean peninsula due to provocation from Seoul and Washington.

“Our people and army are entering the final stage of preparations for war against the United States to defend their country’s dignity and sovereignty,” the North Korean foreign ministry said in a Tuesday statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the KCNA also reported that top North Korean leaders are scheduled to meet in the coming days to make a decision on an “important” issue.

According to the agency, the Political Bureau of the Communist Party’s Central Committee will hold its meeting before the end of March in a move to “discuss and decide an important issue for victoriously advancing the Korean revolution.”

The date of the meeting and the issue to be discussed have not been specified, yet. However, analysts in South Korea believe decisions on international relations, security and also the reshuffling of personnel will be made at the meeting.

This comes as in a separate statement on Tuesday, the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army said that it has elevated its artillery and strategic missile forces to “combat-ready posture,” adding that it was ready to strike US territory.

North Korea said it would “show off our army and people’s stern reaction to safeguard our sovereignty and the highest dignity through military actions.”

In reaction to the comments, Pentagon spokesman George Little said that, “We are concerned by any threat raised by the North Koreans,” adding, “We take everything they say and everything they do very seriously. They need to stop threatening peace—that doesn’t help anyone.”

On March 11, Seoul and Washington launched a week-long annual joint military maneuver near the Korean Peninsula despite warnings from Pyongyang. The maneuver involved 10,000 South Korean soldiers and about 3,000 US troops.

Source: Press TV

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Priebus wrong: GOP should appeal to its conservative base

Republican Party

by Bethany Blankley

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—Reince Priebus and other Republicans should step aside and let a leader emerge who understands that the base of the Republican Party (GOP) and the majority of Americans are conservative. His approach to spend $10 million on a marketing campaign to reach women, minorities, and gays is foolhardy.

Here’s why.

First, he wrongly assumes that the GOP excludes women and minorities. It doesn’t. The problem with the Republican Party is leadership and message—not race or gender. The ideals that the GOP has always embraced-free market principles and constitutional government-are not exclusive to white men. Free enterprise benefits everyone.

Most Americans do not realize that having an income of $34k puts that earner in the global one percent. This includes immigrants, minorities, and women who live and work in America, where their property is protected, markets are regulated and respected, and government is representative and freer than other countries. For example, Mexicans don’t come to America because quality of living is better in Mexico.

They come because of the numerous opportunities capitalism affords them. Republican leaders should consistently point out that President Obama’s policies are hurting women and minorities. Under his leadership, government dependency has increased black unemployment to 14.3 percent and the Latino poverty rate to 28 percent.

Second, more Americans identify with being conservative, than as moderate or liberal, and 69 percent of these conservatives identify with being a Republican. Furthermore, there are more conservatives than moderates by a 3 to 1 margin within the Republican Party.

Republican leaders cannot ignore the fact that while there is a broad mix of conservatives, moderates, and liberals amidst American political culture, conservatives continue to remain the largest group. Being a conservative is not a bad word. The socio-political philosophy to preserve traditional social institutions is just misunderstood because there is more than one kind of conservative in America.

Libertarian conservatives seek to advance laissez-faire policies, eschew any kind of economic intervention like national bank and business regulations, and oppose environmental regulations and welfare subsidies.

Fiscal conservatives are mostly concerned with government spending and debt. Cultural conservatives want to preserve America’s heritage, strongly believe in traditional values, and often have a sense of nationalism.

Social conservatives desire to maintain traditional values as well, but hold fast to the idea that government must enforce these traditional values/behaviors through civil law or regulation.

Religious conservatives apply the teachings of their faith to civil society, attempting to influence laws.

Unfortunately, the 2012 Republican primaries revealed that there was no one candidate that conservatives could support. In fact, the lead in a USA Today/Gallup GOP national poll changed nine times between May 2011 and February 2012. It wasn’t until August 2012 that Romney emerged as the party’s candidate. Not only did he lose the election by five percentage points, but Republicans lost seats in the Senate.

Republicans lost because they failed to appeal to their base. They did not focus on electing conservative candidates, did not have a consistent conservative message, and did not have leaders in the Republican Party who were willing to identify conservative principles and stick to them.

Without a strong leader, there is no clear message. Without a clear message, few can understand what the Republican Party actually does represent. By not defining itself from the onset, the RNC allowed their opponents and the media to redefine them, which proved to be their downfall.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Priebus’s approach is that it won’t work. Building a political strategy on cultural whims only gambles with the nation’s future for unguaranteed short-term gains. As James Taranto wrote, “A politics built around racial polarization and competition between sexes – around revenge against ‘white males’ – may win some elections, but it cannot deliver a bright future … it portends the decline of civilization.”

Republicans should-and can-broaden their base to reach as many people as possible-but not through racial pandering and polarization. They must emphasize the benefits of limited government and traditional values as imperative for the nation’s future.

Bethany Blankley writes about religious, political, and cultural issues from a biblical perspective and
appears on national television and radio as a political pundit. She received her postgraduate degree in
Christian Ethics from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and resides in New York. You can follow
her at


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Deadly virus specimen goes missing in Texas laboratory



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Japan spreads its tentacles to Africa through financial aid


Newscast Media TOKYO—First it was the Europeans who scrambled for Africa in a race for its resources. After African countries got independence for colonialists, China descended upon the Continent to extract the resources, at giveaway prices. Now Japan wants a piece of the pie, and is offering African rulers financial aid, in exchange for the rich resources. Africa is the only continent in the world that does not protect its resources, and allows every other country to come in, and strip away its treasures.

No other continent or country would do such a thing, yet Africa doesn’t seem to be mindful of the reality that it is making other nations wealthy, while it gets poorer to a point where African nations rely on aid from Europe and America for survival.

Tokyo plans to provide extra aid to African states to foster stability on the continent, but also to give Japanese companies a better foothold so they do not slip further behind China in the economic diplomacy stakes.

The emergence of China as the world’s second-largest economy dented Japanese national pride but, more importantly, Beijing’s aggressive search for new markets and new allies in areas that were previously well beyond its traditional reach has put Chinese firms in the driving seat when it comes to trade deals.

And those deals, linked to lavish aid from Beijing, mean that Chinese companies are securing rights to increasingly scarce natural resources, including the rare earth minerals that are required for state-of-the-art technology such as the lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars.

Equally, 85 percent of the platinum used in Japan, primarily in the auto industry, and 67 percent of the manganese, comes from Africa. If Japanese firms are not able to secure guaranteed supplies of such resources, then industry here could be left floundering in the wake thrown up by Chinese companies.

Fumio Kishida, the Japanese foreign minister, announced that his country will provide an additional $550 million in new aid at a meeting of donor countries held in Ethiopia on March 16.

Officially, the funds are designed to be used to combat terrorism in Africa and were approved by Tokyo in the aftermath of the attack by fundamentalists on the Tigantourine gas production plant, near the Algerian town of In Amenas, in January. The crisis ended with the death of at least 69 people, of whom 39 were foreign hostages.

Of all the foreign nationalities represented at the plant – operated jointly by Britain’s BP, Norwegian firm Statoil and Algeria’s state-run oil company Sonatrach – Japan suffered the highest number of casualties. Ten of the 17 employees of Yokohama-based engineering firm JGC who were taken hostage died at the hands of their captors or in the ensuing battle to end the stand-off.

At the same time, however, the government emphasized that it would maintain its policy of encouraging and assisting Japanese companies to get a foothold in “the promising investment destinations” that make up the African market.

And few doubt the scale of the economic potential that lies in the 54 countries that make up the continent. But while the government of Japan and domestic companies have until now been slow to take advantage of the opportunities, other nations – South Korea as well as China – have been aggressively ramping up their presence in a continent that has traditionally been more of a market for geographically closer European countries.

“Many Japanese companies have not yet devised the best way to go about setting up their business in Africa and, until now, have simply approached Africa through the big trading firms,” said James Kuria, head of Africa Business Development at Deloitte Tohmatsu Trading Co. in Tokyo.

“But by using agents, that meant they did not know the market themselves as they were not direct participants in the market place and thus lacked direct interaction with consumers,” he said. “We are moving away from that model now, because it was expensive and firms want to smooth the chain by doing away with the middle man.”

China is far ahead of Japan in terms of investment in Africa. There is some catching up to be done, however, as South Korean firms Samsung and LG already control 60 percent of the television market; Samsung has set itself a target of selling $10 billion worth of products in Africa in 2015, putting the market on a par with its business in China.

These aggressive expansion efforts throughout Africa have forced Japan to reconsider its attitudes towards the continent. The TICAD initiative, which has been held every five years since 1993, has taken on a new importance for Tokyo and at the last meeting, in 2008, Tokyo promised to double its aid to the continent to $1.8 billion by 2012.

On top of the $550 million for security, Japan will unveil an even larger package of assistance at the meeting, the importance of which is underlined by the fact that it will involve ministers and officials from nearly 70 countries, as well as a similar number of international organizations, and be hosted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Source: Radio Deutsche Welle


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Man jailed for nonpayment of child support yet child not his


by Rachel Alexander
Rachel Alexander, an attorney, is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative.

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The feminists have ratcheted up the laws against men to such an outrageous level that paternity fraud is not just ignored, but routinely rubber stamped by the courts. Whether one agrees with the concept of child support or not, virtually everyone can agree that jailing men for child support over children who are not theirs is morally wrong. Men are routinely sent to jail for falling behind on paying child support, even though debtors’ prisons in the U.S. were mostly eliminated in the mid-nineteenth century.

The family courts and laws are set up in such a way that makes it very easy for a mother to collect child support, and very difficult for a man to avoid it. If a couple was married, the default law is that the man will be required to pay child support for any child born while they were married. In order for a man who isn’t the father to escape this outcome, he must obtain a paternity test and take a series of legal steps in court. Most states only allow a short window of time for a man to do this. If a man is not aware of the child, which he may not be if his wife or former wife doesn’t notify him of the child right away, he loses all chance to fight the child support, and will be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the next 18 years until the child becomes an adult.

Courts routinely order these judgments even if the man is unaware what is going on. A March 2003 Urban Institute study commissioned by the California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) found that “most noncustodial parents appear to be served by ‘substitute’ service, rather than personal service, which suggests that noncustodial parents may not know that they have been served.”

Judges and prosecutors are fully aware of the DNA tests exonerating these men, but still rule against them. They hold men to super high technical standards that are not equally applied against women. Women can make all kinds of mistakes in court obtaining child support, and the courts will look the other way or help them. Men are not treated equally. Many fathers who find themselves in this situation are not wealthy, connected, or familiar with the law. I am an attorney and still have a difficult time figuring out how to file things correctly in family court.

An honest woman would never force a man to give her money for a child that was not his, but the family law system has been set up by feminists to punish men and make women feel good about taking child support from them.

Leigh Adelmann, a father of four from Arizona, remarried a few years ago. His second wife was three months pregnant. After being briefly married, his second wife moved out, telling him she needed space to think. She moved back in when she was eight months pregnant and had the baby. After giving birth, she left again, and filed for divorce three years later. The entire time, Leigh thought the child was his. She listed him as the father on the birth certificate. In 2010, she confessed to Leigh that the child was not his. She moved to Missouri and obtained an order for monthly child support of $910 from Leigh.

Leigh’s first ex-wife, who makes a six-figure income and is remarried, insisted on receiving $2,000 each month in child support for their children, even though they both share custody of their children. Default child support orders assume that fathers are working full-time at minimum wage pay level or above. In reality, state audits reveal that 80 percent of default dads don’t even make that. Leigh is a self-employed contractor in the construction business, and when the economy went sour, he got behind on child support to the two women. By the time all the child support and arrears had amassed last year, he was required to pay $4,800 monthly in child support to the two women. The absurdity of this can be seen when contrasted with the average income in Arizona, which is only $2,140 per month.

On October 25, 2012, Leigh was arrested for a warrant out of Missouri for failure to pay child support, and extradited by law enforcement to a jail in Missouri. His second ex-wife had applied for welfare in Missouri, and in return the state issued warrants for Leigh and her first ex-husband, who was also behind in child support. This was strange since it is virtually unheard of for a state to extradite anyone but the most violent criminals from other states. Usually a perpetrator must have committed a serious felony for a state to spend all the money to transport and house him. Even more bizarre was that both the courts and prosecutors in Missouri and Arizona were well aware that the child was not Leigh’s, because I filed briefs on his behalf in both courts and informed them. Leigh recently found from the Arizona court that it is too late for him to dispute paternity.

After three months in the Missouri jail, Leigh was released. He is trying desperately to keep up with the child support payments (and last week was able to get the child support order to his first ex-wife reduced), but is terrified he will not be able to keep up and the Missouri court will throw him back in jail. His friends set up a website to raise money for Leigh’s legal defense at

It is astonishing that women can force child support from their innocent ex-husbands without a conscience. Those children will suffer emotional damage growing up knowing they’ve been used as a tool of revenge to hurt someone. It risks giving sons a low view of women, possibly turning them into women-hating misogynists. Leigh’s ex-wife could easily remove his name from the birth certificate and end all of this. One childless friend of mine did not find out from his ex-wife until a year after her child was born that she was pregnant. By then, it was too late to object to child support in court. He was required to pay child support until the child had grown up, even though he had no interaction with her.

Brandon Parsons, a Marine who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, is forced to pay one-third of his salary to his ex-wife for another man’s child. The court refused to reconsider the order because Brandon did not file the paternity legal pleadings with the court until two years after the child was born.

Even if the courts rule in a man’s favor, the state may still come after him for unpaid child support. A court in Maine ruled that Geoffrey Fisher no longer had to pay child support for a child that was not his. However, the state revoked his driver’s license and came after him for $11,450 in child support. When a man gets behind in child support, the state may cut off any of his licenses, including any professional licenses he may need to earn a living like teaching credentials and state bar memberships.

The tide is slowly turning in some places. Some states have passed paternity fraud legislation, although most of the laws are too weak to make much of a difference. In 2004, the California Court of Appeals ruled in County of Los Angeles v. Navarro that a six-month statute of limitations did not apply to set aside an old default judgment against a paternity fraud victim. Some fathers are obtaining justice by suing for damages, instead of trying to retroactively modify paternity and child support. In Tennessee, a court awarded damages in Hodge v. Craig to a man equal to the child support he’d paid over the past 15 years, under the common law remedy of intentional misrepresentation. Richard Rodwell, a British man whose wife fooled him into thinking children she had through affairs were his, was awarded $40,000 in damages in February from a lawsuit he filed against her.

These were the few fortunate men who had the resources to fight the system. In order to try and achieve justice, it requires a lot of money, time and perseverance by paternity fraud victims to maneuver the complex court system that is biased towards mothers. This situation can be fixed by holding the biological father responsible for child support, not the innocent man dragged into this by a greedy and ruthless ex-wife. Right now women are not prosecuted for paternity fraud. They should be, because it would stop a lot of the bad behavior. It is brutally unfair as well as sexist towards men, that a mother can decide she does not want a child, and abort the child or place it after being born at a fire station, deserting the child with no consequences.

She will never be required to pay child support. A man does not have that option. He cannot even stop the child from being aborted. It takes two people to have sex. Both should be treated equally under the
law, instead of forcing men to act as a welfare system for women.


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Senate Democrats pass budget with $ 1 trillion tax increase

US Capitol, Washington DC --Photo by Joseph Earnest

by Anugrah Kumar

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—The Senate has adopted by a razor-thin margin its first budget in four years, a $3.7 trillion blueprint for 2014 that embraces nearly $1 trillion in tax increases over the coming decade while protecting domestic programs House Republicans have targeted for cuts.

None of the Republicans voted for the Senate plan, and even four Democrats voted against it, all of who face re-election next year: Sens. Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mark Pryor of Arkansas. Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey abstained from voting.

“The Senate has passed a budget,” the Senate Budget Committee chairwoman, Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, declared at 4:56 a.m. on Saturday. The budget plan was passed by a 50-49 vote after debates on scores of symbolic amendments that began Friday afternoon continued for about 13 hours.

Unlike the Republican plan from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, which would balance the budget over the coming decade through steep cuts, the Senate plan seeks to revoke $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts mainly through the savings.

Neither of the plans is likely to pass in the opposing chamber, and Congress continues to face sharp differences over reducing U.S. deficits.

“The Senate passed a budget plan that will create jobs and cut the deficit in a balanced way,” the White House said in a statement. “Like the president’s plan, the Senate budget cuts wasteful spending, makes tough choices to strengthen entitlements, and eliminates special tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthiest Americans to reduce the deficit.”

“We have presented very different visions for how our country should work and who it should work for,” The Associated Press quoted Sen. Murray as saying. “But I am hopeful that we can bridge this divide.”

However, Sen. Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, said, “The House budget changes our debt course, while the Senate budget does not.” He added, “I believe we’re in denial about the financial condition of our country. Trust me, we’ve got to have some spending reductions.”

Sen. Murray said she would try to work with Ryan on a path toward compromise.

“While it is clear that the policies, values, and priorities of the Senate budget are very different than those articulated in the House budget, I know the American people are expecting us to work together to end the gridlock and find common ground, and I plan to continue doing exactly that,” Reuters quoted her as saying.

The government’s borrowing limit will need to be extended again this summer to avert a default, which would lead to fierce negotiations. In April, President Obama is expected to release his budget plan, which could indicate how far his party would like to go in negotiations with Republicans. Though non-binding, the amendments senators considered late Friday and early Saturday indicated the political mood.

The amendments voted for include giving states more powers to collect sales taxes on online purchases from out-of-state Internet companies, supporting elimination of the $2,500 annual cap on flexible spending account contributions imposed by Obama’s health care overhaul, and charging regular postal rates for mailings by political parties. The senators also endorsed the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that is to pump oil from Canada to Texas refineries.


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Pope Francis has Mass with Vatican gardeners and cleaners

Pope Francis

Newscast Media VATICAN CITY—When we have a heart of stone it happens that we pick up real stones and stone Jesus Christ in the person of our brothers and sisters, especially the weakest of them. Pope Francis said this, commenting on the day’s Readings during the Mass he celebrated on Friday morning in the Chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

It was a simple celebration to which the Pope invited employees of the garden and cleaning services of the Governorate of Vatican City State. He gave them a brief homily, focused in particular on the Gospel passage of John which recounts the episode of the Jews who wanted to stone Jesus.

Among those who appeared were Cardinale Raúl Eduardo Vela Chiriboga, Archbishop emeritus of Quito, Ecuador, Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary of the College of Cardinals and of the Congregation for Bishops, Mons. Alfred Xuereb and Mons. Battista Ricca, Director of the Domus.

Also present were sisters of three communities of women religious who work in Vatican City: the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul of the Santa Marta Paediatric Dispensary; the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary – Ravasco Institute of the Casa San Benedetto, the home for retired apostolic nuncios; and the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Temple – who come from Krakow – of the Holy Father’s private storeroom.


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Barack Obama to Israelis: Palestinians deserve statehood

Barack Obama

Newscast Media JERUSALEM—In a speech to the Israeli people, President Obama said they are not alone in facing their security concerns, but that peace is the only path to the true security of their country and the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and justice must be recognized.

Speaking March 21 at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, Obama told an audience of primarily young Israelis that their country is “at a crossroads,” and they can permanently secure the dream of Israel’s founders or face a growing challenge to their country’s future.

“Given the demographics west of the Jordan River, the only way for Israel to endure and thrive as a Jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable Palestine,” he said.

Israelis have built a prosperous nation and established a thriving democracy “in this small strip of land that has been the center of so much of the world’s history” while also overcoming relentless threats to their security. Their country “is rooted not just in history and tradition, but also in a simple and profound idea: the idea that people deserve to be free in a land of their own,” he said.

But the president urged Israelis to consider the world through the eyes of Palestinians, and said, “Neither occupation nor expulsion is the answer. Just as Israelis built a state in their homeland, Palestinians have a right to be a free people in their own land.”

He said it is clear that negotiations will ultimately lead to two states for two peoples, with Palestinians recognizing that “Israel will be a Jewish state and that Israelis have the right to insist upon their security,” and Israelis recognizing that “continued settlement activity is counterproductive to the cause of peace, and that an independent Palestine must be viable with real borders that have to be drawn.”

Obama also said the days of Israel’s Arab neighbors condemning the Jewish state “to distract their people from a lack of opportunity or government corruption or mismanagement … need to be over,” and called for them to take steps toward normalizing relations with Israel.

The president said Israelis “live in a neighborhood where many of your neighbors have rejected the right of your nation to exist,” and their children “grow up knowing that people they’ve never met may hate them because of who they are.”

For that reason, Israel’s security “cannot be taken for granted.” But Obama said that “so long as there is a United States of America … you are not alone.”

The president asked audience members to think of ways to build trust with their neighbors, and said young Palestinians, Egyptians and others may “seem a world away,” but share the same goals as their counterparts in Israel.

“They want the ability to make their own decisions and to get an education, get a good job, to worship God in their own way, to get married, to raise a family,” he said. Peace begins “not just in the plans of leaders, but in the hearts of people,” and they must push their political leaders to get them to take risks.
“You must create the change that you want to see,” Obama said. “Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.”


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Assad: Syria is engaged in battle of will and steadfastness

Syria's Assad

Newscast Media DAMASCUS—Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that what has been going on in Syria would not “weaken us”, stressing that the battle is a battle of will and steadfastness.

In a surprise visit to the Educational Centre for Fine Arts, Assad honored the families of students who were martyred during terrorist attacks.

“Today Syria as a whole is wounded. No one did not lose one of his relatives, a brother, father or a mother. However, all of this wouldn’t equal the loss of a son.

“Nevertheless, what happens to could not weaken us and the battle is a battle of will and steadfastness, and in as much as we remain strong, we could protect the others of the Homeland’s sons,” President al-Assad said.

Assad listened to the families’ requests and their suffering as they lost their sons, instructing the Education Ministry to meet the families’ demands.

Later, President Assad and wife received the families of teachers whom Syrians say were martyred while giving their sacred educational duty during lessons.

“Our message to Syria’s enemies will be through continuing the way of those teachers and martyrs and achieve their goal; a strong Syria in the face of ignorance.”


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Netanyahu: We are masters of our own fate in our own state

Benjamin Netanyahu

Newscast Media JERUSALEM—During his visit to Israel, Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put their differences aside and agreed to cooperate in resolving tension between Israel and the Arab world. Netanyahu said that his country could not cede its right to self defense to others, with visiting US President Barack Obama re-assuring his enduring support for the security of the Jewish State.

“Today we have both the right and the capability to defend ourselves. As you said earlier today, the essence of the State of Israel, the essence of the rebirth of the Jewish state, is the fulfillment of the age-old dream of the Jewish people: to be masters of our fate in our own state,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

“That is why I know that you appreciate that Israel never cede the right to defend ourselves to others, even to the greatest of our friends, and Israel has no better friend than the United States of America. Thank you for unequivocally affirming Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself by itself against any threat,” he added.

Mr. Obama said his commitment to Israel is non-negotiable.

“As leaders, our most solemn responsibility is the security of our people. That’s job number 1. My job as President of the United States is first and foremost is to keep the American people safe. Bibi, as Prime Minister, your first task is to keep the people of Israel safe. And Israel’s security needs are truly unique, as I’ve seen myself.

“As President I have therefore made it clear America’s commitment to the security of the State of Israel as a solemn obligation, and the security of Israel is non-negotiable” Obama emphasized.

Obama also pledged $200 million this fiscal year to help Israel fund the Iron Dome.

“As a result of decisions that I made last year Israel will receive approximately $200 million this fiscal year and we will continue to work with Congress on future funding of Iron Dome,” Obama said.

In regard to Iran, Obama said that he prefers to resolve the nuclear issue diplomatically, but said the military option was not ruled out and that all options were on the table in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Last week Tehran responded to threats of a military strike against it by declaring that all its options were on the table too.


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Russia: Syrian rebels used chemical weapons in Aleppo


Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia says it has information that proves armed groups fighting against the Syrian government used chemical weapons in an attack on a village in the northern city of Aleppo in which 25 civilians were killed.

“A case of the use of chemical weapons by the armed opposition was recorded early in the morning of March 19 in Aleppo province,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement shortly after the attack.

According to Syria’s official news agency SANA, at least 25 people were killed and many others injured after terrorists fired missiles containing “poisonous gases” into Aleppo’s Khan al-Assal village on Tuesday. Most of the casualties were women and children.

“We are very seriously concerned by the fact that weapons of mass destruction are falling into the hands of the rebels, which further worsens the situation in Syria and elevates the confrontation in the country to a new level,” the Russian statement said.

Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi described the terrorists’ use of chemical weapons as the “first act” by the so-called opposition interim government. He also said that Turkey and Qatar, which support militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, bore “legal, moral and political responsibility” for the chemical attack in the northern city of Aleppo.

The attack comes hours after Syria’s opposition National Coalition elected Ghassan Hitto, a former US-based IT executive, as prime minister for what it called an interim government. Foreign-backed militants, who had threatened to use chemical weapons against the army government forces and Assad supporters a few months ago, have denied using chemical weapons and accused government forces of being behind the attack.


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History Channel’s The Bible mini-series takes America by storm

Scene from Daniel in lion's den

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—In December 2012 as I was writing a docu-series on “The Morning Star Unveiled – Lucifer or Jesus Christ?” a friend opined that since the subject was religious by nature, if he were a journalist, he would not publish it. I ignored his input and published it. It became the most read article I have ever written in my journalism career. A few weeks later I followed up with “The Trinity Unveiled” which even surpassed the Morning Star in readership.

A few weeks ago, on February 28, the History Channel debuted the mini-series called The Bible directed by husband and wife team Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. The series has taken America by storm and has also baffled Hollywood and the media. It is breaking records as the most watched cable broadcast in the history of television.

This is proof that there is still a hunger for programs that emphasize core values and morality. I have included a recap of the series below for those who have not watched it yet. It will also be out on DVD and Blu Ray on April 2.

Recap of History Channel’s The Bible mini-series

Burnett who has produced shows like Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump, Family Guy, American Dad, Survivor and many others, has found a way of using his skills as a producer to convey his message to an audience, and as a Hollywood insider, he has put everything on the line since it is considered taboo in Tinseltown and also in the media to demonstrate one’s love or belief in God.

What I’ve learned about the phenomenon taking place, is that as people get older, if they were fortunate to have had core values instilled in them as youths, somehow, those values find ways of manifesting themselves for the good of mankind, without being puritanical. However, those who are constantly concerned about trying to fit in and be accepted in a heavily hedonistic culture, end up leading unproductive and unfulfilled lives, and in the end, their lives are just a giant experiment.

The Bible was initially supposed to be a “docu-drama” with experts explaining the scenes, but the shooting of the entire series in Morocco went so well, the producer decided to let each episode speak for itself. The result is a triumph in TV history of a subject that only the brave dare tackle.


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Hillary Clinton makes fatal error in her gay support announcement

Hillary Clinton

Newscast Media WASHINGTON—No sooner had Hillary Clinton made a public declaration that she supported and endorsed homosexual marriage, than members who are likely to be of her own party decided to conspire against her. The purpose is to sabotage her chances for a 2016 presidential run. Everybody knew that Clinton was pro gay because she attempted to push that agenda on African nations before she finally backed away.

After Clinton goes public, coincidentally, a hacker starts leaking private emails and communication that she engaged in over the years. The question everybody is asking is, “Where are the emails, and what is the content therein?”

Leaking the emails to the media will do no good, because the media fiercely protects Liberals, and will simply bury the story. So it makes no sense for the media to say that there are incriminating emails being floated around, while the same media itself is unwilling to reveal the contents.

One could argue that the reason the emails are not being released is because it would take the sting out of them, since 2016 is a little over two years ahead, so it would be best to use them during the 2016 election cycle to derail her.

That sounds logical, but who and why would anybody do this to Hillary? Why didn’t Hillary change her username and password every few months to protect her accounts? The people who could have had access to her email accounts are obviously former staffers, which means that amongst her staffers, there was a plant who gained access to her confidential communication. This will cause a great problem for the Democrats because Clinton already has enough baggage, and just as they sidelined her in 2008 and picked Barack Obama, an unknown and junior senator at the time, it would not be surprising if Democrats are already looking for a Clinton replacement because so much is at stake for them.

Republican strategists like Karl Rove, should they get their hands on these emails, (which they likely already have) would secretly plot with Hillary’s Democrat adversaries, to set up who the nominees of both parties will be, come 2016.

Sun Tzu in his Art of War said, “O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold our enemy’s fate in our hands.” (pg 33)

Barack Obama secretly hosts Papa Bush and Jeb Bush in the Oval Office - White House Photo

By coming out early and expressing her views on homosexuality, Hillary Clinton, in essence, put the Democrats on alert that she intended to run. That’s the M.O. Yet, she has also given her adversaries ammunition to use against her. If you notice, Jeb Bush asked CPAC 2013 organizers to exclude him from the straw poll.

“We asked not to be included,” Bush spokeswoman Jaryn Emhof said. “As Gov. Bush has said repeatedly, it is too early to think about 2016.”

It is also a known fact that Jeb Bush has already assembled a team of staffers, and has said that he does not rule out a presidential run in 2016.

Ask yourself this question, who do you think Obama would like to see replace him, Hillary Clinton, who felt the nomination was stolen from her, or Jeb Bush? If you’re Obama, you’re thinking: “Now, if Hillary becomes president, considering the dirty games I played to snatch the nomination from her in 2008, she could leak some of my files to the public to delegitimize me, since she’ll have access to all the classified information. Word is, her camp leaked all the Jeremiah Wright info and the Birther issue to the media. I could see a repeat of that if she becomes president. Nevertheless, I’ll just use her and her husband as my puppets, to help me push the gay agenda, since I promised the voters that after re-election, I would not push the gay issue.

“On the other hand, I’ve looked at all the files of Papa Bush and Dubya. They have just as much dirt as I have, so one of their own is a lot more likely to protect my files. In this case, I’ll stick with Jeb. However, in order to camouflage my support for all things Bush, every once in a while, I’ll put on a nice little side-show to fool the public by blaming Dubya for the economy, to make-believe that I am against the Bush family. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, I’ll flip the script, and wink at them. Heck, I’ll even secretly host Papa Bush and Jeb, to reassure the old man that his CIA files are secure and that Jeb is next in line–and the media will not even be aware of the visit nor will it be included in the White House logs.”

It has been Papa Bush’s wish to see his son Jeb run for president, and there is no doubt that Jeb will honor his father in his closing years, as any good son would do. The grandson George P. is already running for office here in Texas, and last year I wrote an extensive article called Bush Family: The Making Of A President, in which I featured Papa Bush publicly asserting he wants to see Jeb Bush as president of these United States.

Keep an eye on the “San Antonio twins” it will not be surprising if one of them gives Hillary the run for her money, because with Liberals, even if one has only been mayor of San Antonio, as long as the media promotes him, it can turn such a person into presidential material. Clinton made a fatal error by speaking out too soon, and now she’ll either have to abandon her own ship, if the contents of the leaked emails are damning to her, or she’ll have to find a way to convince Democrat operatives to overlook her flaws and instead say to her, “How great thou art!”


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Manufactured debt crisis–US has more than enough money

Money Talks

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—For the past few years, we’ve been led to believe that America has a debt crisis. A crisis is constantly being created where none exists. At the end of the year, the Obama administration was making a lot of noise about the fiscal cliff. It came and went—America was still intact. We then recently had to endure those who catastrophized the sequester.

“Are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their job because you want to protect some special interest tax loophole?” Obama asked Republicans. “Are you willing to have teachers laid off, or kids not have access to Head Start, or deeper cuts in student loan programs just because you want to protect a special tax interest loophole that the vast majority of Americans don’t benefit from? That’s the choice, that’s the question.” he added.

Meanwhile, the national debt continues to grow. Both Republicans and Democrats do not seem to be interested in balancing the budget. Someone suggested that if Obama really wanted to see the budget balanced, he would give the congressmen and senators an ultimatum: “Balance the budget, or else you don’t get a salary.” With such a strong stance, the budget would be balanced.

Speaker Boehner had this to say about the deficit: “Without a plan to control spending and balance the budget, our national debt will keep piling up on the backs of our children and grandchildren; our most important safety net programs will grow weaker and weaker, and the prospects for long-term economic growth will dim.”

The New York Times has a piece comparing this manufactured debt crisis to the manufactured narrative about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. Paul Krugman then asks and answers his own question: “So did our political elite and our news media learn from this experience? It sure doesn’t look like it.”

In regard to paying off the Federal/National debt, a retired judicial official who wishes to remain anonymous says the government is lying to the people.

“The money they have been borrowing since 1933 is not real money but “negotiable debt instruments,” which is the same thing as Monopoly money. This means that, in order to pay off the Federal/National debt, all they ever have to do is print a money order without any account numbers on it for the entire debt, sign it and present it to the lender [The Federal Reserve Bank] and the debt is paid in full!”


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