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Newt Gingrich: Arab Spring is really anti-Christian Spring

Newt Gingrich

by Stephanie Samuel

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said the Arab Spring and the Muslim campaign against Catholic University are symptoms of a growing anti-Christian climate, and pledged to defend religious freedom around the globe.

Speaking at a South Carolina fundraiser Saturday, Gingrich criticized the Obama administration’s involvement in the Arab Spring – the Middle East grassroots uprising that has overthrown longstanding authoritarian leaders such as Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak – arguing that such involvement is creating an atmosphere of hatred towards Christians.

“People say, ‘Oh isn’t this great, we’re having an Arab Spring,’” he said. “I think we may in fact be having an anti-Christian spring. I think people should take this [assertion] pretty soberly.”

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s 2011 report states that while “the Egyptian government engage in and tolerated religious freedom violations” before Mubarak stepped down in February, sectarian violence targeting Coptic Christians have grown unchecked following the Arab Spring.

The transitional government, the report noted, “has failed to protect religious minorities … during the transitional period when minority communities are increasing vulnerable.”

Additionally, persecution watchdog group Open Doors reported last week that Libya’s Christian minority are “keeping a low profile” since Gaddafi’s death at the hands of rebels.

Open Door USA President and CEO Carl Moeller said, “It is not very likely that the situation for the Christians will change quickly. The new government will likely be an Islamic government and for now, Christians will continue in the same way that they were used too.”


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The media raised Herman Cain’s profile for this moment

GOP candidate Herman Cain

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Herman Cain rose in the polls from obscurity to frontrunner in less than a month, facilitated by the mainstream media that courted him. This meteoric rise was very suspicious, and now it is apparent that all along the media knew they were raising his profile only to tear him down like they did John Edwards when they came out with the story about his love-child which Edwards vehemently denied, only to admit later on there indeed existed a love-child.

In Cain’s situation, POLITICO claims that two women allege they were sexually harassed by Herman Cain before he joined politics. This puts Cain in a position where he either has to deny or admit any such encounters happened. Cain has denied the allegations calling them baseless.

“I have never sexually harassed anyone, let’s say that. Secondly, I’ve never sexually harassed anyone, and yes, I was falsely accused while I was at the National Restaurant Association, and I say falsely, because it turned out, after the investigation, to be baseless,” Cain told FOX News.

Someone is lying. Either POLITICO fabricated the allegations in its publication with the intention of character assassinating Cain, or Cain’s denial is dishonest. Either way, the truth will indeed come out, and if it turns out that POLITICO fabricated these lies, they will lose their credibility as a news organization. If on the other hand it turns out that Cain is not being truthful, then his credibility as a presidential candidate will dissipate, so will his frontrunner status.

This is not the kind of press Cain needs just before the November 9, debate, and hopefully by then, this matter will be settled.

Below is the debate schedule:

November 9th, 2011 8pm ET on CNBC

Location: Oakland University in Rochester, MI
Sponsor: CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University

November 12th, 2011 Air Time TBD on CBS

Location: Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Sponsor: CBS News and the Republican Party of South Carolina

November 15th, 2011 8pm ET on CNN
Location: Washington, DC
Sponsor: CNN, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute

December 1st, 2011 Air time TBD on CNN
Location: Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona

December 10th, 2011 Air time TBD on ABC
Location: Des Moines, IA
Sponsor: ABC News and Republican Party of Iowa

December 15th, 2011 9pm ET on Fox News
Location: Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa
Sponsor: Fox News and Republican Party of Iowa

December 19th, 2011 4pm ET on PBS
Location: Iowa Public Television in Johnston, IA
Sponsor: The Des Moines Register, Iowa Public Television, PBS NEWSHOUR, Google and YouTube.


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Perry and Romney may not debate beyond Michigan’s November 9, debate

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — Having out-raised all the GOP candidates in fund since he got into the race, Rick Perry is the candidate with the ability to sustain his candidacy to the end of the GOP primaries, and go head-to-head with Mitt Romney, like we saw in 2008 between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. There is no doubt that Perry will not make it a cakewalk for any of the top tier candidates. In the Perry camp, there is also talk of Perry foregoing the remaining debates after the November 9, Michigan debate so he can concentrate on interpersonal campaigning which is his greatest strength.

Romney is having to thwart attacks from both the GOP side and from the Obama camp whose goal is to paint him as someone who cannot be trusted and will say anything to get elected for political office. Romney’s greatest hurdle in this campaign is to convince voters that he is an authentic conservative who will honor his campaign promises once elected.

Perry’s challenge is to raise his numbers back into the double digits to their previous percentages and he has two months to do it before voting begins. He would have to rely heavily on advertising in key states, and if possible create infomercials air them in the early hours of the morning when airtime is inexpensive, like fitness gurus and religious leaders do. This will allow Perry to define himself rather than let the media or his opponents do it for him.

In regard to Ron Paul, he is using viral marketing to get his message out. The Internet permeates every aspect of society, so Paul and his grassroots are depending on word-of-mouth of the Internet and are going viral. This yet again is a cost-effective way for one to get one’s message out to the multitudes, since the mainstream media typical ignores Ron Paul. It is now the “alternative media” that Paul is hanging his hat on to get him to finish line.

Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann have the same problem. Their relationships with their campaign staff lack depth and are shallow, the evidence of which is that they are being abandoned by their staff members, who have no loyalty to the candidates. If the people close to them do not feel a connection to, or are uninspired by their messages, it is a reflection of how much trouble they will have in this campaign as they attempt to sell their messages to the American voters.

Because voting is an emotional event, and because both Gingrich and Bachmann are having trouble feeling the pulse of voters, such a problem that taps into the inner core of voters is a defect that is fatal, and has no cure at this late juncture in the game. Only a miracle from heaven can reverse the fortunes of the two candidates.

As for Herman Cain, I’ve said before that even though he is polling well, he cannot rely on the numbers because they seem to be superficially inflated, either to give him false hope or to demoralize some of the other candidates into dropping out of the race. Cain is currently on a book tour and may be making a the mistake of resting on his laurels far too soon, due to his favorable poll numbers.

Now is the Seabiscuit moment

Seabiscuit was a thoroughbred horse that inspired the movie Seabiscuit. Its original owners sensed the horse had potential, and it went on to win a few races before being sold eventually. The new owner teamed Seabiscuit with Red Pollard who trained and rode it to many victories. However, both rider and horse had setbacks and almost everyone had given up on them. Toward the end of Seabiscuit’s career Pollard and the horse recovered from their injuries and went on to win the prestigious Santa Anita Handicap race amidst the cheering crowd.

All candidates have taken a beating and need some boosting to get to the finish. This will come bay way of endorsements, participation of volunteers, donors and the grassroots. Politicians need to galvanize the supporters of the candidate of their choice because now is the time they need that input to energize their campaigns.

Of course there will be some prominent politicians who will choose to play it safe by not endorsing or actively supporting any of the horses in the race, because they either have false sense of self-importance, or they are complacent and have been plagued by apathy.


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The U.S. underestimated the rebels’ loyalty to Seif al-Islam Gadhafi

Seif al-Islam Gadhafi

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — On August 22, 2011 news spread that Gadhafi’s son Seif al-Islam had been captured by the rebels and were ready to hand him over to the ICC to face justice. A few moments later, Seif al-Islam showed up in the streets surrounded by the very rebels who had allegedly captured him, shaking his hands and cheering him on. He said he wanted to proclaim to the whole world that he was still alive that the Libyan people loved him and his father. He even took journalists on a mini-tour of the Tripoli

What is curious is that Seif al-Islam was beyond a doubt captured by the rebels, but they eventually released him that same evening and they claimed that he escaped from them as reported by the Telegraph.

This is where critical thinking kicks in. How can an escapee strut around streets occupied by the very rebels who had previously captured him, without the rebels trying to apprehend him, but instead congratulate him?

It is also well-known, according to eye-witness testimony, that Gadhafi and his two sons Seif al-Islam and Mutuassim Gadhafi were all captured and the trio was detained by rebels, yet once again Seif “allegedly” escapes as wounded warrior into the Libyan desert. It is also known that Mutuassim had a longstanding rivalry with his brother Seif.

The New York Times reported that Seif had offered a proposal to the rebels, that would push his own father Moammar Gadhafi out of power and would aid the rebels in the transitional government, according to this April 3, article by the New York Times.

Looking at the unfolding of the dynamics that led to the capture of the three Gadhafi’s, one has to ask the question: “Why would the rebels spare Seif al-Gadhafi’s life, and not the father he wanted to “push out” or the brother whom he considered a bitter rival?

The rebels are more loyal to the Gadhafi clan than the West thought

Could it be that rebels are indeed loyal to the younger Gadhafi, that’s why they spared his life a second time on October 20, as they did on August 22? Are the rebels protecting Seif al-Gadhafi, after realizing they need someone to help them in this transition who knows all the country’s secrets and Seif is just that man, since he had unlimited access to national secrets and assets?

We know that the West would have wanted all three Gadhafis dead so Libya could start from a clean slate. Was the West duped by the rebels into thinking they would kill Seif al-Islam only to spare him out of loyalty? These questions are valid because it was Seif al-Islam who brought the accusations against Sarkozy that he took Libyan money, so Seif being younger, and more savvy than his father, would have all the classified information the West dreads slipping out into the public domain.

In an interview to the Guardian, Seif threatened to publish financial details about money transfers from Libya to France, and said, “Sarkozy must first give back the money he took from Libya to finance his electoral campaign. We funded it. We have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. The first thing we want this clown to do is to give the money back to the Libyan people. He was given the assistance so he could help them, but he has disappointed us. Give us back our money.”

You may read the entire interview here.

This journalist believes that the West is more worried that Seif al-Islam’s life was spared by the rebels, and could possibly reveal information in a memoir or interview that could be damaging to the reputations of high-profile political figures and governments.

The rebels aren’t as stupid as the West thought; they too want to know more about the dealings of the West with Libya so that they can use it as leverage against the West in future negotiations. Seif al-Islam is now the most feared man because he is currently at large and is in possession of classified information.

On its face, it seems as if the West won the battle in Libya, but the reality is that the “Bedouins” outsmarted NATO, and fooled them into thinking all three Gadhafis would be killed. However, on second thought, the rebels possibly realized that Seif al-Gadhafi would be a more valuable asset to the transitional government while alive than dead. They themselves perhaps hid and protected him and told NATO the same story as they did on August 22: “He escaped from us.”

When Julius Caeser was assassinated, his heir Octavian ascended to the throne and transformed Rome from a city of brick, to a city of marble. Later referred to as Augustus Caeser, his pre-eminent genius and ability to accurately read situations and draw thoughts out of people’s minds made him a living legend among Romans.

In praise of Augustus after winning the battle of Phillipi, Cicero once said to him: “You are a hero of the republic. Caeser himself could not have conjured a finer victory.” To which Augustus replied: “I am Caeser himself.”

Whether or not after Saif al-Islam someday will become the Libyan version of Octavian after the assassination of Julius Caeser, is up for debate. However, this journalist can conclude without fear of contradiction, that in this case, the loser (Seif) has ended up winning. For now, at least. Such, is the art of war.


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Gov. Rick Perry brandishes his Cut, Balance and Grow plan

Rick Perry

Newscast Media, AUSTIN, Texas –Rick Perry finally released his Cut, Balance and Grow, that offers an optional 20 percent flat tax and also promises to repeal ObamaCare. Perry said, “ObamaCare is a man-made disaster of epic proportions that will make health care more expensive and the budget more bloated, and it must be repealed as soon as possible using any and all means necessary.”

Perry also said that central to his plan is giving every American the option of throwing out the three million words of the current tax code, and the costs of complying with that code, in order to pay a 20 percent flat tax on their income with a $12,500 deductible per person living in a household. People would choose the option between the new plan or keep the old one, and taxpayers would be able to file their tax returns on a postcard like this.

Rick Perry talks about the Cut, Balance and Grow plan

The new flat tax system will have no federal sales tax or business value-added tax (VAT), and Perry has also promised to eliminate the death tax because he believes eliminating the death tax is necessary to protect family businesses, farms and jobs.

“We need tax policy that embraces the world as it is, and not what liberal ideologues wish it to be. The goal of my cut, balance and grow plan is to unleash job creation to address the current economic crisis, while generating a stable source of revenue to address our record deficit and put our fiscal house in order,”
Perry said about his Cut, Balance and Grow plan which has also been endorsed by Steve Forbes


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Gadhafi could have learned from Hannibal who fled into exile

Moammar Gadhafi

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –The interplay that took place between NATO and Gadhafi’s forces have a correlation to a similar event that occurred when both Rome and Carthage were military giants. Carthage was a sophisticated cosmopolitan naval power with generals possessing extraordinary brilliance especially from the Barca family, of which Hannibal was the most famous.

Hannibal’s roots can be traced back to Cyrene Libya, where his father Hamilcar Barca was born. Being a Carthaginian military strategist of Libyan descent, Hannibal’s military encounters have some similarities with Moammar Gadhafi’s, who just like Hannibal was Libyan. It is no mistake that Gadhafi named one of his sons Hannibal Gadhafi after the man who is considered to be the greatest military strategist and tactician classical antiquity has ever known.

Gadhafi admired Hannibal enough to name his son after the general, yet he failed to learn the most important lesson of Hannibal’s life. When it was apparent there was an opening allowing Hannibal to escape from the Romans (the West), he took that chance and fled into exile where he stayed for 19 years. As for Gadhafi, when it was apparent that he would be captured by NATO (the West) and there was still an opening for him to flee into exile like Hannibal did, Gadhafi went against his instincts and faced the most humiliating defeat a king of kings has ever faced in modern history.

Below is a three-part documentary about Hannibal’s military engagements in the Punic Wars. The first Punic War was between (264 – 241 B.C.) while the second was between (200 – 133 B.C.). The series below are for educational and illustrative purposes, and are a testament to the military genius of Carthage’s most prominent family of Libyan descent.

It should be noted that Hannibal in this movie is portrayed as fair skinned, but in reality he was dark skinned African, since the Moors, Berbers and Tuaregs occupied North Africa, long before the Turks (Byzantinians and Ottomans) invaded the continent. The BBC portrayal of Hannibal as a White man instead of the Black man he truly was, is to appeal to a wider commercial audience.

Hannibal Part I

Hannibal Part II

Hannibal Part III


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Gadhafi checks out in a humiliating and painful manner

The late Col. Gadhafi

Newscast Media TRIPOLI, Libya — The capture and eventual death of Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi has several implications for the remaining dictators within and without Africa. One wonders why the U.S. and NATO let him die at the hands of his captors yet dictators like Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and even Saddam Hussein were allowed to live before the latter was allegedly hung. No other dictator put up a fight like Gaddafi, so it is obvious the U.S. knew and wanted him to die a barbaric and humiliating death.

The only logical reason is that Obama wanted the images to imprinted upon the people’s minds, so that it would make him look like a strong president, as we enter the election cycle. He wants to be known as the president who allegedly captured and killed Bin Laden and did the same to Gadhafi. Had this not been an election year, Gadhafi would still be alive. Now African dictators in sub-Saharan Africa need to be afraid, very afraid. In 2012, this journalist predicts we will see several regime changes initiated by Obama to gain political capital.

Gaddafi and other Arabians falsely believed that after Barack Obama was elected president, there would be better relations between Arabs and the West since Obama comes from a Muslim background. However, the opposite is true. If Hosni Mubarak were to pass away, it would be from a broken heart because he was the most loyal Arabian to the West, yet he too had to step down against his will. The Palestinians found out a few weeks ago that Obama would not stand by them and was a lot more loyal to Israel than they had thought.

Yet the Arab world including Ahmadinejad were strongly against the preceding presidents of the United States who came from a Christian background. If you look at how Gaddafi checked out at the hands of his own people who were more radical than he was, I’m sure he wished he had been captured by Christians.

However, the message goes beyond why Gaddafi was allowed to bleed to death, and not let him stand trial and answer to the atrocities he committed. There are a lot of Libyans who have unanswered question and will never receive closure because of the unanswered questions from Gaddafi about their loved ones. At trial, he, just like Mubarak, would have been forced to take responsibility for his actions and inactions while he was Libya’s absolute ruler.

The message that is being sent is, dictators who cling to power, eventually wear out their welcome, and drastic measures have to be taken to loosen their grip. If Gaddafi the King of Kings could suffer such humiliation before his demise, no other dictators in Africa, no matter how loyal they’ve been to the West will survive.

The dragging and parading of dead bodies in streets as human trophies, was something that was done in ancient Rome to tyrants. The scene in the above video is not one of a man dying for his country willingly, but of one being forced to die.

Gaddafi didn’t have to die like a common thief, he should have taken refuge in South America before the NATO bombing when he was offered asylum, yet his pride would not allow him to bow out gracefully. Accordingly, Gaddafi’s fall will now precipitate the end of dictatorships in Africa and Arabia.


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What the media doesn’t show you about Occupy Wall Street

The video shows how “arrestables” are planning staged arrests for the sake of sensationalism

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — In the past weeks we’ve learned that people were being paid to attend Occupy Wall Street protests even though they didn’t have any idea what the protests were all about.

Now the Alternative Media has exposed the scam about how “arrestables” intentionally plan to get arrested to provide the mainstream media with dramatic footage. The media then shows these “staged” arrests and fools the gullible viewers into believing the arrests are real, even though they were pre-planned. The above video gives you a play-by-play rendition of the scam the media does not want you to know about, including the staged arrests and doctored footage they show you on TV.


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Occupy Wall Street is nothing like the Egyptian revolution

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — The Occupy Wall Street movement has been contaminated and will soon be rendered ineffective due to the lack focus by its participants and its infiltration by FBI.

Newscast Media was the first and only new outlet in this news article to use critical thinking and predict that the US government would plant covert agents to gather intelligence about the inner dynamics of the movement. It appears the FBI had already planted its agents even before the execution of Troy Davis and has an extended network of agents working within.

Gawker has now confirmed that indeed there are plants within the movement masquerading as protesters, and are indeed spies gathering information and sending it back to the FBI headquarters and New York Police Department.

How the movement got corrupted

The Occupy Wall Street started out with pure intentions as participants genuinely protested against the banking cartel’s manipulation of the economy. They even published their own newspaper after the media ignored them. All of a sudden the media became actively involved, unions endorsed the movement, politicians jumped on the bandwagon and even multi-million dollar celebrities threw their weight behind Occupy Wall Street. When Barack Obama endorsed the movement, that was the kiss of death, and it took a whole new twist.

Today the media has turned what started out as a genuine movement into a Democrat v. Republican; Liberal v. Conservative or Socialism v. Capitalism movement, and have adulterated the entire revolution. Once the mainstream media, unions and politicians got involved, the movement became tainted and lost its potency. Former president Bill Clinton opined that the demonstrators needed to clearly define their goals, something I have already written about.

The streets are ours

The Egyptian revolution and Occupy Wall Street are as different as night and day. The Egyptians were clear that the revolution belonged to them and not the media or politicians. In fact when there was a media black-out in Egypt, that’s when the revolution became the most effective. At one point CNN’s Anderson Cooper said they ran him out of town because Egyptians had a distrust for the corporate media. Other media practitioners were arrested and detained, and it was the “Alternative Media” that captured the true essence of the revolution, causing the ousting of Mubarak.

When Cindy Sheehan was protesting the Iraq war, she launched her movement in front of the White House because it was a Republican president who authorized the war, now that you have a Democrat president who was responsible for authorizing the greatest transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the banking cartel, the demonstrators and media practitioners pretend that he is a saint and should not be blamed.

When the Tea Party raised genuine issues concerning the state of America, the media called them racists, after seeing how effective the Tea Party was in helping the GOP defeat Obama in the mid-terms. All the Christophobes in the media ran hit pieces about how the Tea Party lacked diversity, yet when the American Nazi Party endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests, the media was silent. When the White Power separatist group endorsed Occupy Wall Street, the media has revealed its treachery by pretending these racist groups do not exist. It is obvious the media is intentionally painting the Occupy Wall Street in a superficially favorable light for their own ulterior motives.

The Daily Mail has been honest and reported that protesters were joining Occupy Wall Street movement to have sex with each other and do drugs. One of the protesters in the Daily Mail article said, “I’ve seen people making out, having sex, it doesn’t look good.”

The most telling thing is not a single one of the protesters is carrying the U.S. flag. Compare that to the Egyptians who were in one accord, and were in the streets for love of their country and countrymen. There was neither atheist, Christian or Muslim. They all joined together and the Egyptian flag was on display as a symbol of solidarity amongst all Egyptians. The events were captured in a documentary by Egyptian filmmaker Neveen Shalaby called The Agenda and I.

Another video below captures the raw passion and determination of Egyptians

Video by Tamer Shaaban

This journalist cautioned media practitioners to wait and see how the movement unfolded, yet because media practitioners are constantly in competition with each other, and always trying to out-do one another, they jumped on the story and ran with it. Accordingly, this whole Occupy Wall Street movement has now lost its legitimacy and effectiveness to create the intended change, because it has been infiltrated and contaminated.


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Rick Perry needs surrogates to help him close the deal in 10 weeks

Cain, Romney and Perry

Newscast Media, AUSTIN, Texas — As the candidates undertake the last quarter of the year, former front-runner Rick Perry has slipped to third place while Mitt Romney and Herman Cain are leading the GOP field. Cain came from obscurity and continues to grow his support, while Mitt Romney is relatively stable and has not slipped or risen considerably in the polls. What some analysts wonder is why Rick Perry isn’t recovering in the polls.

The Washington Times wrote this article attributing Perry’s falling numbers to not using surrogates.

The analysis is accurate, and if Perry wants to turn this around he has October, November and December to do so, and he is going to not only start thinking outside the box, but to also tear it up. If Perry cannot turn this around by Christmas, Mitt Romney will waltz his way into the nomination. The article asks why Perry hasn’t put Bobby Jindal to use the way Mitt Romney has Chris Christie.

One may also ask, “Where is Haley Barbour, Sarah Palin and all the college students? Where are the soccer moms and the factory workers?” Perry needs these surrogates in order to succeed. Bachmann will end up endorsing Romney and might go as far as telling her supporters to vote for the former Massachusetts governor, just like Mike Huckabee told his supporters to vote for McCain and was able to keep Romney from getting the nomination.

Perry and his staff have to realize they cannot win this on their own, and only have a short window to flip the script. Mitt Romney doesn’t really have to worry about surrogates because Romney’s surrogates are members of the media as I first reported on December 6, 2010 last year, and is evident in the video below:

Herman Cain, at some point will trip himself because he is already making some serious gaffes and is having to take his words back. Romney remains the warm steady glow rather than the wild fire that dies out quickly. Without deep pockets like Romney, Cain will have problems raising money to match Romney. Cain is currently on a book tour and is not campaigning or fundraising, which is a symbol of either false hope or overconfidence. The Obama camp anticipates a Romney nomination and is preparing ammunition to use against him

Yet one would ask how Perry could put someone like Sarah Palin to use if she hasn’t endorsed him. Gingrich has recently confessed that he could use a Palin endorsement to boost his campaign. Gingrich is aggressively trying to reach her, but is still unable to do so. Perry cannot just sit and wait for the endorsements to come his way, he has to be proactive in getting these endorsements just like Romney actively sought Christie’s endorsement and succeeded in getting it.

The only problem with Sarah Palin is that she might string the candidates along just like she did her supporters knowing from the very beginning she wasn’t going to run. Palin has a job in showbiz and may want to play it safe by not endorsing anyone, in order to keep a sense of neutrality, yet that even makes her more irrelevant as a politician. Any candidate who wins the GOP nomination will not need her endorsement to make it to the finish line because all polls show that Romney/Cain/Perry can beat Obama in the general. Now would be the time for Palin to be effective, while the candidates are on their last stretch.

When Donald Trump was in the race, everyone was quick to put his or her stamp of approval on him, yet it was obvious he was planted by Obama to extinguish the issue of the birth certificate and put it to rest. After he played his role, he announced he wouldn’t run. Right now every GOP candidate has to kiss Trump’s ring and seek his blessing, even though Trump has absolutely no grassroots organization or ground game to put him in the position of kingmaker. But hey, if the candidates are giving him all that attention, why not bask in it?

Should Romney win the nomination, I suspect he may choose a southerner like Cain to help him capture the South. If Perry were to win, he would probably choose Newt Gingrich who has experience, as his running-mate. My best bet is that if Cain were to win he would choose Romney. Because Perry disagrees Romney’s healthcare plan and Romney disagrees with Perry’s in-state tuition for illegals, it is hard to envision one choosing the other as a running-mate.

Perry only has 10 weeks to turn this around, so if I’m him, knowing what I’m up against, I’d be calling in surrogates like Palin, Jindal, mobilizing Tea Party members and other less known political and community figures to help re-energize the campaign, in order to recover from the recent setbacks.


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Tensions between Lebanon and Syria continue to rise

Tensions between Syria and Lebanon rise.

Written by Sergei Balmasov

Newscast Media WASHINGTON D.C. –The US is concerned about the incursion of Syrian troops in Lebanon. Western media wrote that they attacked civilians in Beqaa, having killed at least one person, a citizen of Syria. Syrian officials claim that it is the radical opposition that has been trying to use the Lebanese territory in the struggle against Bashar Assad’s regime.

News agencies have already released a number of news stories about the interception of caravans loaded with arms, including grenade-launchers and machine guns. The arms were supposed to be used against representatives of the Syrian army, policemen and state security officers.

What is really happening on the border between Syria and Lebanon? Pravda.Ru asked expert opinion from Mashal Haddaj and Ali Salim Assad.

Mashal Haddaj, a senior expert with the Russian Academy of Sciences:

“In this case, Syria is persecuting those who are connected with the riots in Syria. The development of the situation in this country was not supposed to echo in Lebanon. No matter how we may treat Assad’s regime, we can not ignore the Syrian opposition just because of the fact that Syria’s historical influence on Lebanon was immense.

“Lebanon also means a lot for Syria. The media have been accusing Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement of its participation in the suppression of the “Syrian revolution.” They have not been able to prove that yet, though.

First and foremost, Hezbollah gunmen are guerrilla fighters who are trained to struggle against Israel. They conduct missile attacks, but they do not conduct punitive police operations. Secondly, they cannot be efficient on the Syrian territory just because they do not know the country and its cities.

Thirdly, Assad’s position now is not that bad. He does not need to call Hezbollah for help. However, I believe that external forces are trying and will be trying to use the Lebanese territory and the situation inside the country to shatter Assad’s regime and overthrow him.

“This raises serious concerns with Lebanon, because it is a multi-confessional country with a large share of Christians. Many dislike the current regime in Syria, and it does have many drawbacks. However, we all remember what consequences Iraqi Christians had to face as a result of the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime. The same can be in store for Syria, and it will inevitably affect Lebanon.

“If Assad is toppled, Syria will plunge into the chaos of interconfessional war. The situation needs to be changed fundamentally, but the regime change must not reiterate the Iraqi history.

“It appears that certain external forces have been trying to isolate Lebanon after the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri in 2006. This coincides with the actions against Syria.”

Ali Salim Assad, a representative of the administration of the National Unity Committee of Syria:
“The recent events must be analyzed through the prism of the internal struggle between the followers and the adversaries of the Syrian opposition. Assad’s adversaries realize that Lebanon is Syria’s weak point. The organization of this country, which is a home for many confessions, gives an opportunity to conduct the struggle against the influence of Damascus. Lebanon used to be a part of Syria. The French separated Lebanon from the country. However, it is not that easy to break historical ties. I am a Syrian national, for instance, and my grandmother comes from Lebanon.

“Lebanon greatly depends on Syria. It is surrounded by Syria from practically all sides. However, Syria’s adversaries in the country are not in the majority. Let’s take, for example, the Lebanese Druze, who support Assad. Someone is simply trying to use Lebanon to shatter the situation in Syria.

“Anti-Syrian forces in Lebanon are supported from within. It goes about two forces. The first one of them is Almustaqbal movement (the Future), chaired by al-Hariri, the son of the assassinated Lebanese president. He resides in Saudi Arabia and follows this country’s orders.

“The activity of this organization was noticed in the territories, which were traditionally used for the delivery of contraband goods to Syria. It goes about the trafficking of arms too. Until recently, Lebanon was the country where one could buy the goods that were not available in many neighboring states.

“The leaders of Almustaqbal were trying to organize the camp of Syrian refugees not far from Syria’s borders. They wanted to demonstrate the camp for the world to put pressure on President Assad.

“The second anti-Syrian movement is chaired by Samir Geagea. He is the leader of the ultraright movement, which appeared among the Lebanese Maronite Christians. He is very offended with Syria because he had spent 14 years in jail for exploding a church. He also represents the Maronites, who previously served at the puppet army of Southern Lebanon and fought on Israel’s side.”


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Hijacked Italian ship rescued by U.S and British commandos

Pirates off the Somali coast

Newscast Media ROME, Italy — An Italian ship with a crew of 23 that was hijacked by pirates off the Somali coast has been freed by U.S. and British commandos, Italy’s defense ministry has announced in a statement.

“The vessel has been freed… thanks to the joint intervention of two ships from the United States and British navies” operating as part of NATO’s anti-piracy operations, Ocean Shield, the foreign ministry said in a statement read.

The rescue operation was coordinated by Italian Adm. Gualtiero Mattesi as part of NATO’s Ocean Shield anti-piracy force, according to the Italian Foreign Ministry. “The danger of piracy has increased” in that region, said Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russia.

In London, the Ministry of Defense said the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessel Fort Victoria boarded the MV Montecristo without opposition after responding to a call for help from the Italian ship and a US Navy frigate.

“Due to the presence of the warships, 11 suspected pirates on board the pirated vessel surrendered without force,” a Minter of Defense spokesman said.

Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini described the raid as “an important operation in international anti-piracy collaboration” and praised the British and American commandos for the mission’s success.

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Protests have spread to 1,000 countries – really?

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas –On Monday on World News, Diane Sawyer, a veteran journalist, claimed the protests had spread to 1,000 countries on every continent, even though there are only 196; without including the few that aren’t recognized as independent states. That’s the biggest disadvantage of journalists reading from teleprompters and not writing their own copy.

In the clip above from Sawyer says: “Speaking of Wall Street, we thought we’d bring you up to date on those protesters, the Occupy Wall Street movement. As of tonight, it has spread to more than 250 American cities, more than a thousand countries — every continent but Antarctica.”


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Scalia says the quality of federal judges has suffered

Inside the courtroom

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C –Testifying before a Senate committee on Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says the quality of federal judges has suffered because there are too many of them. He also blamed Congress for making federal crimes out of too many routine drug cases. In turn, that created a need for more judges.

Scalia was joined by Justice Stephen Breyer for a wide-ranging discussion about the role of judges. The last appearance before this committee by a justice was four years ago.

“Federal judges ain’t what they used to be,” he said during a rare appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The federal judiciary should be an elite group, said Scalia, who has served on the high court for 25 years. “It’s not as elite as it used to be,” he said.

He was responding to a question about what he sees as the greatest threat to the independence of judges.
Scalia relies on the words of the document as he believes they were understood at the time they were written. Breyer’s approach, sometimes called the living Constitution, tries to be true to the values of the Constitution as he applies them to a changing world.

“I’m hopeful that the living constitution will die,” Scalia said, not for the first time. The hearing was carried live on the C-Span network. Scalia was emphatic, though, in his opposition to televising arguments at the Supreme Court.

He said most people would see only snippets of the proceedings, which he said were sure to be taken out of context. And he dismissed the notion that only cameras could capture the vibrant back-and-forth and tension in the courtroom.

“We sit there like nine sticks on chairs. There’s not a lot of dramatic motion,” he said. Breyer said he too is leery of cameras, but has been more open to them. He said cameras at the arguments in a term-limits case a few years back would have shown the court at its best.

“If they could have seen that across the country, they would have been able to see nine individuals struggling with an important constitutional question,” Breyer said.


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Don’t waste time living someone else’s life – Don’t settle

Steve Jobs commencement speech Stanford University 2005

Steve Jobs commencement speech Stanford University 2005

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something–your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever–because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence t o follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path, and that will make all the difference.

Getting fired from Apple

What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating. I really didn’t know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down, that I had dropped the baton a s it was being passed to me. I met with David Packard and Bob Noyce and tried to apologize for screwing up so badly.

I was a very public failure and I even thought about running away from the Valley. But something slowly began to dawn on me. I still loved what I did. The turn of events at Apple had not changed that one bit. I’d been rejected but I was still in love. And so I decided to start over.

I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods in my life.

Follow your heart

Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don ‘t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it, and like any great relationship it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking. Don’t settle.

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else ‘s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. And I have always wished that for myself. I wish that for you. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thank you all, very much. – Steve Jobs

Click here to download or read Steve Jobs’ entire speech.


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A revolution is effective only after its goals are clearly defined

Setting goals

Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas — The year 2011 will be known as the year of revolutions, yet the ones that have been effective are those in which the goals were clearly defined. It is possible to start a revolution that is haphazard in terms of what it is attempting to accomplish, which only demoralizes the participants due to a lack of focus. True revolutionaries transform entire generations because they know their purpose and reason for existence, such that no amount of adversity can cause them to forfeit their calling.

If we consider Aristotle, his view of change was teleological, that is he emphasized the goal (telos in Greek) of change. Aristotle defined “purpose” as the fulfillment of one’s functions in the cosmos. The purpose of a horse, for example was to be strong, fast, and obedient; the purpose of a rose was to look pretty and smell sweet.

Most revolutions are political in nature, as Aristotle noticed in his day when he said, “Man is by nature an animal intended to live in a polis.” He literally meant man is a political animal.

Aristotle went on to say, “The human being who is isolated, who is unable to share in the benefits of political association, or has no need to share because he is self-sufficient, is not part of the polis, and must therefore be either beast or a god…A human being, when perfected, is the best of animals; but of he be isolated from law and justice is the worst of all.”

In America, we have what some are calling a revolution against Wall Street, yet their goals have not been defined. Some participants view it as a social movement others as a political one, yet none can agree upon the intent of the desired outcome. Unlike the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions where all participants were in one accord, the current demonstrations do not seem to have that factor and also lack in diversity.

But revolutions do not necessarily have to have large numbers to be successful. After one defines his or her purpose in life one single person can revolutionize the entire world.

Take for example Justinian, the emperor, who after ascending to the throne set out to accomplish two things: to build an edifice, the Hagia Sophia, which remains his principle monument, and to produce the first comprehensive review of Roman law called the Code. The Justinian Code constitutes the most influential legal collection in human history, and has affected almost every state and legal system in the modern world.

As for his monument, the Hagia Sophia was a church designed to be a representation of the place where heaven and earth touched, the vestibule of heaven. He succeeded in building the largest Christian church ever built, and upon setting eyes upon the Hagia Sophia after its completion Justinian looked toward the heavens and yelled, “Solomon, I have outdone thee!”

Between 1453–1935 it was converted into a mosque by the Turks and is now a museum. It remained the largest cathedral to be built for over 1,000 years. Currently, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is the largest in the world.
If those who undertake revolutions seek to make a difference, they can take a page from the greatest ancient Chinese General who has some practical words of wisdom. Sun Tzu emphasized on having a strong sense of self, and also knowing and thoroughly studying the enemy one wishes to fight, in order to achieve the desired outcome.

In his book The Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither your enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” (pg. 15)

Every revolution that has political overtones is infiltrated by covert government agents. We saw it happen in Egypt and Libya and certainly America is no different. The purpose of infiltration is to extract intelligence that will give the government foresight into the psyche of the demonstrators. This allows government agents to either disrupt or predict the course of events, using their own spies or participants of demonstration.

This is characteristic of a COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) operation. COINTELPRO is a covert operation that was first developed here in America by the FBI and aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.

The program has since been adopted by several governments across the world as a way to disrupt peaceful protests. The program was exposed by a left-wing group called Citizens’ Commission To Investigate The FBI, when they broke into the FBI’s field office in Pennsylvania, stole files and passed them on to news media outlets for publication.

Sun Tzu writes about the importance of spies and says, what enables the wise general to conquer and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge. He believed knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can only be attained from other men.

However, Sun Tzu warns against trusting anyone who appears to be an authority figure and writes: “We cannot enter into alliance with neighboring princes until we are acquainted with their designs.”

Many are carefully watching the Wall Street protests as observers attempt to deconstruct who is really behind them and how effective the demonstrators will be in defining and achieving their goals in the months ahead.


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Univision being boycotted by GOP candidates for extortion of Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Newscast Media MIAMI, Florida — After learning that Spanish-language network Univision tried to extort Florida GOP senator Marco Rubio into doing an interview with the network, five Republican presidential candidates are boycotting a proposed debate sponsored by Univision.

According to Univision insiders and the Republican senator’s staff, the network allegedly said if Rubio appeared on Al Punto —Univision’s national television show where the topic of immigration would likely be discussed — then the story of his brother-in-law’s troubles would be softened or might not run at all.

The five GOP candidates who are boycotting the debate are: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney all of whom have issued statements saying that Univision must respond directly to charges that it promised to spike a story about a decades-old drug bust involving a relative of Rubio if the senator would appear on its program “Al Punto,” a show known for its advocacy for extreme pro-illegal immigration positions.

Needless to say, Rubio never appeared on Al Punto, which broadcasts on Sundays. Univision aired the story about Rubio’s brother-in-law, a lower-level player in a 1987 coke-and-pot ring, on July 11.
“I always knew Univision to be a professional organization until this happened,” said Rubio, who won’t comment specifically on the case. The Miami Herald first broke the story here.


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Marines in Afghanistan fight to keep another insurgency at bay

Marines in Afghanistan fight pests

Newscast Media — While the Marines and their allies posted throughout the valleys surrounding Kajaki Dam in Afghanistan have been able to keep enemy forces at bay, those who operate out of Forward Operating Base Zeebrugge have also had to contend with another insurgency that has kept them on their feet.

Though less of a threat than what the troops may face in the scope of their daily duties, Oriental hornets and a breed of subterranean termite have still managed to become quite an annoyance to personnel aboard the hill-top base.

The area is surrounded structures in a small village built in the 1950s to support U.S. contractors who constructed the nearby dam. Though they consist primarily of a combination of concrete slab and field stone, the ceilings are made of wood beams – an enticing meal for the termites, much to the chagrin of the troops living within who often wake up to the pests falling into their beds.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Walker, a preventative medicine technician with II Marine Headquarters Group, Regional Command Southwest, spent several hours spraying infested areas with a broad spectrum insecticide, while Cote poured more than 25 gallons of a water and termicide mixture around the perimeter of each building.

“These are the only buildings these guys have and it’s all about protecting their assets out here,” said Lt. j.g. Noel Cote, an entomologist with Marine Air Ground Task Force Support Battalion 11.2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward).

Though only time will tell, both sailors felt this initial treatment may be all it takes to eliminate the issues.
“Unlike in the States where if people see one bug they saturate the area in an insecticide, the ones here have gone largely unchecked and are therefore more susceptible to the effects of just one treatment,” explained Cote. “They just aren’t used to it.”

The spray used will assist with the elimination of other insects such as ants and spiders. It is very effective against the hornets, which had created colonies for themselves in the aging concrete throughout the compound.


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Unions join Occupy Wall Street protests to show solidarity

Unions join Occupy Wall Street

Newscast Media NEW YORK — After seeing how successful protesters have been in growing their movement, the unions have now decided to show support for the protesters. The United Federation of Teachers, 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Industrial Workers of the World and Workers United and Transport Workers Union – one of the country’s largest unions with over 200,000 members – have announced their support for the Occupy Wall Street protests, and are all expected to participate.

“When 1% of the ruling class holds the wealth created by the other 99%, it is clear that the watchwords found in our union’s preamble, “the working class and the employing class have nothing in common”, ring true more than ever. The IWW does not follow a business union model. We believe that the working class and the employing class have nothing in common and we don’t foster illusions to the contrary,” the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union said.

“Throughout the world, from Egypt to Greece, from China to Madison, Wisconsin, working class people are starting to rise up. The IWW welcomes this. We see the occupation of Wall Street as another step – no matter how large or small – in this process,” the IWW said in a statement.

Related story: Occupy Wall Street protests gain momentum across America


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Occupy Wall Street protest continue to gain momentum

Protester holding The Occupied Wall Street Journal

Newcast Media NEW YORK — The Occupy Wall Street protests started a month ago, by a group of progressives who formed a grassroots organization, to protest against corporate greed and inequality in wealth distribution in which 1 percent of the richest Americans control the other 99 percent of the middle and lower class citizens. The movement is also a protest against the current U.S. political leadership and the failure to prevent or make effective changes regarding the global financial crisis.

Keith Olbermann calls out the media for their silence on the protests

Initially the movement was ignored by the media who only focused on the arrests being made and the traffic inconveniences that were caused by the marching protesters. Today the story is different. Virtually every major media outlet is now paying attention to this growing movement, but the attention was first brought to the public by Russian news outlet Russia Today, and the rest of the corporate media followed suit, not wanting to be outdone by an online broadcaster.

The protesters also realized that the New York Time was ignoring them, so they did something ingenious, they raised over $12,000 through Kickstarter and printed their own newspaper called The Occupied Wall Street Journal. The first printing was 50,000 copies, and the next was 100,000. At this point, the New York Times, is forced to cover the protests out of fear that its readership and customer base will turn to the week-old newspaper for updates.

Meanwhile, the Egyptians are standing in solidarity with the protesters in America to fight against corporate greed and government industrial complex.

A protest would not be a protest without the involvement of the group “anonymous” who are actively engaged in updating the public in real time using social networks and microblogs like Twitter as the events unfold.


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