The Trinity Unveiled-Pagan Origin or Biblically Sound?

Bernini's Holy Trinity in Glory. God the Son is seen seated at the right hand side of God the Father, while the Holy Spirit is represented as a dove above them.

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas—Humans by nature are spiritual beings, regardless of who or what they choose to believe in. These beliefs can be traced back to the earliest civilizations in both Egypt and Sumeria. Out of these two, emerged different faiths and deities, most of which are still present even in the information age. The most controversial belief system, claims that Christianity’s symbolism has its roots in paganism, and is a derivative of the same. One cannot tackle the topic of the Trinity without dealing with “sun worship”—a practice that continues to this very day.

I will therefore present the findings from my research to my readers, and like a judge, I will make my ruling at the very end, having considered evidence from both sides. This topic has been deeply researched, therefore it will be a little bit longer than the usual articles I write. I will lay an extensive background, that will bring the article to a crescendo. CONTINUE TO ARTICLE>>