Media running fake poll numbers to demoralize Republicans

Mitt Romney

by Rich Lowry – National Review

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—I asked a top Romney adviser what he makes of reports that the Romney campaign knows it’s losing and that Ohio is slipping out of reach (PPP has a new poll with Obama at 50 in the state:

“It’s horses**t. Nobody in Boston thinks we’re going to lose. We’re in a
tight race. We had a 4-5 point bounce after our convention and it
evaporated when they had theirs. Now they have a 4-5 bounce. It’s
going evaporate in September. We feel good about the map. We’re up
with advertising in Wisconsin and I think North Carolina is going to come
off the board. On Ohio, they’ve been spinning for months now that it’s
out of reach. There was a Columbus Post-Dispatch poll last week that
had it 45-45.

That’s a more accurate picture of the state of the play there than any
of the spin. PPP has these polls that just put chum in the water for the
media. Sometimes I think there’s a conscious effort between the media
and Chicago to get Republicans depressed. And I hope our friends realize
that all these media analysts out there are Democrats WHO WANT US TO
LOSE. And the more Washington DC controls our economy, the more
important inside-the-beltway publications are and the more money they

The 202 area code is dominated by people who will make more money if
Obama is reelected, so it’s not just an ideological thumb they’re putting
on the scale for him, it’s a business interest.

I actually think the other side is in a panic. You look at New Mexico
closing up. And they’re not above 50 in any of their target states. Look,
we’re raising money, they’re raising money, and it’s tight. This is a
dogfight. But the numbers actually point to a Romney win barring
something unforeseen.”