Native Kenyans vs Somalis riot in Nairobi-Kenya gets worse


Newscast Media NAIROBI—For the second day in a row, riots have rocked the Nairobi neighborhood of Eastleigh, also known as “Little Mogadishu” after a bomb attack on a minibus killed nine people in the area. Native Kenyans descended upon Eastleigh in Nairobi after suspecting the Somalis of engineering the attack that occurred on Sunday chanting, “Somalis must go! according to a Reuters reporter on the ground who wished to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

Sheik Mohammed Shakul, a spokesman for Muslim leaders, said such attacks are “barbaric and un-Islamic” and don’t represent Muslims.

“This terrorist wants to disrupt the Muslim/Christian and multi-ethnic coexistence that we have enjoyed in this country. Unfortunately some people are falling into the trap that the terrorists have planned,” Shakul said. “They want to cause a civil war between religions. Let’s cool our emotions,” the Miami Herald reported.

The BBC’s Duncan Munene in Nairobi says a strong contingent of police tried to prevent clashes between rival groups who are facing off against each other in the area. Kenyan police officers are using tear gas and guard dogs to contain the riots and looting in Eastleigh.

NBC has compiled a photo gallery below of the Nairobi riots: ENTER GALLERY OF KENYA-SOMALI RIOTS